Stack Overflow: Back Door

March 31, 2009
Stack Overflow:  Back Door

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I rarely post these here, but as some of you are aware, I do a monthly comic for the folks at ExamForce called “Stack Overflow”. Deals mostly with tech stuff, particularly things going on in the OS world. Quite often at the expense of Microsoft, Linux, etc.

The one they just ran deals with some backdoor access that developers have when dealing with your file system in Windows 7. Thought you guys might enjoy it.

5 Responses to Stack Overflow: Back Door

  1. Gene says:

    I really enjoy Stack Overflow. Its a shame its monthly, but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

  2. Darrell says:

    Love the wall lighting and textures with different wonderful colors. I want a real wall like that!!

  3. Argiflex says:

    Needs more NINJA!

  4. Crosshare says:

    I agree with Gene, I wish I could get Stack Overflow as weekly comic at least. Still great that you update it Scott.

  5. The Loud Ninja says:

    Got a little confused there, thought you were adding comics to Stack Overflow website of Jeff Atwood ( and Joel Spolsky ( fame.

    Have you thought about adding your Stack Overflow comics to the Stack Overflow website or blog? Or would that be a bad idea and the Net would collapse into itself and form a virtual blachole?

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