The Seven Year Itch

October 8, 2014
The Seven Year Itch

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Would be nice to at least see some footage of that internal alpha they likely all played at BHQ. We may never know what this thing was, but we can all hope that things from it trickle down to other projects.

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  1. Connor Rockelman says:

    I feel like I see a hidden brian and scott in this one, no?

  2. Devon V says:

    I agree with both of them 😛

  3. Mistrblank says:

    It was probably a space shooter. Then when they saw Destiny they decided there was no point in pushing it out. Borderlands already covers this market too with cartoon graphics to boot.

    It was just never getting where they expected, so they canned it.

  4. Sean Noel says:

    I suspect we’ll see parts of it included in other properties though. Maybe we already have?

  5. Dberg says:

    It was a superhero MMO where you also played the civilian role (during daytime). I’ve no idea if it played from third or firstperson. That’s all I know.

  6. Imzee says:

    If it was a shooter then Blizz is 0-2 for that genre (the first being SC Ghost).

    I initially thought Titan was a “Zynga Farmville-esque” builder game (back when Farmville was crazy popular. But maybe that just turned into Garrisons in WoD.

  7. Ray Bradshaw says:

    As ever Scott. you hit the nail on the head,
    Sometimes people over react.

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