Some people are never happy

March 3, 2014
Some people are never happy

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Really REALLY loving D3 again after this new patch. Everything feels fresh again, primarily the new loot 2.0 stuff. More upgrades, less trash, more motivation to find more, etc. It’s that elusive “feeling thing” in a ARPG that most titles never quite reach, and in this case, even Blizzard had stuff to do to get there again. But man, so much better, and I am beyond excited to dig in deep with Reapers of Souls at the end of the month.

In the meantime, you just can’t please some people.

21 Responses to Some people are never happy

  1. darksting says:

    i personally cant wait for loot 2.0, and i think the removal of the ah is a great idea. cant wait for RoS!!

  2. NeuroMan42 says:

    I think D3 is crap all around. Even the demo got boring an hour into it. D1 and even D2 were much better games all around. 😛

  3. Elbatcho says:

    Loot 2.0 is amazing! I have gotten 5 legendary items in 2 hours play. Remember you need to pick up the white items so you can craft. They salvage into common debris.

  4. Bevans says:

    The new additions sound great, but I haven’t heard anything like “core gameplay has been made enjoyable”.

    • that’s the thing, the core has been made more enjoyable. I guess if you don’t like anything about the games then you’re not gonna love it.

  5. Mediocrates says:

    How’s that Sim City 5 coming?

  6. Jack Fox says:

    Oh god I love the new patch. So many new builds for my Wizard, so many things to find! Within 2 days I replaced my weapon 4 times with different legendary items each changing my build drastically each time.

    My addiction has been rekindled!

  7. Aye, the unpleasable fanbase strikes again!

  8. Ralff says:

    Mr. Cynical — he can never be happy.

    It’s his power — and his curse.

    (Better Off Ted)

  9. Bardsolo says:

    I agree the game feels fresh again. I love that I can access any WP from anywhere. I also love Nef stacking is gone. Although all that time key farming makes me cry a little. Still happy for Blizz to take my money for the hours of entertainment. If you think of it, such a value. Compare it to the cost of a movie ticket, popcorn and soda plus a 2 hr movie, to the cost of a video game and hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of hours. Mind blown.

    • Jack Fox says:

      By the logic I have spent… .125 dollars an hour for the amount of time I’ve played D3 (Approaching 800 hours now, and I bought the 100$ CE)

  10. Jack Rider says:

    I think the biggest issue with Diablo 3 is that it just doesn’t have that “hook” that made the originals so addictive.

    I pretty much did one and done with the game, and I’ve played much more Marvel Heroes, which is ironic since it probably has a closer lineage to the original Diablo games than D3 does.

    • Jack Fox says:

      Not sure what you mean, D3 is far more addicting to me than D2. D2 Was ok right up until Hell mode where everything was… more or less immune to you and you couldn’t respec to try and compensate for that.

  11. foxlore says:

    (*old man voice) I finished D3 in 24 hours…where’s my D4 already dagnabit!!! ;-P (full disclosure…I didn’t actually finish it 24 hours). 😉

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  13. Neal says:

    Hey, at least he changed his shirt in the past 2 years…

  14. Jele says:

    On an unrelated note: I used to play that game where you find the differences between two comic panels that look very similar. I just spent my lunch time doing that with these.

    Lately (since I have an infant and work all of the time), I’ve only had time to look at Diablo longingly before collapsing to bed at night. 🙂 I’ll get to it someday.

  15. Whispie says:

    Goodness. Someone needs some spam filters.

  16. Haha says:

    Haha, I visit the first time to laugh at the comic, and I come back to laugh at the spam posts. The one right above here that I see is even outdated, talking about the 2012 olympcs, and I think it wants to sell me shares in digital camera equipment? They really are worth reading sometimes.

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