Thin Red Line

January 13, 2015
Thin Red Line

About this comic

Today’s comic was prototyped by my pal, Iyaz Akhtar. Dude cracks me up, and his idea for this comic was no exception. Had to make a comic about it. Also, I spend too much time in front of screens.

10 Responses to Thin Red Line

  1. Nancy Frye says:

    So true. My problem is looking at an image online then trying to zoom in/around in it….then I realize I’ve been playing too many video games.

  2. Ajedi32 says:

    That doesn’t appear in books. Only when you’re writing…

  3. Silver says:

    Scott you actually made a comment like this back in 2006-2008. Its like someone writing a paper on a desk and had that character looks like Brian asking whats wrong. I say this because its just nostalgia hitting me from such a long time ago.Found it 01/25/2008

  4. Paintguy-Seattle says:

    My problem is how can that guy talk and drink coffee at the same time! At least we don’t have that stupid little paper clip guy annoying us anymore.

  5. Blair Stewart says:

    My problem is when I keep forgetting that I cannot just CTRL+F inside a book to find a word on a page.

  6. echo says:

    I remember once spilling some milk and trying to remember how to select “undo” in real life…

  7. Vernon says:

    I consistently try to use control z in real life.

  8. Shaun B says:

    I get annoyed when a service I’m using doesn’t notify of spelling errors when I’m typing.

  9. Vince Jackson says:

    Don’t have websight

  10. AngryPotato says:

    My problem is that I actually see imaginary red underlines – just a quick glimps at a book/newspaper/article page and I see typos and other mistakes – and I can’t even correct them! This is quite annoying! Especially when friends show me their work and I just can’t hide that I immediately see a few mistakes…

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