Today’s Comic: “Age Recognition”

May 28, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Age Recognition”

About this comic

I like to play around with the generation gap that exists between us 80’s kids and the young ones we are bringing up now. Hence the comic. (Also did a video of it as well.)

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  1. I played Space Invaders at the local Taco Bell when it came out. Then they got Missle Command, Centipede… and how about going to Aladdins Castle and burning most of your allowance? …and Qbert was for wussies.
    One of favorite things was going to the arcade to see what new games had come out that week. Seemed like a new one every week. Good times.

  2. Osphere says:

    Scott, as a soon to be college freshman, I can tell you that I LOVED playing Street Fighter 3 in the arcades back when I was 10 or 11 with my Dad (which wasn’t all that long ago!). I have always been a street fighter fanatic, and am sure that I’m not the only one in my age demographic who is sad that arcades are no longer around. The new Street Fighter will hopefully meet my outlandish expectations 😛

  3. Slayeric says:

    Yeah. Osphere is right. I enjoy the SF games. I remember playing the it in a skating rings arcade a long time ago with my good friends. Fond memories. 🙂

    Thanks for the nostalgia.

  4. Bomber X says:

    Haha the time of the Grand Geek Fathers has come 🙂

  5. Yit says:

    I’m 14. I love going to the arcade, and street fighter. I understand this is a joke, but I want to express my love for the old school.

  6. mercator says:

    There are a few arcades around, but they are getting harder to find. Now they are tied to mini golf and bowling or bumpercars, or one in side a “casino.” I still take my kids now and then, but its rough when the games sometimes a buck to play… Luckily they still enjoy the classics, like an old school coin op air hockey table, and you can still get preteen girls to play digdug (which I did like alot, wussy or not).

    Game that still haunts my brain though is Gorf. I want to find a Gorf machine and either remember why it was so captivating, or just get it out of my head. So many lost quarters… I could probably pay a semester’s grad school with all the quarters spent, but it was worth it!

  7. brian_d says:

    You really wanna show a generation gap, show kids the text-based games we used to play on C-64’s and the original 16-color Sierra adventure games. 🙂 The same games that we could run on a cel-phone these days easy.

    Just I wouldn’t torture any generation with the Van Damme version of Street Fighter or Double Dragon crappy movies.

  8. I’m lucky enough to have had and spent lots of time and money in my youth at Arcades, Even living in the middle of Nebraska (which many assume is still the old west for some reason) we had a sweet arcade. I know skating rings as well being born in the 80’s (1981 for those playing the home game).

    While Street Fighter wasn’t my game of choice, I do recall the likes of Final Fight at my local 7 Eleven, Mortal Kombat was my fighter if I had to put a tag on the subject. Which in all honesty goes along with your comic in relation to the MK vs DC game currently in the works.
    This is not to say I never enjoyed a 3 hour (and several dollars I might add) bender on Street Fighter. I rocked it all, and I miss the arcade of old to this day and feel for the new generation and many to come in the experience they are missing out on. Sure the new consoles have their respective online gaming with the classic games, but it will never come close to being side by side on a friday night after begging your parents to let you go to your local mall or skating ring for a few hours to defend your title in what ever fighter game you loved.
    I would also like to state that throwing a classic game, 2 fairly new gimmicky games and 39 different types of claw games IS NOT an arcade.
    As always, great comic Scott, I look forward to the conversation to come from it through out the day.

  9. Lifeisaglitch says:

    I know about arcades we learned about them in history, they were these ancient greek passageways with a sort of roof supported with pillars, they often have shops on the sides….Damn you are old!

  10. Eric says:

    Aren’t you a 70’s kid (who’s like 1 year older than me)? 😀

  11. Luke J J says:

    I grew up with arcades, but I was never one to play fighting games. I just never found the joy of memorizing combos. Time Killer was fun, with the hacking off of limbs and stuff. I think that was the name.
    I kept waiting for a “blind guy” joke for some reason.

  12. binaryspiral says:

    I spent way too much money in an arcade, and even took my kid to one when she got old enough. I was shocked, nay – appalled by what they did to it.

    Kiddie games that eat tokens and spew tickets… they turned it into a freakin’ Chucky Cheese but without the beer and pizza.

    Now they only have a few consoles and some really old broken games… they didn’t even have an attendant anymore. A sign that says “Play at your own risk – no refunds” hangs on the wall.

    A sad… sad ending.

  13. Valek says:

    I remember just being a preteen playing Street Fighter, you know, the one with just ryu and ken and some random fighters, not street fighter II that introduced bison,vega,sagat and balrog. The FIRST one. I remember playing it at Wal-mart, before they had supercenters. Then came out SFII. LOVED IT. Then came out SFII championship edition, I loved playing as Vega. About that time MK came out and it was a struggle between those. Anyone remember Final Fight?? Another good arcade smasher. So far Akuma is my fav SFII character. From what I understand, only characters in SFIV is Ryu,Ken,Guile,Dhalsim,E Honda,Chun-li,Blanka,Zangief,Bison,Balrog,Sagat,Vega,Two new men(a wrestler and a street fighter…literally), and a new chick that is chun-li’s rival. NO COOL CHARS!!! none that they have released info about anyways….No akuma=no play!!!
    From what they said, the controls and moves are going to be standard like the original games. No no moves being introduced, cept special moves which are the same as the other games, super hadoken, super helicopter kick, etc etc.

    Overall, i MIGHT play it, it’ll take some convincing to make this Hardcore SF fan come out of retirement. and yes I’m old…*sniff*

  14. Rob O. says:

    As someone who was busy plugging quarters into the Pac Man & Centipede machines at the Circle K in ’81, I can really relate to some of your recent strips, Scott!

    I’ve been out of the video game scene for a very long time – don’t own any consoles (PS/3 Xbox, whatever) at all. Now as a new dad, I find myself rather repulsed by the gratuitous violence that’s in some of the most popular games, like GTA4. Unless I’ve missed something, people are taking giddy delight in a game where you’re a street thug beating people up, hanging out with hookers, and generally being as crafty a lowlife as possible. Many of the really violent games are especially popular with kids who’re half (or less) than the recommended playing age.

    Have I just turned into an old fert? Is my age showing or does this concern anyone else? I’d be interested in what your take is on this… Maybe fodder for some future strips?

  15. Xilorith says:

    I remember my dad owning a bar and having a min-arcade in the back near the dance floor. My brother and I would go with him on Sundays to play games while he cleaned up. He didn’t really understand the joy of those games. Now as a father my son may never see an arcade but I will understand the joy of games and hopefully we can play together.

  16. Starman says:

    Thank God we still have arcades at the Jersey shore.

  17. DerekM says:

    Fantastic!! Great comic! Although, that painful pinch of nostalgia is going to take a while to go away…

    Tempest… Galaga… Gauntlet… Centipede… 1942…

    Ahhhhh….. Good times!

  18. Gene says:

    Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but I’m noticing a certain trend in the comics, that being age. I think gamers exist of every age and every form.

    • Cristina says:

      another thingam using you plgiun about one month agobut till now when I go to mochiI find this * Viewing: Sep 01 – Sep 27 (Change Dates) * Earnings: $0.00 * Impressions: 0 * Games: 0 can you help me??thank you

  19. Scott says:

    Perhaps the comic is just reflecting things I am seeing as I age. You’ll get there soon enough. 🙂

  20. Valek says:

    Rob O. said,

    “Unless I’ve missed something, people are taking giddy delight in a game where you’re a street thug beating people up, hanging out with hookers, and generally being as crafty a lowlife as possible. Many of the really violent games are especially popular with kids who’re half (or less) than the recommended playing age.

    Have I just turned into an old fert?”

    I agree, I am a Overnight Electronics Associate at Wal-Mart, When GTA4 was first released, it was like I could feel the lack of intelligence in the air. EVERY person who requested the game looked like they just crawled out of the slums. They had no manners, rude as hell, looked at me as if i were meat and they were a lion. I really doubt that came from playing tetris. Half these games that derive the point of killing, dealing, screwing, and causing chaos in a city isnt exactly needed. Wheres the strategy, wheres the use of your brain. “oh hey i can press a button and the person dies”. Tell ya what KIDS. Join the military, be forced to kill someone, then see if you derive pleasure from these “games”.

    The scary part, kids look up to these characters and model themselves after them. Great, our future (if parents dont step up and do their ****ing job) is going to be made up of people grunting and killing each other, looting money, and looking for hookers. Kinda like the caveman age but not doing it for survival. Maybe i am a young “old” fart. Oh well. I just see the future dwindling if the future generation finds that entertaining.

    On a non-flamable note, anyone remember Karnage?

  21. Heh heh, good strip man! I miss the arcades, especially the ones around Portland where one paid $1.25 admission, used nickels, and got wired on the soda machine by the bathrooms—the kind that drop a cup, and had the option of pulling it out before the carbonated water was finished pouring. (Fizzy coke syrup hits!)

    After leaving for eight years, I came back to see the first “Electric Castle’s Wonderland” in 2003 and was disappointed to find very few classic games. Unfortunately, the evil claw machines have taken over. Between those and the Skee-Ball lanes, I felt like I was in a casino for kiddies.

    I miss the days of convenience stores with pinball machines and video games. I was there when Space Invaders and Berzerk were new, and there were more pinballs everywhere. Firepower and Black Knight by Williams was my main reasons for begging quarters from the parental units. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of completing the multi-ball on Firepower and seeing all the digits on the backglass go into countdown mode before the game unleashes three-ball terror that usually doesn’t last long, but kicks serious ass!

    Ah, the memories. It was also an event when Williams made the jump to video with Defender, which featured most of the sound effects from Firepower. (Look for Visual Pinball and PinMAME!)

  22. CJMack says:

    My favorite arcade was one that was a little further away from my house but it was worth it. Instead of the usual setup where you blew threw your quarters, you paid a flat rate at the door (I think $5), you got your hand stamped, and you had unlimited play on any of the machines.

    All the machines basically were setup with 99 credits, and if they ran out of credits, you just asked the dude to come over and hook you up with more. He’d open the machine and voila! 99 credits!

  23. Tyler says:

    I thought you were going to make a blind joke at first, good to know you were making fun of old people instead 😛

  24. Scott says:

    lol! I worried about the blind thing after I finished it. The guest star looked cool in Sun Glasses, so I went for it. 🙂

  25. Eric says:

    Re: Blind thing.

    In the immortal words of Gary Larson when faced with something he worried might be construed as embarrassing: “So???” (Actually, it was his editor I think who told him that, and it made everything seem so much better for putting a penis on the cover of one of his collections by accident that he decided it was the answer for everything embarrassing.)

  26. Eric says:

    I think it was “In Search of the Far Side”. Can’t remember.

  27. Colin says:

    love it Scott i am only 23 and im starting to see the generatin gap…. but are they making a new Street Fighter? cause that would be awesome!

  28. I think the old guy looks blind as well. Not to say a character can’t be blind in a comic and not have said impairment be included as the punch line.

  29. Zach says:

    Has anyone noticed how ALL the polls throughout turn into the current poll? This keeps me from seeing the results of the previous polls. What’s going on with that. Noticed that for the last couple weeks (at least).

  30. Scott says:

    yeah, fixing that…weird bug

  31. Doughboy says:

    Just the other day, my friend and I were discussing how it’s sort of sad that none of our kids will know to ALWAYS jump on the 2nd player on a SF/MK machine…let alone know what either of those two acronyms mean.

    The “arcade” in our town (which consists of the typical ticket machines/air hockey/skee ball and one or two actual video games) recently went completely ‘personless’. There’s NOBODY that works there at all…you just get a phone # to call in case there’s some sort of problem. Though, now that I think about it, since most teenagers probably own their own cell phone, not really that big of an issue. Still…I can feel the tear run down my inner geek’s face.

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