“The mighty hath fallen”

July 12, 2010
“The mighty hath fallen”

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Oh, Mel. You make me so sad. I’ll try and remember the good times.

45 Responses to “The mighty hath fallen”

  1. Maleldil says:

    I lolled 🙂

  2. Harriet says:

    Thats extremely bigoted. Surely you know you should not re-post such jokes.

  3. joe says:

    @Harriet – it’s not bigoted, it’s practically a quote. It satirizes Gibson’s rampant megalomaniacal racism. It’s not meant to agree with Gibson, but mock him…

  4. Rocky says:

    I thought you would do a girlfriend beating joke….the Jewish joke is kinda old news. Either way, it’s funny. Loosen up people.

  5. NeuroMan42 says:

    Thank you, Scott… thank you bunches!

  6. Moobie says:

    Some of the best tools to fight racism are satire and ridicule. Great work Scott! 😀

  7. tnfreak says:

    HA! thats Hillarious!

  8. Fang14 says:

    Sooooooo……. this is a quote isn’t it?……..

  9. Kara says:

    I don’t see how this is possibly a bigoted joke…seriously people, you need to loosen up. It’s commentary on Gibson’s anti-sematic remarks. It’s not commentary on Jewish individuals…

  10. crosscut says:

    People should lighten up a little.. Mel messed up, not us. No one is perfect, except for the one above.

    Scott… good as always, light hearted stab at a bad situation, nothing wrong with that.

  11. Joshua says:

    caricature has been used for politics and entertainment for hundreds of years now. In caricatures you draw a person doing something or expressing views in a exaggerated manner in order to point out how ridiculous the act/opinion is.
    I am very tempted to quote wikipedia here but that would be a douche move. Just go there and read about the fine history of satire drawings and comics that Scott and so many others on the internet keep alive.

    Keep the tradition alive Mr. Johnson. The world needs it now more than ever.

  12. Excellent comic! Timely and edgy. Good satire through and through. =D

  13. Mattb4rd says:

    Haha. I can see Mel saying that.

    • Akmjdslkm says:

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  14. warcraftic says:

    Poor Mel. I think he should just run around with his face painted half blue. Maybe that will divert attention away from all this?

  15. AngerFork says:

    The only thing I find offensive about this comic is that it doesn’t end with Mel shouting “Get off my lawn!”

  16. Jsample says:

    Is he holding a vuvuzela in the first frame?

  17. Thedrawrf says:

    Scott Johnson defies trends and speaks his mind; controversy at eleven. While I don’t feel that Mel’s actions have warranted the criticism, even when he made the racist comments, this comic is definitely right on time.

  18. Jeff says:

    Yeah, Mel’s totally lost it. What a shame.

    • bezgo says:

      I think saying he”lost it” is letting him off easy.
      He’s a bigot. Probably always was one (these things are usually born with upbringing- and we know his father is a big racist).

      The odd thing is that Mel has been surrounded by and worked with Jews and African Americans throughout his career.
      I wonder how Danny Glover feels about Mel’s latest comments…

  19. ScytheNoire says:

    That is absolutely hilarious. I’m sure it’s going to make it’s way around the internet. Too funny. (screw political correctness, shove it you buncha over sensitive hippies)

  20. Mackai says:

    Very funny Scott, keep up the excellent work 🙂

  21. Cory says:

    Maybe he could star in a movie about his life..”Mad Mel”? Sorry..:P Excellent work Scott!

  22. bezgo says:


  23. The Padrino says:

    I’m so glad i found you on stumble cool site bro

  24. Mad-Bassist says:

    ROTFLMAO! Too funny!

    Penn Jillette suggested on his short-lived radio show that everyone should call him “Melvin Gibstein.”

  25. Veko says:

    Dear naysayers:

    Shut up, you idiots.

    Anywho, great comic. Made me actually laugh out loud.

  26. Donnerberg says:

    Got to hand it to Melvin, he’s got a talent for shitting things up.

    We should get him and Christian Bale to do a movie together. The behind the scenes material would be pure gold; Endless days of wildeyed rants and yelling contests. Get Russel Crow in there and you could make a Battle Royal style reality series where only the most out of control cheesedick survives.

  27. Chuck says:

    Honestly, why do people care about what some arse says to his wife?

    • Donnerberg says:

      He knocked her front teeth out. I don’t appreciate when my childhood heroes does things like that.

      • chuck says:

        Why should we care more about what this idiot did than the guy down the street? Because he was your childhood hero? Heroes derived from politics, sports and cinema are terrible, they all have horrible skeletons in their closet and should not be venerated in any way, shape or form.

        This is just like Tiger all over again. Why should I care if he cheated on his wife with tens of other women? I shouldn’t that’s why. It’s none of my business.

      • chuck says:

        My main point is simply that the media may well be feeding attention whores like Mel, Linsey and Tiger by constantly talking about them. As they say no news is bad news and for attention whores that is gospel.

        Would Mel act out again if we stopped paying attention to him? Would Lindsey get her act together? Would Tiger stop sleeping with harlots?

        Who knows but for once, I wish the media would try.

      • Donnerberg says:

        I, too, feel that this is the best place to discuss the effect hero worship and tabloids have on humanity.

  28. Rezlow says:

    Chuck’s right (and I’m not just saying that because we share a name… digital-high-five… no? that’s cool… <..>)

    This trend North America (most 1st world nations?) has of creating royalty and even dieties out of celebrities is just plain stupid. They are dancing monkeys for our amusement and are already getting paid far too much for what they actually contribute (especially when compared to those who actually provide life-saving/-protecting/-maintaining services). The last thing we need is to take their opinions seriously. I think the greatest service Mel has provided is proof of how irelevant their opinions are (so help me, if Bono stumbles on camera one more time and mumbles about some cause he appears to know less about than he cares about… O.O)

    Jokes aside, we don’t like, love or look up to those people for any real and true reasons: we’ve swollowed the illusions they produce too deeply. They are just monkeys after all, like the rest of us (maybe even more so).

  29. tnfreak says:

    totally ripped that last line off the simpsons

  30. bezgo says:

    This isn’t about hero worship. This is plain and simple train-wreck rubber-necking.

    Tiger was in the news because it was a crazy story. A guy who broke records and barriers to become one of the wealthiest commodities in sports history has a scandal! It’s a classic tale and people love to hear it.

    Same with Mel. These tapes reveal him to be a crazy narcissistic a-hole and it’s fascinating to see/hear how low the man will stoop.

    One more point- don’t blame the media. If people didn’t care, it wouldn’t be a story.

  31. arakawa says:

    This looks more like Bruce Campbell than Mel Gibson… Except for the racism 😛

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