Seeking Wisdom

June 17, 2014
Seeking Wisdom

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Makes sense to me.

4 Responses to Seeking Wisdom

  1. MikeyH says:

    Dude, CNN’s new ‘feature’ where the video starts to play right away even if it isn’t the active tab is a horrible, horrible offender for causing this kind of thing. It drives me crazy!

  2. Jack Fox says:

    I can’t remember what site it was but it’s gotten so bad that whenever I went to it, 2 of the same video started playing and I could never find the second one to stop it, it drove me insane.

  3. DadaHyena says:

    And if those voices REALLY startle you, it means you left your speakers on too high and forgot about it.

    • Jack Fox says:

      This often happens after I’m done watching a movie on Netflix. For SOME reason I have to put my volume to 100% to get the movie to a point where I can actual hear what’s going on. Then about an hour later i hit the play button on iTunes and my speakers explode.

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