Strike a Pose

September 2, 2014
Strike a Pose

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Ripped from today’s headlines. Cept for this fish is pretty dumb.

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  1. Enn says:

    I love how the little fish knows at a glance whose wiener it is – he’s got some pretty specific knowledge of porn.

  2. dozeregg says:

    I’m not trying to get high and mighty, I got took down a notch today reading some articles. All people deserve privacy, being a girl, being a celebrity, etc. does not forgive what is essentially a peeping tom posting naked pictures.

      • Tank-Like says:

        I too agree to the notion that everyone deserves his or hers privacy.

        But think about it this way:
        People like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst have been in the spotlight for some years now. And even if Jennifer Lawrence is only 24 years old she should know by now that you have to be careful if you don’t want private things on the internet. And naked pictures of you are as private as it gets.

        Maybe I’m a douche because I just can’t figure out why people would have such pictures of them in the first place. Maybe that’s why I’m lacking compassion.
        But maybe, just maybe, I’m a little bit better informed because I chose to be: Of course cloud services are easy and convenient. But they obviously aren’t all that safe.
        There are a lot of diffrent tactics to compromise either the cloud itself or your connection to it. And if the “reward” is high enough (money, fame, screwing over movie stars) there will always be someone willing to put in the work.

        Don’t get me wrong: I do believe that this was a crime and that the people responsible should be punished.
        And I’m not saying that one should stop using cloud services or mobile communication like WhatsApp or iMessage alltogether. But people in general (which of course includes famous people) should be more careful when it comes to sharing private things over the internet.

  3. “Chubby Funster”.

    A Gervais fan, are we?

  4. Jack Fox says:

    Ya know, if ya really do want to take a pic of your own privates, and even possibly send it to someone you may want to delete them from the phone afterwards. I can understand folks wanting to share… themselves with loved ones. But take some precautions!

    Remember in school when we were told “This is going on your permanent Record?” Well.. that’s what the internet is, a Permanent Record. And more and more devices are being connected to that record where people can gain access.

    What we need in school now is an Ethics course for the internet. What is smart to do, not smart to do, how to behave etc… Might help. Then again it might not.

    • Tank-Like says:

      That’s the thing:
      As far as I’m informed, all those pictures where deleted at some point and were extracted from iCloud backups/phone images.

      I do think that Apple is to blame to some extent even though they claimed they didn’t do anything wrong.
      Their whole “cloud over all” policy complicates the effective and secure local backup.
      If they wanted to, they could implement a possibility to backup your phone on your local system or a private network storage via WiFi. But for strategic reasons (making you depending on their services – although they call it “best user experience possible”) they just don’t want you to have that possibility…

      That said: Most people don’t know that there are solutions like this and therefor would never ask to implement a possibility like that. So teaching them about the risks and possibilities it is the first step to raise awareness and show people different ways and to secure AND control their own data.

      • Jack Fox says:

        Of course there are people out there that don’t even understand how a smart phone does what it does or even know what a Cloud is! They just know how to take selfies and text people.

        Thing is we are turning in a world of people who seem to not understand that every action has a consequence, either good or bad! I would like for one week to see the wall of anonymity removed. See how people interact then 🙂

  5. Gary Fisher says:

    Got into an argument with my 26 year old daughter last night because she thought I was “blaming the victim” when I said they should have had stronger passwords.

    As far as she’s concerned I’m still blaming the victim. Maybe she’s right. Wait, she’ll never see this will she?

    I back my iPhone up to my Windows PC via iTunes because I’m already paying for Dropbox and Carbonite and whatever the heck Office 365 uses, so I don’t need yet another cloud storage service.

    Then the iTunes backup winds up in the cloud anyway via Carbonite. So do my income tax forms & almost every data file on my PC. I’m placing a lot of trust in Carbonite’s encryption and security.

    But it’s a really convenient way to keep an offsite backup, so I’m willing to take a relatively small chance that Carbonite will get hacked for the convenience.

    Pretty much the only thing stored on Dropbox right now is Nerdtacular photos and videos, PG at the worst.

    These days you have to make the security vs convenience decision more and more often.

    Then again, I have never taken a picture of my junk, & don’t think anyone would be that interested if I did.

    We’ll figure all this out eventually… 🙂

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