Today’s Comic: “All out…”

November 24, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “All out…”

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Thought of this one while I was literally in my bank, and they were all out of suckers. There was panic.

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  1. TD says:

    I always dig around in those for 5 minutes in search of the elusive root beer dum-dum xD

  2. CWForney says:

    I am a slave to orange suckers. So much so, that I ordered a box of nine pounds of them a couple months ago because that was the smallest amount I could find of just orange suckers.
    Best investment I’ve ever made? Quite possibly.

  3. youre looking dashingly thin in this one scott!

  4. Skip says:

    Lol at the comment above :p

  5. Lazarus says:

    When I was a kid I won a giant strawberry lollypop, this one, it’s one of the few things I’ve ever won. I never finished it, I can remember manky chunks of it in the fridge.

  6. elenawing says:

    …we dont get sweets in banks in England!!!

    I am seething with jealousy

  7. DB says:

    What the hell are suckers?

    I dungetit

  8. Martin G says:

    Sucker = lollipop

  9. R3bbit says:

    Ok…I am the dumb one yet again….don’t get it?

    Is that Scott at the counter (him being the client) and his bank gives free lollipops to clients…but today they out of stock???

    From where I come…banks dont give out lollipops and there is always a quadruple double layered steel reinforced bullet proof plexi glass shield between the client and the teller.

  10. LaVaGoD says:

    I got it and this comic was EPIC!

    This brought back many childhood memories. I only wanted to go to the bank and get my haircut as a child because both meant free suckers.

  11. Devilbob says:

    Pretty soon, they’ll have suckers but no money. (Sorry to be all economically paranoid)

  12. Eric says:

    NO! Don’t eat the free lollipops at banks! They’re laced with some kind of mind-altering substance that makes you want to binge-spend more than you have so you’re enticed to take out loans you cannot afford (though regulation says you must be allowed to have) causing housing crises that destroy the economy making the banks unable to afford any more lollipops for me!

  13. Bearbutt says:

    There’s another way to interpret this, but I’m not sure what it is.

    As for why there’s no 10″ thick blastproof barrier: It’s Utah.

  14. Bearbutt says:

    Just thought of another reason for no barrier: Credit unions often have no barrier… AND are more likely to have sweets than banks.

    This could be a financial statement if the jar sticker were on Scott instead.

  15. H Prime says:

    Quebecois Banks have no candy 🙁
    But they do give out doggy treats to all the dogs that come in 😀

    I was told mine was the cutest, but alas that did not get me the 250,000 dollar loan intended for my bear wrestling arena

    One day…

  16. Dwain says:

    I can’t remember the last time I set foot inside of a bank. But I do fondly remember going to the credit union with my Dad and getting a lolly.

    The lack of lollies is probably a symptom of the growing bank crisis. You don’t bank at Citibank, do you? Because those suckers probably represent around $100 per taxpayer of bailout money. 🙂

  17. Icesnake says:

    Come on, Scott. Banks never run out of suckers. Although they do seem to be having trouble finding new ones, the old ones are still available for foreclosures.

  18. I keep the “mint bowl” full in my hotel’s lobby—but they’re a strange rainbow of colors and fruit flavors. Life is a long progression of the little things that matter.

    As for the bank/suckers connection, I can honestly say there are no suckers at my credit union. (I don’t exactly miss a certain bank, heh heh.)

  19. TD says:

    I use Regions as my bank, and last time I was in there (2-3 weeks ago?) they DID have suckers, but they were the really crappy kind. You know, the ones where they use cheap paper shaped in a ring to hold on to, but you have to eat half the paper to get the whole sucker -_-

  20. JediDann says:

    Wow, your lucky they give out suckers, my bank has free coffee, which I don’t drink, and free cookies which taste like sawdust. (which I was stupid enough to try) Only thing I could think of to make that comic better, would be if the teller had a sucker.

  21. Gene says:

    All I could think of was when I was a kid every time I went to the bank, they’d have the suckers. But now that I bank for myself, my bank of choice doesn’t have them. It makes me so sad.

  22. Pineapple Farmer says:

    Why do you call them “suckers”?! TALK NORMAL, PLEASE!

  23. CWForney says:

    @TD You mean Safe-T-Pops? Those are laaame.

  24. mercator says:

    Wait, which kind of suckers?

    I wonder if banks put suckers out there to remind us who we are to them -_-

    The good news is that we Americans are *all* now shareholders in Citigroup! *groan*

  25. PWarren4 says:

    Reminds me of the Tim Wilson skit “Banks”.

    “When I wuz a kid I wuz raised on bank kandie!, much money we give ‘dem thay outta have Whitman’s samplers waitin’ on us!”

    Looked for a Youtube and no luck – do give a listen if you have the means!


  26. Bearbutt says:

    Let us study this: “Thought of this one while I was literally in my bank, and they were all out of suckers.”

    As opposed to what – FIGURATIVELY in your bank???

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