Pixel Interpretation: Samus

February 19, 2014
Pixel Interpretation: Samus

About this comic

Here we have a third in a series of these pixel things I’ve been doing. Probably see these in a print or on a shirt soon…something something.

Here’s the Mario one, and the Link one too. I have some more planned. Watch for those.

5 Responses to Pixel Interpretation: Samus

  1. Jack Fox says:

    Yet another awesome one!

    Any chance one of the ones you have planned is Mega Man…?

  2. Ross Pagni says:

    That is a shirt I would gladly pay American dollars for.

  3. Jeff Straw says:

    Ha… that right foot. Some kind of fancy high heels. You’re first clue that Samus was a girl.

  4. Dot says:

    I’m seeing an acid/poison mod to the weapon. I’m thinking Nintendo needs to take a hint for future Metroid games.

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