Slash Played

July 15, 2014
Slash Played

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This November is a big deal for WoW and Blizzard. I actually started playing back in the Friends and Family alpha in 2003. So for me, 11 damn years! Crazy. Who knew The Instance would come out of that, and countless hours playing with friends! Well, countless if you don’t type ‘/played’ in the game. My advice? Don’t.

7 Responses to Slash Played

  1. Tabaxion says:

    /played = /cry

  2. Thomas says:

    … and Slash is gonna play in Europe in November!

  3. Jack Fox says:

    Also try not to think that if you have been playing since it was released you have given blizzard over 1600$ in Sub fees and Game/Exp purchases!

    I have no regrets!

    • Falos says:

      You’d think they could appreciate people paying $1000 for a video game.

      Well, they could be doing much much worse, so I guess some chunk does go back in.

  4. Brian Duff says:

    Time is money… and sometimes it’s worth every penny.

  5. Rifter says:

    I too played since the Friends and family time. Loved it then. I have played off and on for years. Wrath of the Lich King was the one I liked the most.

  6. lurker says:

    Meh. Everquest > WoW.

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