Running the gauntlet

August 18, 2010
Running the gauntlet

About this comic

This one came in a dream. I like to make dreams reality. There you have it.

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  1. Shane G says:

    Says the man on the way to work… “Conjure your own, newb!”

  2. Shannon says:

    Man I love that game! Wizard is about to die!

  3. Kenn B says:

    Says the mage to the man on the way to work…”I am water Spec!”

  4. Tandoro says:

    Man, Vincent looks a lot worse in HD

  5. kleer001 says:

    I don’t know why, but I want to see a band-aid on the back of that business man’s neck.

  6. Brian Duff says:

    Will Quest for Food.. Slay your village’s bandits and nearby dragon for access to an all you can eat buffet!

  7. Dramble says:

    Vince’s dad seems to be doing well, look at the size of that tie!

  8. ROFL.

    Red Valkyrie shot the food!

  9. Rob says:

    Anyone else think the wizard has a cannibalistic look in his eyes…?

  10. feffrey says:

    That is also the name of a great Fire Iron Frenzy Song.

  11. Chris says:

    From time to time when watching people crossing the road in town, that “dumm dumm” sounds in my head, and then I hear a voice say:

    “The pedestrian is about to die”.

    Loved that game, thanks for the memory Scott.


  12. Phixx says:

    heh, that work dude totally looks like a cliche` FBI guy or something … minus the black suit jacket … Love your work Scott !

  13. Nate says:

    omg. Was so confused until Scott’s tweet and then it ALL came rushing back to me. Awesome.

  14. Nick says:

    On almost a daily basis I say ‘Red Warrior is about to die’ and ‘Substinance!’. This was an awesome comic. Thank you, Scott.

  15. Rex Hondo says:

    I would so totally give that panhandler a few bucks.
    One quarter at a time, of course.

  16. Shinjinn says:

    My wife and I played a ton of Gauntlet over the years! This game really needs a reboot, maybe with some RPG elements?

  17. Dustin says:

    Don’t shoot the food… how bout a Jason Statham looking character destroying a food cart? anyway, I love this cartoon! Keep it up Scott!

  18. MadJo says:

    That’s not Rincewind! As he would spell it ‘wizzard’.

  19. Mad-Bassist says:

    LMAO! Excellent one!

    The Whiz was my first choice for a character to play because of the strong magic thing, until I actually played him. He’s best as a backup (like when three other people are already playing the other characters.)

    It isn’t all bad though; when coming across a Gauntlet game that’s been abused for decades in a little coast town, his coin slot and controls will work the best. (Warrior needs WD-40 badly!)

  20. AngelGuard says:

    OMG, ive read this last night, just before i went to bed…. guess what i dreamed about ^^
    Had TONS of Gauntlet back on my Amiga500 and 1200. It’s such a shame this game never came retro.. i’ve used that line for years, rusted stuck in my head: Warrior needs food, BADLY!!!

  21. disgruntled cow says:

    that is epic 🙂 i use this all the time with the wife- “husband needs food – badly” nice memory recall

    many thanks Mr Johnson 🙂

  22. tehRealScooterJohnson says:

    So Scott, in the dream were you the wizard?

  23. Juddson S. Ivines says:

    I say that phrase aloud all the time when I get hungry.

  24. Catterwall says:

    God I miss that game… so many hours of sleep lost playing Gauntlet II with my friends, pulling all-nighters. those were some good times indeedy

  25. Geckomayhem says:

    Wow, I consider myself a pretty long-time gamer. I’ve been playing computer games since the Commodore 64 and console games since the SNES / master system II. But I’ve never heard of Gauntlet. It sounds like the granddaddy of RPGs by the way people are talking about it. Am I the odd one out of 30-year old lifetime gamers who hasn’t heard of this game? Does being non-American exclude me from this esoteric club? Was I deprived as a child being stuck with California Games, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Mindshadow?

    I have vivid memories of Quest for Glory (formerly Hero’s Quest), Monkey Island, Commander Keen, Flashback and the like. But when it comes to RPGs, I have a feeling that Ultima VII and Eye of the Beholder were my first exposure to the genre. 🙁

    What are the green spots on the wizard’s robes? >.<

    • Mad-Bassist says:

      Geckomayhem: I experienced it (and the sequel) as an arcade game. If I remember right, it had an easter egg that gave you an address to write and get a free T-shirt or something.

      Fortunately, there is MAME. 😉

  26. Mistrblank says:

    I feel like there’s a mage joke in this too that’s waiting to come out.

  27. doc mentovia says:

    God what is sad is that half these people it seems have no idea what gauntlet is! or i am showing my age!

  28. Spine says:

    lolz awesome i played this game a couple days ago…. until it froze =(

  29. Scott K says:

    Epic. Well done.

  30. Lawlrus says:

    That’s amazing Scott!

  31. Lumathe says:

    Gamer needs loot, badly!

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