Price Check

June 6, 2012
Price Check

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Getting a little of my Game of Thrones fun off my chest. If you don’t know the show, or don’t read the books, this will make just about zero sense to you. If you are in that category, I mourn for you.

13 Responses to Price Check

  1. Karma says:

    That is a truly awesome Theon. I could tell who he was from across the room.

  2. JMTibbles says:

    You forgot the cancerous growth on his face.

    • Nashaly says:

      Thanks for this post on Hypatia. More people need to know about this rrabekamle woman. I’ve studied and written about her on my blog for many years. I would like to point out that the quote used in the beginning is likely a made up statement from a modern author. None of Hypatia’s writing survived, so we have no quotes from her. But it does reflect what we know about her and her opinions.

  3. Geoff says:

    Joke is on him

  4. Sarah Marie says:

    Classic, I love it!! Shut him Up!!

  5. Connor says:

    dont we all love how Theon almost banged his own sister? classic

  6. Connor says:

    dont we all love how Theon almost banged his own sister? awesome

  7. JustMarci says:

    Nice rendition of CrazyEyes McNostrils there.

  8. niru says:

    Really great stoner Theon Greyjoy (aka Alfie Allen).

  9. And then *BONK!* right on his noggin.’

  10. Orror says:

    yea i was really expecting a 3rd panel where he just gets knocked the hell out by a giant Corn Muffin display

  11. Bailrut says:

    OMG I love Lord of the RIngs! Great Job!

  12. WyvernWulf says:

    Scott, as always, fantastic work! 😀

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