Today’s Comic: “Heroes so far…”

September 24, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Heroes so far…”

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Don’t get me wrong, I will watch all of whatever is left of this show. There were parts of the premier I really liked, and I think there is HUGE promise this year, but there is also allot of the stuff that drives me nuts about Heroes. I don’t wanna get into details because I am tired. So instead, I give you this.

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  1. WarlockJA says:

    It’s reasons like in this comic that don’t interest me in watching these shows.

  2. Nazz says:

    I was really hoping that it would be better this season, but these two episode just seemed really rushed and were soooooooooo cliched

  3. Ingenius says:

    Hey, Scott

    Well, the same happened to Lost, as if the title itself foresaw the side effect of a stunning first season: they don’t know how to keep up.

    Actually, I wonder how come these TV Shows with an incredible quality in their first season turn out to be so painfully bad when the second season comes out: Heroes season 2 was really, really bad (the mexicans made no sense at all and was excruciating rubbish all the way, Sylar’s storyline was rather absurd…)

    Same story with Prison Break and Lost, whose success seemed to work against them.

  4. Vincent says:

    To answer O’s question on the last show, the show didn’t get it up if you ask me. What ever happened to ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’. Now Sylar got to Claire and it appears she won’t die. Talk about plotholes.

    On the upside, if you ever come face to face with Sylar, pantry closets seem to be his biggest weakness.

  5. ziv's dad says:

    I loved the new episodes. It was what everyone was asking for wasn’t it? Wall to wall action without the plodding plot developement that bogged down season 2.

    I almost saw the first two episodes as a reboot of sorts. Kind of like the show producers were acknowledging that the fans weren’t happy with season two and had actually listened to their concerns.

  6. Steve F. says:

    We haven’t got the latest season of Heroes in the UK yet. Not long now! Just a couple of weeks. These comments raise interesting questions though, like are there many TV shows where the second season outshines the first. I’m going to suggest one first and see where it goes.
    Season one was great. Somehow (in my opinion) season 2 was even better!!

  7. Jake says:

    That is every episode of Heros. FAIL

  8. Lesley R. says:

    You have to remember, the writers and the producers and directors are only showing us what they want us to see. You all are taking everything at face value, and I can feel something coming that we are all not expecting.

    • Alison says:

      i THINK, and am not sure, but I think I saw the swiggly syboml on Claire’s textbook when she pulled it out of her locker in last week’s episode. i agree that Peter Petrelli’s character is way more interesting now that we know he’s a power sucker. And I think that Claire’s dad is b.a.d.

  9. Ben says:

    I actually really liked the premier.. I thought it put some nice twists on stuff. The whole causality thing though… is probably gonna make for a terrible plot overall.

  10. Excalibur1027 says:

    I actually really enjoyed the premier episodes. Like others have said, they basically gave us everything that the fans have been pandering about for a year now: More action, no crappy teen romance (bye bye West), less focus on unimportant characters (looks like they’ve dropped the Mycha/Taskmaster chick’s storyline), Hiro and Ando are out saving the world together again, etc.

    I’ll continue to give Heroes a chance, and this is coming from a guy who despised the second season with a passion.

  11. Bully says:

    To tired to talk but not to tired to draw? Hmm interesting 🙂

  12. Deebow says:

    Ill give it a few more episodes but this premier was in fact a let-down. As soon as I seen the hero formula in an injection syringe, I cringed. Then the good doc decides he is the test subject and when I seen his actions in the apartment I immediately thought Jeff Goldbloom and the movie The Fly. Well look at how the good doctor is “transforming” FAIL. Another note, how does Sylar move furniture throughout the house but a pantry door stops him in his tracks? FAIL x 2!!!

  13. Sithinious says:

    This season has promise, but so far several disappointments. It’s so hard to do a story where several characters can time-travel at will. It’s even harder to tell that kind of story WELL.

  14. Excalibur1027 says:

    To all the people harping on Sylar not being able to get into a pantry door, did the fact that he was completely messing with Claire’s head fly over yours? He had like ten opportunities to kill her, but he didn’t until she actually started to pose a threat. He was just toying with her. It’s kinda what he does.

  15. cjmack says:

    Besides the fact that there are a lot of plotlines and characters (and the writers difficulty in bringing that all together) here are some observations:

    A) They should have left Sylar dead after Season 1. But after he became “popular” they made him a regular.

    B) They are focusing too much on Claire. I think the network wants to give as much airtime to the pretty young girl to make the fanboys drool.

    C) Claire and Peter…That’s his niece, right? So isn’t their relationship really creepy?

  16. tjoneal79 says:

    I’m sorry but this season has started off weak, What the… is going on with Suresh and the Mexican girl (and anyone notice her accent is not as harsh, and when did she become the sexy character) I don’t think we as fans where wanting a straight jump from the mellow drama with no action to an all out visual assault on the senses, there has to be a good balance. I loved the first season of heroes because the tried to do the powers as practically as they could making it believable that they could exist in a world that didn’t notice. The way it seems now I think the people of that world are morons they haven’t noticed killers and bank robbers that shoot flames from there hands.

  17. Jeff says:

    Exactly, tjoneal. Heroes is set in an alternate universe where only the stupid survive, apparently. These people have been using their powers in broad daylight on a number of occasions, yet no one has ever discovered it and reported it?

    “Don’t open the safe.” “I have to open the safe.”

    The fact that the plots to the shows require the characters to be idiots is entirely too frustrating. I’d point out a number of examples, but some people may not have seen it yet. But in these two episodes we’ve had Peter, Nathan, Hiro, Clair, and Mohinder already forget how to use their brains.

    I enjoyed most of season 1, despised season 2, but was willing to give this a chance this year. I’m going to give it another episode or two, but if ever single person on this show continues to show 0 common sense, I’m going to write it off because I don’t need to be aggravated by my “entertainment”.

  18. Brian Welch says:

    We all know they had to cut the last season short because of the writers strike so I was okay that season 2 was not all that great but it felt like they started season 3 as if season 2 had been complete and told more of the story. For a show that’s about superheroes and villains and started out so great, how could they not be doing better with it? Raise the budget, show some more friggen powers and fights and stop with all the time travel.

  19. Jeff S. says:

    Best lines from the premier..
    Clair: Are you going to eat my brain?
    Sylar: No Clair, that’s disgusting.


    People need to quit thinking so hard. It’s frikin TV for crap sake.
    You want smart, go read a book. (not a comic book, you obviously can’t handle that.)
    You turn on the boobtube, you turn off your brain… sit back… take a chill pill and enjoy the show for what it is. sheesh… makes me wonder what the rest of your life is like if you can’t even watch TV without whining about it.

    Bring on the Knight Rider tonight and have a sip of some tasty stfu 🙂

    • Yessikitha says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. After an episode has aired (especially 24 hours later) Netiquette saetts it’s no longer considered a spoiler to talk about plot points. If I was talking about something that was going to happen in next week’s episode, I would put a spoiler warning, and always do. I am extremely sensitive to spoilers, and hate them myself, so that’s why I know I haven’t actually used any. If you go to any online forum or posting board or chatroom or mailing list, you’ll find people openly talking about plot points of a show that has already aired, because it’s no longer considered a spoiler. So if I were you, I’d follow my own rule: when you check out other blogs or forums and they’re talking about a show whose episode you haven’t seen yet this week, skip to another blog until you’ve seen it. 🙂 I hope you keep coming back!

  20. Scott says:

    Oh I agree that it’s TV. Just not sure if its GOOD tv.

  21. Vincent says:

    Well you’d expect a smart show at least with Mohinder narrating in such a poetic manner and trying to figure out the science behind the heroes and their powers. More and more this show is turning into some laughable popcorn comedy.

  22. Pineapple Farmer says:

    Nice shading.

  23. gildron says:

    You all complain about these shows being bad. (Lost, Heroes etc…) Fine, but please tell me, since these are “bad” TV, what is good TV? What shows are better? What have I been missing?

    Maybe you guys should be making the shows, since obviously you know so much more, and your ideas are so much better.

    I’m sorry, it’s TV, not a huge movie, not a novel- TV. Don’t expect so much. It’s good fun, which I what I look for in a show.

  24. Scott says:

    which is why I will keep watching. Still fun to chat about it.

  25. shoan says:

    gildron to answer your question “Battlestar Galactica”

  26. Brian Welch says:

    Who cares if it’s “just TV” or a high or low budget movie. Just being TV doesn’t mean it can’t be criticized. Entertainment, criticism and praise all go hand in hand. Half the fun of these shows is talking about them.

  27. Vincent says:

    Good TV? Dexter, there you go.

  28. Bobacus says:

    What the hell do you guys want? This show isnt made for NERDS who have been reading comics for years. It is popular, because they have to put in mainstream things in it and dumb it down for those people who HAVE’NT read The WATCHMEN 200 times. Just relax and take it for what it is. It is a TV show meant to entertain. If you want X-men/JLA the TV show go watch cartoons. This show is good for us nerds. It gets more people into Superheroes. If it wasn’t for Heroes, I don’t think so many people would have “gotten” Ironman.
    I thought the opening was good. I thought how they explained Mother Patrelli’s powers was awesome and gave me that “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. My wife isn’t into comic books, but we watch this together cause she can “get it” easier than reading all 500+ issues of Batman.

    Oh and btw I thought BSG sucked. But that is my opinion.

  29. Bobacus says:

    BTW the other cool thing, did anyone notice The greatest American Hero in it? Now that was great!

  30. Jeff S. says:

    Yeah, The Greatest American Hero… that was awesome… too bad he died… he should have just flew away!! (and then crash landed) 🙂

  31. Metepet says:

    Scott, maybe this gives you an idea for another entry in your blog, since you’re one of those WoW freaks 😉

    World of Warcraft costumes:

  32. bex says:

    I gave up after about 4 episodes of Season 2

    Never Watched Prison break or Lost , I am so proud 🙂

  33. TPNDrew says:

    Am i the only one who kinda liked season 2? I mean, it wasnt great, but it sure wasnt that bad. They tried some plot development but got hosed by the strike. Other wise I really liked the premier, but the whole Sylar/Claire thing does irk me a tad.

  34. Josh says:

    Heroes hasn’t been any good since about 15 minutes before the season finale of Season 1 ended. Since then it seems the writers have decided to pander to the more ‘popular’ characters and gave up on writing an interesting or logical plotline. I felt the same way about 24 as I do with Heroes… I really enjoyed the first season, but each season seemed to get more and more ridiculous. And the latest tease for 24 just looked absurd, like they took some plot for a rejected Rambo movie and placed it in Africa.

    Good thing Dexter starts on Sunday, and there’s Lost and Scrubs to look forward to next year.

  35. Jose Perez says:

    Wow! Your comics are amazing! 🙂

  36. Luis says:

    FOR the record. Maya is not Mexican. She (and her brother) are from Honduras.

    There is a difference. Thanks.

  37. Andrew says:

    I found the first two episodes of season 3 to be quite entertaining and exciting. My only real problem is that it was a little too fast, but hey, they wanted to show what was happening to all the characters as best as they could.

    Things I like about this season so far…

    -Tracy, I can’t wait to see if she’s another personality of Niki’s or what, and of course the whole unexpected freezing power thing.
    -Got rid of that annoying Micah (Monica was an okay character but there really is no loss in cuting her from the show)
    -Level 5 villains (and Daphne), man those guys are real villains. I hope we get to see them duke it out with Sylar and the cast
    -Angella Petrelli, now a main character. She’s Bitchy, power hungry, and oh so fun to watch. And her dream was freaken scary

    What I didn’t like…
    -Hiro opened the damn safe. One word for him…. IDIOT
    -Matt being sent to Africa (are we gonna have another japan like story arc again?)
    -Two Peters. As if one godmoding emo hero wasn’t enough
    -Sylar getting Claire’s power. Now Sylar is just going to get more boring from here
    -Mohinder and his idiot decision. The one time Maya has something to say that is important, she is ignored. I hoe this backfires on Mohinder big time.

    Season 3 is a bit of a mixed bag. I’m guessing it’ll be good, but not as much as season one.

  38. Eons_past says:

    This season premier, while not perfect by any stretch, alone was 20 times better than anything season 2 put out and, IMO, had the best premier of all 3 seasons. Look at them all and look at this. They are progressing.

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that all the other seasons started out rough and slowly hit their stride around the middle of the season. This season seems like it’ll happen even sooner.

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