October 15, 2012

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Was doing some food research over the weekend, and once again, the ingredients in your common hot dog continue to gross me out. So I thought I would draw a hot dog aghast at the state of hot dog production.

16 Responses to Realization

  1. AngerFork says:

    So is this what led into your tweet about not eating at Chevron this weekend…?

  2. Darrell says:

    That’s as silly as someone giving tips about giving tips.

  3. Laffable says:

    I will never look up how hot dogs are made…don’t ruin this for me, Scott Johnson.

  4. Donnerberg says:

    Don’t check out chicken nuggets either.

  5. CDRaff says:

    Hotdogs could be made the same way Slurm is and I still wouldn’t care. A really good all beef dog, slightly burnt right off the grill sitting next to a great cheese burger is still delicious.

  6. Sphinkette says:

    Looks more like one of them ‘Spicy Weenies’ out of a vending machine… I’m thinking that couldn’t have much better ingredients… Sodium overload!

  7. Jack says:

    Sometimes ingredients are best left unkown… Like the fact that jello is made of powdered and crushed animal bones. and that Yogurt is nothing but Bacteria.

  8. “People come up to me and say, ‘Ooh, don’t eat hotdogs; they have really weird things in them.’ But it doesn’t bother me because I love animal lips.” —Steve Martin

  9. Some things are better left unsaid. ;)

  10. I am quite shocked at what I am made of too. Carbon! Gross!

  11. CheeZy Spr1nklz says:

    I worked at a movie theater when i was young and once i read the ingredients for the hot dogs they bought… I swore them off until they began selling “all beef”. That said, still too many chemicals, but as long as i live in denial about their nutrition I can enjoy them.

  12. Rex Hondo says:

    To be fair, just about anybody makes the same face upon seeing their own birth or, even worse, conception.

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