Stuff that must go

September 17, 2010
Stuff that must go

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I’m with the fat dude on this. I would drop lots of dumb stuff.

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  1. Zorbane says:

    I’d drop sarcasm from the internet, no one ever gets it anyways.

    • m00ngoat says:

      Oh I see what you did there…

      • Candra says:

        i like the last pic with Pinky the Pup and the single mini cpcuake. looks like (s)he’s gonna come alive and take a bit of the delicious sweet cake. like the toys in the old Christmas animation films (Rudolf and Santa Claus is Coming to Town!)…oooooh, you and Raf should make an animation film starring your cpcuakes!!

  2. Moobie says:

    But if it were not for the pinky finger whatever would we raise up when holding a cup of tea?

  3. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    But what will hold down my shift button when I type?.. T.T Nerves in teeth and back pain I could live with out.

  4. FlownOver says:

    speaking of tea and pinky fingers, Sarah Silverman has a hilarious joke involving seeing Ron Jeremy with a raised pinky finger while… ahem… relieving some tension. She says “why is he lifting his pinky while he’s doing that?? and then I realize… Ron Jeremy has CLASS”.

    So if you were to remove pinky fingers, you remove the only thing making Ron Jeremy classy.

  5. dethmunky says:

    But if I got no pinky fingers what will I do with all these rings?

    • Jacy says:

      How I LONG to be back to making my cards for the DT again! I’ve gteton ONE arm un-casted, and the other one comes off in 4 weeks. PLEASE wait for me, if you can!DT, your cards are BEYOND GORGEOUS this week!Love,CindyP.S. I miss you all terribly!

  6. Eric H. says:

    Guitar players may have a beef with you on this one…

  7. Sasquatcho says:

    how about belly buttons, I dare anyone to come up with a use for those.

  8. Masterwabbit says:

    I need my left pinky to hit the Shift Key for TF2, which I have bound to the “Spy” voice command.

  9. SxEJohnDoe says:

    well.. I need my pinky for playing my guitar…. but I would get rid of men nipples and that stupid hair on my feet/toes xD

    • Tobias says:

      beauitiful images – too dusty in Australia to pull this off on a mass scale – maybe we are also too lazy to keep up with all the clnnieag required to keep up appearences?Katie x

  10. vandoman says:

    As a dental student I feel the need to defend nerves in teeth. If we didn’t have ’em we’d be breaking our teeth all over the place. Despite all the problems with root canals, you’ll have to trust me that they’re very necessary.

  11. MXC says:

    “When in doubt, pinky out.”


  12. Alex says:

    First of all the fat guy will probably never be a god, especially if he’s questioning things that have a simple reason for existing. Everything exist for a reason, even if your mind can’t fathom it. Best he’d be able to do is exist in the Telestial Kingdom. lil’ whoremonger. lol

    • Yuddy says:

      I have such good memories of hepnlig mom in the kitchen; my favorites being of baking with her. It’s wonderful to be able to give those memories to your children and they are obviously totally engaged and loving it.

  13. Drackie says:

    But in Belgium the pinky is used to order a pintje (half pint)!!!! You can’t get rid of that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Jaik says:

    Also, the need to barf is an imperative for survival. It lets our stomach evacuate stuff that might otherwise harm us.

  15. Geckomayhem says:

    Sometimes the “dumb” stuff turns out to have a purpose. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For the record: I use my pinky only when I have to get in deep… :p

  16. the_GnOmE says:

    Just spent my whole day reading every single Extralife comic out there. Kudos to you, Scott!

  17. disappointedfan says:

    Let me preface this by saying that I really wish I did NOT have to post this comment. I have been a long time listener and supporter of Scott and Randy and everyone involved with The Instance. That being said I feel as if I need to let people know about how The Instance has been lying, not holding up to promises they make, and not caring if they falsely advertise. What do I mean by all this? Well, I was a contest winner on the show a while back. They announced my name on the air and I won 2 months of Wow on a game card. I was very happy and excited to hear my name called. Especially since my job had just been outsourced overseas and I didn’t think I could afford to play WoW anymore. Anyway I emailed the boys to claim my prize and didn’t get a responce. So I politely tried again. Eventually I got Randy to write me back and said he’d “look into it”. I didn’t understand what that meant, didn’t they have the prize already? Isn’t it as easy as just sending me the code? I guess not. Anyway, I did not want to see like a bother so I left a couple weeks go by before contacting Randy again. Sent him another email very politely asking the status of my prize and got nothing in responce. Again I waited patiently and tried again. I explained in the email that I didn’t want to be a bother and that if there is some issue just to let me know. Randy replied with a game code … that didn’t work. I emailed him back and told him it didn’t work and he said he’d “look into it” again. Well this time I let a few months pass by and I had almost forgotten about the whole thing when I saw he was online in google chat. So once more I politely asked him if he had a moment to chat and that I was a prize winner that was given a used/bad/fake code. Again I was almost completely ignored. I explained that I am sorry if I am bothering Mr. Randy Deluxe but I just want to be treated fairly and nicely and just want an answer either way if I am ever going to get my prize. To my disbelief he just said “i dont know” and then I was totally ignored (even though I could see he was not idle). I can’t believe someone from The Instance would treat their fans this way. And I understand its “just a wow game card”, but its the principle of it. I followed the directions and did what they asked to enter the contest, I won the contest fair and square, and not only did I never get the prize, I was ignored and swept under the carpet after several attempts to politely find out what the problem was. I know I’m not some important guest like Curt Schilling, or some developer from Blizzard, but I *USED* to be a FAN. And I would think Scott and Randy would treat their fans with respect. That’s just wrong. Anyway, I have resigned to the fact that I probably will never get the contest prize. Either they never had it in the first place, or someone else used the code first.

    I will be boycotting The Instance and posting this up in as many places as I can. I would ask you to do the same if you don’t agree with false advertising and general rudeness. Again, it’s with a heavy heart that I do this. I loved The Instance, but I am also calling BS where I see it. ๐Ÿ™

  18. Twinksmasher says:

    Mr. Dissapointedfan, you claim that you won this ‘prize’, yet have not given the episode number in which your name was called as a contest winner, or offered any proof they did not give you said prize if you truly were the contest winner. And badgering Randy like that sounds kind of childish. Scott & Randy have lives outside of contests in the Instance, and if they truly wronged you like this, I’d say let it go- I doubt they meant to. But at least be mature about it- this comment just seems to be a long, run-on piece of hatred.

  19. df says:

    Honestly Twinksmasher, I agree with you. I absolutely love Scott and Randy’s show and they seem like the nicest guys on Earth. That is why I let it go for so long. But all I wanted was for them to say either “sorry we lost the prize” or “we’ll get it to you in x of days”. SOMETHING.

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