Swung too far the other way

June 3, 2014
Swung too far the other way

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I am all for not being spoiled on cool stuff I wanna see. But it’s gotten to the point that people spend more energy avoiding spoilers than they do trying to see the things they don’t want spoiled in a more timely manner. 🙂

I know the cartooned example is a little extreme. But there’s some truth in there.

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  1. Gene says:


    Also, isn’t there a statute of limitations on spoilers if it’s been out as a book for like 20 years?

  2. Stuffedy says:

    I didn’t read the blurb, just in case. That does my head in 😉

  3. Zesty Crab Legs says:

    Not all of us can bum an HBO Go account, Scott.

  4. Espi says:

    I guess i’m the type of person that spoilers never really bothered me.

    I agree 100% though I give people a week. if they have not seen it in a week then its not that important to them to watch something in a timely manner.

    not that I go out of my way to spoil things…

  5. Jack Fox says:

    I don’t watch game of thrones (Spoiler! 😉 )

    Anyway, I was playing Wildstar yesterday and I saw someone in chat spoiling the entirety of what I suspect is the most recent episode to the entire zone.

    I didn’t care personally but I still that’s kind of a jerk thing to do. It’s one thing to avoid forums and such of the thing you don’t want spoiled, but to have that happen while you are doing something completely unrelated? Not cool IMO.

  6. Mattman says:

    Well we have more access to information like this than we ever did before. People are posting their opinions on each tv show and movie hours or even minutes after they have seen it. They text and email this very quickly. Before one would have to wait till the next workday to really have to worry about it. But people are more likely to tell others now since the idea of posting ones opinion online is so prominent, it spills over into conversations!

    • Mattman says:

      Not to mention the ability to DVR it and wait till we have time to watch it, or catch it online etc… So people don’t have to catch it at the time it airs, they can wait…

  7. Matthew says:

    Just to play Devil’s advocate…

    HBO is a poor example in my opinion because to keep current you have to either pay for cable+HBO package or torrent(steal) the content. Well, and you can virtually go to a friends house to watch via HBOGo.

    So, as a cordcutter without friends/family that have HBO are you expecting me to steal the show so you don’t have to worry about spoiling it?

    With regards to HBO shows can we just assume people haven’t watched it until Amazon/iTunes puts the episode up to purchase?

    Again just playing the role of Devil’s advocate. Love the comics though! 🙂

  8. alachia says:

    SPOT on!!!

  9. roberto0 says:

    Even though I read the books, I still continue to be horrified by the depiction of events in the HBO series.

  10. Ralff says:

    It’s a matter of manners. Those that haven’t see the show don’t want to be spoiled–those that have want to talk about it.
    Both should respect the other group.
    But every week that goes by, the people shouting “spoiler” are more and more the jerk. If you are that invested in it–make sure to see it early.

  11. keV says:

    Not all of us live in ‘murikah :O

  12. Gordysane says:

    Like that one time on Comic Dorks where you spoiled the finale of the show I just watched! Damn book readers….

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