Today’s Comic: “A Chance to Save The Day”

May 16, 2008
Today’s Comic: “A Chance to Save The Day”

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I’ll admit it…been missing Jeff the dog for a while now, so I just had to concoct a little comic pointed in his general direction. Enjoy!

18 Responses to Today’s Comic: “A Chance to Save The Day”

  1. Agent Eggroll says:

    I loves me some Jeff the Dog, and bacon.

  2. And the PETA freaks chime in in 3… 2… 1…

  3. Jarajara says:

    For some odd reason that picture gave me cold chills. I don’t understand why. Either way I do love me some BACON!

  4. Salvitore says:

    Iiiiiiiiiiittss BACONNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnn!

  5. f0vela says:

    Jeff the dog and Bacon! a great match! 😀

  6. Eric says:

    Bacon is exploitation of stupid dumb animals bred in captivity for the sole purpose of being slaughtered and turned into so many different delicious foods… *drool*

    I’m bred in captivity (sorta), exploited by the workforce, and actually have to pay $$$ to become worm food. If I were as innocent as a pig, I probably wouldn’t mind it so much. I think they got it better than we do. 😛

    Either that or I want a quadruple bacon cheese burger… *more drooling* (and a quadruple bypass on the side). 😀

    Maybe both…

  7. Dan says:

    I hope the bacon plant is like touring a brewery, free samples galore.

  8. Amadou says:

    YAAY! I think it’s great that you brought Jeff back, I’ve been really missing him 😀

  9. Ralph says:

    Bacon is “Gods Currency”

  10. fed says:

    mmm dog thong

  11. James says:

    Poor guy has a wedgie in the front and the back.

  12. NSMike says:

    Is that Jake? His hair is different, somehow…

  13. Scott says:

    he is still evolving. 🙂

  14. Novan Leon says:

    Comic seems a little gruesome… how would you like someone to take strips of flesh out of you while you’re still alive and able to talk? lol


  15. Bearbutt says:

    I would like it!

  16. zach says:

    I second the gruesome vote. I do like Mr. Jake though.

  17. zach says:

    …I mean Jeff the Dog … eh whatever.

  18. questionable says:

    Just wondering if this is a homage to the Simpsons or not, for the bacon right off the pig thing is not a new one. all in all though like the strip 😛

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