May 13, 2013

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Remember when we were all in high school, and nothing we were into was considered cool by anyone but us? Things have switched. Saying you liked Iron Man in 1987 would have rendered you a nice beating in the hallway. Today, saying you like Iron Man is like saying you like breathing and eating food.

Different time. The best part? All my old jock friends coming out of the woodwork and slapping on the geek badge with gusto.

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  2. haha, yes and yes. those are the same friends that try to convince me that michael bays transformers is a good movie series lol

  3. LostSoul says:

    And yet…is it wrong that I could so totally see that working in a comedy “epic adventure movie” spoof?

  4. Nicely-drawn “ಠ_ಠ” face.

  5. Ryan Kern says:

    A friend and I walked into Taco Bell recently and noticed the girl at the register had Elvish tattooed on her wrists. We asked her about it and said we were Lord of The Rings fans as well. She said to us, “Yeah well…it’s been a long time since I’ve seen those movies… But yeah, they were really good.” We asked who she liked more, Legolas or Aragorn. “Ummm…which one is he?” We then asked her if she liked Mordor. “…I don’t remember.”

    We told her that she needed to go home and watch the movies and we’d be back in a week to quiz her again. We never actually went back. I kind of regret it. I would love to see if she actually watched them.

    Still, I can’t believe that someone would get a tattoo without knowing -anything- about it. That was when I realized that times had changed and it was trendy to a nerd, even if you really weren’t.

  6. Sean Noell says:

    I like this. The large geek guy reminds me of me.

    I wish I felt some vindication for being a geek now. But I’m old enough I just don’t care what the weenies in high school said.

  7. Darrell says:

    I’ve seen this lots with Star Trek over the years: “Doctor Spock is my favorite character on the Star Tracked Enterprise.”

    • Lordcraft says:

      Amen. I saw that often on published articles on the local newspaper. Come on people, do your research!

  8. Konrad says:

    When a jock friend slaps the geek badge with gusto, the best thing to do is try and pull him deeper into The Geek. Carefully, not to spook him, lend him some comic books that look really cool and flashy. Works on girls too.

    • Nicola says:

      Not a question, but a reesqut for the inevitable “Joel whips out the guitar” part of the show- I’d love to hear your take on Dead Flowers from Townes Van Zandt it’s the track at the end of The Big Lebowski. I get a similar vibe toward the end of each HE podcast as I do TBL or a couple of beer-and-laughter hours with the fellas.

  9. Ralff says:

    Ha! I belong to a guild where they ALL have been pretending to be geeks for years!

    Someday, they will slip up–and I will be there waiting, with this comic.

  10. DrDomVonDoom says:

    My childhood friends sister has just gotten into college and has become quite the hipster, and suddenly she’s “oh I’m such a nerd” mode. Which is fine because she consistantly either makes up serious BS to impress her non-nerd friends or simply doesn’t know and I just laugh to myself.

  11. Vake Xeacons says:

    I remember when knew to avoid a trend if it was popular… not anymore. Sighhhhhh…

  12. Jack Fox says:

    I often walk around with my Vita in my shirt pocket either because i’m listening to a podcast or music or just storing it there for the moment. Once in a while I will get the question “Hey what is that” Cause anyone who doesn’t know anything about technology apart from phones has no idea what a Vita is. So when they ask… i respond with “Oh it’s the iPhone 9.” You would be shocked how many people pretend they have “heard of that.”

    • Kannan says:

      That’s truly an awesome prank. I’ve done similar things before, but that’s just the right amount of evil.

  13. Lavaskajunkie says:

    @ Jack Fox – I watched a youtube clip Jimmy Kimmel did about a fake interviewer who stood outside a festival and made up bands and asked passers by what they thought of bands the interviewer had made up…and they responded about how much they loved them etc. It is amazing how people will pretend to hear and love things that do not exist!

    • Jack Fox says:

      It is interesting the things people will say just to fit in or not seem like they don’t know something.

      There is no shame it not knowing everything!

  14. Jet Clarke says:

    I bet the next panel would feature a truly epic nut-punch. At least it does in my head.

  15. If you play the last song off of Bjork’s album Post, it’s Yoda telling you an awesome recipe for cookies.

  16. Jeff says:

    One time I was at a bar and started this conversation with a girl…as the conversation went on the subject of Star Wars came up and she said “Oh! I love Star Wars!” and I aske which one was her favorite episode. I would have been elated if she said episode 4-6 but would have expected 1-3 and would have been ok with that…and her answer was “Episode 7!”. I just looked at her and walked away with out saying a word.

    • Nu-uh says:

      Jeff, no one believes you were having a conversation with a girl, let alone you walking away from it if you were.

  17. Lavaskajunkie says:

    @Nu – Uh – havent you heard its cool to be a geek at the moment… he’ll be surrounded by woman lol!

  18. Falos says:

    I would actually be patient and encouraging to someone who might be trying to rise above the casual geekchic tier, which is the true fakenerd tier. Most of the comments I see are discussing these oblivious casuals.

    At least the tryhard recognizes the realm of proper devotion, even if he doesn’t actually follow through.

  19. Hummnigbyrd says:

    Wow…the fake geek sentence almost hurt to read…sooooo much wrong with that. I guess I’m so far lucky that I’m surrounded by nothing but true geeks and nerds who were all the ‘out-crowd’ of weirdos when we were younger. We are now trying to raise a new generation of awesome Geek-minions. However, we are training them right with accurate knowledge and true exposure to the awesome. Keep up the good work on the comic.

  20. MakadavGT says:

    To geek or not to geek. I remember when I had to wrap my Hand of Thrawn books in a homemade brown bag dust cover so I wouldn’t be mocked in school.

    I am okay with people joining the geekness, I just hope the bubble doesn’t burst until I can indoc my spawn.

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