April 16, 2012

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Shut up, baby, I know it.

17 Responses to Schemes

  1. wegetgeek says:

    Ah, god I love it. Instant hit, instant classic!

  2. Mad-Bassist says:

    Excellent! If Madoff wasn’t a real person, I would have thought his name was invented by a lazy network writer.

    “You mean as in, ‘Made off with everyone’s money’?”

  3. droozilla says:

    “I, uhhh, never really had the money, Mrs. C.”

  4. Rack Shatner says:

    Jumping the shark makes it extra cool…Ayyyyyyy!

    • Jefferson says:

      Google is just crap! Too much involved in Youtube only bad imgeas. The best company only for Americans, with craps of commercial here and there. America=Google=CRAP!The only thing great is Google map, the rest only craps, like as Coca Cola, MacDonald and other American CRAP companies around the world.

  5. Raian the Fallen says:

    Do people really ask why a shark is in the comic? Pathetic…

    • Dtharvester says:

      Don’t hate, educate 🙂

      • Cornelius says:

        Yes, commenters are always happy to be educated. Just educate someone regarding their opinion/grammar/spelling/whatever, and wait for the accolades to roll in. 😉

  6. ugh getting so tired of the phrase “Jumping the shark.” It needs to “die in a fire”.

    • MadJo says:

      You do realize that Fonzie actually jumped a shark, and that’s where we got the phrase from?

      • Dtharvester says:

        I don’t think that disqualifies the need to poor gas on the phrase and set it ablaze.

  7. scr00chy says:

    The shark is a nice touch 😀

  8. Scott says:

    Love the fonz

  9. SamD says:

    If your local paper carries the Jumble puzzle, check it out today.

  10. “Sit on it!” Hmmm, maybe not.

  11. Molly says:

    OMG! He’s jumping the shark! I <3 it!!!!

  12. vampyy blackie says:

    what if he falls on to the shark?

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