Time Travel…

July 29, 2010
Time Travel…

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Yet another problem with the idea of time travel in general. Enjoy.

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  1. Rob says:

    I know a lot of people say time travel has been done to death, but I can’t get enough of it 🙂

    Also, disturbing that he hasn’t changed his clothes in all that time. And is that the same pen? Obviously he doesn’t do much work.

  2. Darrell says:

    I did this as a Tip Givers’ Tip of the Week once on The Instance. I think it works better in comic form. 😀

  3. Jake Frink says:

    Great work I agree that for some reason time travel never gets old, I still enjoy seeing it done.

    • Dayana says:

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  4. OMG! That explains what happens at work all the time!!

  5. Pen caps are far more advanced in the future.

    • Dramble says:

      A consequence of traveling through time is rapid pen cap growth, and violent bowel movements (not shown.)

  6. tnfreak says:

    i agree, time travel never gets old, UNTIL ITS REAL!!! then its AWSOME!!!! but in all seriousness those shades dont really look futuristic, i can see a couple of twins pulling this gag off on stage

    • tnfreak says:

      anyone seen kill bill and the pussy wagon?

    • blerg says:

      funny how even though “those shades don’t really look futuristic” … they obviously conveyed the idea that they were …

      • tnfreak says:

        not on their own, and only because it says “Time machine” and the other guy said “duh” so it makes the guy from the future, but the glasses tell the voices in my head say wiggle your big toe

        • Dipti says:

          Hi Rena, what a fabulous card and so cleevr. I love your thinking behind this so very original. Beautiful warm summer colours and beautifully crafted. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Get Creative and good luck.Marie

  7. Sasquatcho says:

    kinda picking this strip apart a bit much, no?

  8. Thedrawrf says:

    Scott, I wish that your comics could be syndicated through newspapers or tech / hobby magazines…have you ever tryed to set up a system like that?

  9. MadJo says:

    Woah Deja vu!

  10. franck3d says:

    I just finished reading a book called “Time Travelers Never Die”
    Some interesting takes what could be done with such a device.

  11. FlipC says:

    The Eccentric Inventor’s Rulebook

    Rule 1: All inventions must feature at least one (1) incandescent light-bulb, wattage left to inventor’s tastes.


  12. Chuck says:

    Time travel, in general does not get old, but shows like Star Trek use it too much for lame purposes (and I say that as a Trek fan).

  13. PunkrawkBbob says:

    Theoretically forward time travel is possible – Just not reverse (according to Stephen Hawking)


  14. MadJo says:

    Just yesterday I watched an entertaining movie about time travel called “Frequently asked questions about science fiction”, which starred one of the actors from the IT-crowd (Chris O’Dowd)
    It was a funny movie.

  15. UK Hotels says:

    I was recently talking with some friends about the “Terminator” series and how they are using the time travel concept to really screw up that story line. I hate it when hollywoord uses time travel for anything, Star Trek included. They are so unscientific about it. I’ve always been fascinated with the concept, especially traveling back in time. This “History Channel” (which does more science programming than TLC and or PBS) did a little piece on the science behind it…dumbed down so people like me could sort of understand it. It was fascinating.

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