December 3, 2013

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So you guys must have heard about this by now. Pretty interesting. Just a matter of time now. Someone find Miles Dyson and set him straight please.

9 Responses to SkyNet

  1. foxlore says:

    Forget Sky-net…it’s Amazon-net that will terminate us all. 😉

  2. Jack Fox says:

    The question here… is does anyone really need the Terminator Blu-Ray set? T2 on blu ray is all awesome, but do we need T1, T3 and T4?

    I’m all for the Amazon drone system. It will never come to a middle of nowhere place like where I live but I think the concept is fantastic.

    • Ant says:

      Wouldn’t T3 and T4 look better in BR? Too bad it is not in good 3D.

    • Paquita says:

      I don’t have a drone and I am thinking about biunyg one. About the 3g thing, I was wondering how much weight these babies can carry. If they can carry an iPhone, for instance, you could attach a jailbroken phone running VNC server and remotely access it from your computer. It could work, I suppose. Has anyone tried that?

  3. ppg says:

    You are aware that this drone thing its just an Amazon publicity stunt and they have no intention to do it, right?

  4. Matthew Saint says:

    I realize my opinion won’t be popular, but T2 has huge issues (thank you Film Sack for nailing 90% of them). It’s the only film of the 4 that throws paradox out the window for a silly line.

    • Corey Murray says:

      Maybe so, but the whole Terminator plot to prevent the human resistance seems stupid, don’t you think? Why didn’t the T-800 simply kill Sarah when, for example, she was an infant? I suppose it’s possible that the SkyNet time-travel mechanism can only go back so far in time, but if that’s so, why then didn’t they mention it in the film (as far as I know)? And even if they did kill Sarah or John, isn’t it probable that some other human might rise to be the leader of the resistance?

      I suppose the machines could travel back to the Precambrian era and stamp out primitive organisms, but what happens then? Do the machines cease to exist, or (because they came from an alternate timeline) will it even matter? There’s no way to know, because we haven’t been able to travel back in time and change the past (as far as I know).

      The best thing one can do is ignore such plot holes and enjoy the rest of the film. If you want a film that explains everything and doesn’t leave things open to interpretation, watch a documentary.

  5. Hmm, with the news stories about drone-hunting, it would seem there will be “bonus items” in some of them now.

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