The Doctor Is In

June 10, 2014
The Doctor Is In

About this comic

I like plays on words. You like plays on words. We all like plays on words. So here, have a play on words. Hope you have “pun” with it.

12 Responses to The Doctor Is In

  1. Jon Bauer says:

    It’s smellier on the inside.

  2. Grogapuppy says:

    So need this in my guest bathroom.

  3. DonKelly says:

    Doctor Who and Doctor Poo… the little known half brother.

  4. Paderic says:

    1) You totally forgot the light on top the TARDIS

    2) From what I hear, it’s actually fairly common in England to refer to a porta-potty as such

    3) This is brilliant! I love it when you do a Doctor Who post

  5. Keith Gould says:

    As a Brit, raised on Dr. Who. Imagine my reaction to this. ROFL – Brilliant!

    You did forget the light, but perhaps this was to the good, imagine what you’d have to put on the Loo?

    BTW – there’s a large UK company that hires site loo’s out. They’re called Davlav and this always makes me thing Davross’s loo”

  6. Yue says:

    Learn the difference, it could save your life.

  7. Jack Fox says:

    Does this have anything to do with that story you told this morning on TMS?

  8. darksting says:

    nicely done sir, nicely done!!

  9. Shaun Bloom says:

    How richly bizarre. Not the artwork…that’s fantastic, but the fact that I was just showing my kids (10, 6 and 4) pictures of the TARDIS on the family iPad today 🙂

  10. DadaHyena says:


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