Perfect Strangers

April 2, 2013
Perfect Strangers

About this comic

My app developing friends agree with this comic, for the record. πŸ™‚

The tribalism that surounds certain brands and products continues to confound me. I get if someone likes Coke better that Pepsi, but it’s hardly a thing to get all foamy about.

Even worse is the iOS vs Android thing so prevalent these days. It harkens back to the war-like days of Sega Genesis vs the SNES. PC’s vs Mac. VHS vs Beta. Marvel vs DC. Seagate vs Western Digital. Deep Impact vs Armageddon. You get the point.

I don’t understand it. Use what you like. Don’t use what you don’t. You don’t have to defend your choice. (Unless you bought a brown Zune. Then you DO have to defend your choice.)

87 Responses to Perfect Strangers

  1. Jake O'Quinn says:

    This hurts my butt.

  2. PeleKen says:

    I didn’t buy a brown Zune, but I want one.

    • They are hard to find now. Especially the poop colored ones.

      • Kelseer says:

        People kept getting confused and flushed em. πŸ™‚

        • Jaramide says:

          Quick google turned up at least 30 of them on amazon from around $70.

          Your welcome πŸ˜€

      • Brett Hoffman says:

        First zune i got was the brown and green one. loved it. still works, but the screen is a little wonkey. I also got the Zune HD when that came out, and i must say, that it had the best UI i have ever seen on an MP3 player. Plus the Zune software vs Itunes, Zune wins hands down, such a nicer looking, user friendly program.

        that being said, the downfall of the zune was without a doubt the availability of apps. When i broke down and eventually got an Itouch, zune had about maybe 40 apps total…. but now I just use my android phone with Pandora and Beyondpod to get my music and frogpants fix.

  3. Kelseer says:

    I actually was on an anti-apple tirade for a while because I REALLY hated how apple fanbois treated the rest of the universe*, and how elitist and snobby a lot of them acted toward us windows users and android likers…Like I have an iPhone but I was extremely repulsed by it and couldn’t wait to get rid of it, as I felt like having it meant I was part of that same Apple cult some of the people I’ve know are.

    Buuuut I had a moment of zen a couple weeks ago and realized I was becoming what I hated, except on the side of Windows and Android instead of Apple. So I’ve released my hatred and once again feel I can enjoy my iPhone.

    *I’ve known a lot of bad apple fanboys in my life. Like, once I complained about my printer that was connectedt o my self-built PC that NEVER had nay problems, ever, and the immediate response was “You should get a Mac, then it’d work.” even while I was working on a Mac that had to be reformated once a month because it kept breaking. Yeaaah, I’ll get right on getting a mac. And no he wasn’t being ironic. He truly felt like the Mac was the second coming of the savior.

    • I hear it on both sides. And both sides should take a cold shower. I really dig what’s happening in that particular tech sector, and the competition is a good thing.

  4. Lemmo says:

    I actually got told by an iOS developer I respect that I live in the “app dark ages” for using an Android device. I couldn’t break his heart and tell him about things like Ingress.

  5. billybob476 says:

    99 cents is the same as free. Yes, I have an iPhone πŸ™‚

  6. Jott Sconson says:

    You’re a weird guy, Mr. Johnson. A preamble about how you don’t get brand tribalism…then a comic about brand tribalism.

    (I’m kind of assuming you mean Android users are cheap here?)

  7. Aimen says:

    I dont get it either. I have both IOS and Android devices and dont mind paying for apps on both.

    • Like all satire, it’s not meant to be a blanket statement that applies to EVERYONE. It’s just a general notion. You know, like most things. Moreover, not about you specifically either. πŸ™‚

  8. RenΓ© says:

    For me it depends on the app. If it’s good i don’t mind the 6kr (99 cent) but then again I’m a iPhone user ao guess i fit your comics point πŸ™‚

  9. Tony Sandoval says:

    I bought a brown zune…

  10. Retro says:

    When you’re counting your pennies to try to make it month to month you may look cheap but you use whatever you can afford.

    • nobodez says:

      If people are counting their pennies, they really shouldn’t be using a smartphone and the extra $50 a month, now should they?

    • Bronco says:

      if you are counting your pennies month to month that closely, what are you doing with a smartphone? go buy some food.

  11. Charly says:

    Most people want to justify their investment.

    “My choice HAS to be the better one”, because if the other one is better i wasted my hard earned money.
    Makes them feel better.

  12. Oh I hate that clichΓ©, I have tons of friends with iPhone (I’m a geek, have many geek friends) and all of them but one pirate EVERYTHING and make fun of me for buying on android where it’s “easier” to pirate.
    If there’s data supporting this fact, well, shame on you Android users for not supporting developers, but don’t encourage the belief that no apple user at all downloads pirated apps.

    The comic is funny anyway πŸ˜€

  13. Krzysztof Kietzman says:

    It’s not about the products themselves; the conflict goes much deeper into the philosophies behind product design. It’s Apple’s walled garden approach to design vs the open architecture of Android. More user convenience or more user control? Top-down design vs user root access? So comparing it to a Coke vs Pepsi competition does not do this topic full justice.

    • I’d argue that the apple way worked out really well for developers and users from a app ecosystem standpoint. No?

      • Coop says:

        I think it has at this point, but I think where there is a potential flaw is the 30% to apple on in-app purchases. For in game currencies I don’t see it as a big issue, but as I understand it companies that focus on content delivery like comixology have to pay 30% off the top to Apple. That’s a lot when you consider you simply don’t have to do that with Android.

        Right now most content delivery like this is confined to the tablet space, where Apple still has a significant lead. If Android or Windows is able to make more inroads here I think you will have these providers questioning which platform is better for them. Will content providers start making strategic decisions to try to influence people one way or another?

        I think it will be interesting to see whether Apple relaxes things a bit, or tows the hard line when this happens, because taking 30% off your gross is not something that large media companies are going to be happy about when there’s an alternative.

        Oh… and for the record… Android user, and I have bought a ton of apps πŸ™‚

        Love the comic though.

        • I’d just like to thank you for the awesome reply. This is the kind of conversation we should all be having.

        • Ahltar says:

          That’s a good point, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be the other way around.
          When MS or Google will have more inroads, why wouldn’t they take a chance to increase their income by, why not, asking 20-25% (to be under Apple and still being attractive) ?

          • Coop says:

            I don’t know if Google can now. They’ve let the genie out of the bottle so-to-speak, by allowing people to install applications outside of Google Play, it would be very hard to undo that.

            I’m not familiar enough with what MS is doing/planning with RT to make an educated statement on what they could do, but traditionally in terms of application installs full Windows has been wide open.

            I’m not saying either of these companies wouldn’t *want* to implement what Apple has today, but don’t think either can at this point, in part because a major selling point is the lack of such restrictions.

            I think it’s a lot more likely that the pressure will cause Apple to have to relax their agreements and possibly lose some of that income.

  14. Dave says:

    I know this isn’t entirely true, and it makes me want to get all rage-y and stuff, but most of my friends using android phones are just like this.

  15. Chris says:

    This is so true, I had a droid phone for about 2 years and never bought an app. However on the Iphone I don’t mind spending .99 on stupid apps such as ugly meters. Maybe the phones make the users like that. 8-/

  16. Damien B says:

    Could do USA Vs Aus:

    USA: 99 cents for an app? Awesome!
    Aus: $2.19 for an app? Eff that.

  17. Jeff says:

    What if I bought a White Zune when they first came out?

  18. Paintguy says:

    Both sides have hackers that will not pay for any software, but I think there are many more on the Apple side that WILL fork out a buck for an app. which lures developers that want to get paid.

  19. NeuroMan42 says:

    I own a black Zune, but I play all my music on my Android phone now. I bought a Zune because compared to the iPod I could play EVERYTHING without converting or being locked in the “Walled Garden” bullshit. πŸ˜‰

  20. new_wave_momma says:

    I have the big Zune brick. =/ It was cool back in the day! ^_^

  21. Vrobaby says:

    Sheesh…guess I’ll just have to wait until Deep Impact is free on my android, not like I could pop a buck to watch Armageddon on an iOS. ;}

    Nicely drawn Steve Joneson. LTST

  22. Brigham Larsen says:

    And to continue scott’s list of competing things, we have Oblivion vs After Earth this year.

    Great comic again. Reminds me of me and my android touting buddy. πŸ˜‰

  23. yue says:

    I bought a green-ish zune, does it count?

    • Not nearly as cool as the poo version. πŸ™‚

      • Livia says:

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  24. LauRoman says:

    Which one is Balki?

  25. ScytheNoire says:

    I’ve been anti-Apple for a long time, but have really softened my views on them lately.

    Do they have a lot of fanbois and cater to a mostly ignorant crowd, often charging double what any one else would charge? Most of the time.

    But Apple has some really great customer service in their stores, great return policies, and when a product breaks, they often can fix it right there. Their service is really great.

    Counter that with most other companies who have horrible service. Just try to get some service out of Samsung. Good luck with that.

    Then there is Android vs iOS. Big difference here is updates. Google just abandons it’s users because they don’t keep doing updates, instead relying on phone makers and carriers who have no desire to give updates when they can get people to buy new devices and sign new contracts. Google failed big here.

    I was personally a big Google fan, but in recent times with Android issues, lack of updates, marketplace full of junk, and Google shutting down key services, my views have changed.

    Plus I got a Nokia 920 with Windows Phone 8 and absolutely love the OS for the phone. Expect to see some copying of it.

  26. Altendy says:

    I’m glad to see all of you, who is glad to see me here, too.
    I have watched this video for twenty times.
    If you watch it one time, you will want to see it many times, I promise.
    watch YouTube..

  27. Foxlore says:

    I use both an iPad and a Galaxy Note (sometimes at the same time)…and yeah I kinda agree with this.

    Much more willing to drop $ on iOS apps for some reason.

  28. Pechano says:

    Everyone assumes the iPhone user is the one on the left, but why couldn’t it be the other way around? Silver HTC One on the left, black iPhone 5 on the right? Android user here and I see where you are coming from. I just think it is funny that you didn’t specifically point out which is which, and everyone just assumes the Android user is cheap and the iOS user is careless. Brilliant comic in my opinion.

    • MadJo says:

      That’s because it’s generally the case in discussions such as these, that Android users are depicted as being too cheap to part with cash for apps that cost very little.

    • Kay says:

      Because the white phone has an apple shaped logo on the back?

  29. Jack says:

    Perhaps it’s because I do not own a smart phone of any kind… but I’m not sure I understand this strip! Are they buying the same app, and it’s just the android users don’t think it’s worth 99 cents? Can you charge less than 99 cents on the android phone for an app?

  30. Ed says:

    I wonder how much of the different viewpoints of the pricepoint of an app depend on the maket in which they are being sold. I would like to see some information on the average cost of an app on iOS versus Android. Does the average cost that a consumer is willing to pay depend on the average cost that is seen in that specific market?
    I purchased Pocket Casts on Android to support the developer and get a product that offered the functionality I was looking for, but I could have just as well cobbled together a free solution.
    Also…I own a poo colored Zune.

  31. Jarvis says:

    Really? Android statistics? Seems like you could at least use something a little more factual than “My app friends say so.”

    Here, have some numbers from last year. iOS is actually dropping, while Android is gaining:

  32. Bill Murphy says:

    You got it buddy!
    Android user for three years $0.
    Ipad user three months >$40.

  33. MadJo says:

    Bullshit. I’ve bought great many apps for my android devices, never once resorted to piracy. Got a whole lot of shit in return for it.
    Making me very hesitant to buy apps again.

  34. ZackMcKrakken says:

    For posterity: DC (or Marvel…) But trying to make me choose between Deep Impact and Armageddon? It’s like Sophie’s Choice all over again!! *sob*

  35. Tired says:

    Huh. I must be an iphone mentality with an android in my pocket then…

  36. Tank-Like says:

    I really like it πŸ™‚

    I am also struggeling with the whole Android-vs-Apple thing. For me, the decision is easy. I hate that “walled garden” approach. I do get it though and I understand and can respect why people don’t care or even like it. If you are not that tech-crazy and the stuff you wanna use just has to work, you’re often better off using Apple. But I did that once (having bought an iPod 5G) and will never do that again.

    Anyway. Moving on.
    In my opinion, the real problem with what you are describing, lies somewhere else. Or at least that’s true for me: I’m almost thirty, I work, I couldn’t care less about the 99 ct. What I do care about is privacy and security over comfort. In Germany, the general public is very careful when it comes to protecting your data privacy. The higher the education, the more aware they are.
    I do not have a credit card, I do not have a PayPal-Account and I’m not planning on getting one of these any time soon.
    So the only way to buy something off Google Play would be to get a prepaid card, enter the code and use these funds to buy the app you want. But since only a few shops sell those… Ok, ok. So I’m lazy. Sue me πŸ˜€

    I do realize that this is kind of weird since having a smartphone means giving a away a lot of data anyway. But still: Those parts of my data I can control, I don’t give away likely. Especially if people can get me into financial trouble with those information.

    Just my two cents…

  37. T says:

    The thing with smartphone fanboyism is that it’s also about freedom.

    For some it may be a simple matter of brand recognition, like Tropicana vs. Minute Maid, owned by Coke and Pepsi, but for some of us it’s about not making the Microsoft Mistake that society made all over again.

    With the iPhone, you’re reliant on Apple, with Android, you’re NOT reliant on Google. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know enough about the modularity of Android. Cheer up, one can still hate on Android despite its modularity.

    It also explains why I don’t just love Android, but also look forward to Tizen and Sailfish.

  38. T says:

    …My gravatar is a blue cheering Android.

  39. Walled garden works for a lot of people, if you really like the garden.

  40. Vake Xeacons says:

    Way to start a war, Scott. But at least geeks are more mature about their app religions than jocks and their sports teams.

  41. Jason Swanson says:

    Apple is disgusting for it’s human rights abuses, forced/suicidal labor practices in other countries, & they are screwy as hell having their own proprietary systems/file formats, etc…never bought a sinlge MP3 BECAUSE of itunes.

    • If you think that’s just an Apple thing, you’re smoking crack.

      • Jason Swanson says:

        Of course it’s not Apple only committing these terrible acts, but if you knowingly (or ignorantly) purchase a product from a known global criminal, you in essence enable & encourage continued abuses to outsourced labor, blood minerals/compounds, environmental costs, etc. You vote with your dollars & everyone giving Apple money should really be ashamed. Instead of saying “they’re not the only ones doing it”, suggest folks get involved, use your influence to stop these practices throughout a market segment, as well as force them to maintain a pure supply chain. It’s moral & it’s right to think about things like this.

        • So you’re saying people should buy them from all the other companies…that make their stuff in the same factories, with the same workers, in the same conditions? I’m with you on this stuff needing to be improved, but chances are, whatever you are typing replies to this on right now was made in factories you hate.

          Plus, you have a bad case of “high horse” going on right now. Dial it back a bit and let rational thought rule your day.

          • Jason Swanson says:

            You obviously didn’t read my messages; neither suggested you buy the things from other companies committing the same atrocities.

            • No, I did read it. I’m asking, perhaps too subtly, where do YOU buy things? Did you find a magical smart phone made by well paid westen factories someplace?

  42. Jonatha Bauer says:

    I’ve had multiple Android phones and iPhones for personal use and work use. For me, whenever an Android phone was my main device I felt left out when the hot new app was released on IOS only. 6-12 months later the Android version would show up and by then I didn’t care any more. I like a lot of what Android does (widgets, customization, larger screens, removable batteries), however the IOS ecosystem just has more content.

    I’ve never had an issue with spending money on apps. $0.99 is a no brainer in most cases. I find it funny the younger person in the comic is the one so eager to pay for software. I know when I was younger I rarely wanted to pay for software. In college, my 3 roommates and I were all running Counter-Strike on the same CD-Key. I think the willingness to pay for apps goes beyond IOS users vs Android users. There’s plenty of those people in both camps.

    All that being said, when my work phone is up for renewal in a few months I’m leaning towards a Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Note. I want a bigger screen for some situations. Plus there’s no sense in having 2 iPhones… right?

    • I’m seriously looking at the Nexus 4 when my contract is up. But nothing in the tablet market, including the Nexus 7, has been any good for me. iPad mini and I love each other. Non-sexually of course.

      • Cheapdad says:

        I primarily got my Nexus 7 to play emulators on, along with all the other standard tablety stuff. I really love it. I was really looking forward to trying Sketchbook on it, but my experience has been ‘meh’ at best. Seems like the features on it are a step behind IOS.

        You should totally look at the Nexus 4 along with the Moga Power A controller. There’s a free app that lets you use it with emulated games, and it has a mechanism that lets you snap the phone into place. Pretty slick.

      • Ronnicus says:

        I was really having trouble deciding which phone to get for my new contract. I had used both iOS and android in the past, and wouldn’t really consider myself a fanboy of either. Both had their good and bad. I ended up going with a Windows Phone after seeing it in the Verizon store. I really like the live tile interface which allow me to get info without the need to open the app. It just flows really well. I’ve never had a phone I’ve liked more, but the big downside is the appstore. Lots of filler, and the good stuff is far and few in between. Its improving over time, and the only app I miss being able to use right now is instagram, but that shouldn’t be too long down the road. I get that there is a lot of windows hate, but I strongly recommend giving them a second look now, I really hope Apple and Android see what is going on in WP8 and continue to innovate on their end. I can’t wait to see what my phone in 10 years will be like!

  43. Cory says:

    My friends tend to get frustrated with me because I found a way around the fanboy arguments. I own a piece of both worlds.

    I use a ipod touch and a android tablet. No smartphone as I am not a fan of data caps and the monthly charge.

    I did the same thing with the console argument. Have a ps3 and a 360. Best of both worlds.

    That was back when I was making good money and could spoil myself. Now I’ll have to choose one or the other.

  44. Crunbard says:

    Great comics. Just need more!

    • John says:

      Hello there! This post could not be written any beettr! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  45. Cody Shiranai says:

    I’ve recently come to the conclusion that iOS vs Android is very much like Console Gamers vs PC Gamers in that Console Gamers (iOS people) want everything in a neat package all at once and will take what is given to them from companies (begrudgingly at times) as long as enough is in said package to justify the price. Sometimes, you just can’t get someone to buy a Vita over a PSP just like sometimes, it’s better to get that older iPad 2 when the iPad 3 doesn’t have enough to justify that upgrade.

    PC Gamers (Android Users) WILL NOT BE TOLD WHAT TO DO BY ANYONE. If you put DRM in your game, they will rip it out, If you say your game can only be played online on company servers, they will figure out a way around it and put it on their own servers. If you said you can’t play as certain characters or have certain features, they will mod it to do so anyway. They will pay a price THEY consider to be fair to support you because they like you but, and if you don’t give it, they will not let you stop them anyway and will do so pretty much TO HURT YOU and make you regret your actions.

    So just look at how iOS Users are waiting for Apple to do things vs Android who is more than willing to root and mod the crap out of their devices to do what they want at the full risk of destroying them. If you really think about it, iOS Users are at least very patient (not that they usually have a choice), while Android users are very proactive and engineers who usually end up creating something that ends up getting added into stock Android (CyaModgen FTW).

  46. Cody Shiranai says:

    BTW– If you REALLY want to know why Android user are often reluctant to spend money on an app, it’s because often, unless it’s built with Android in mind, we have to wait for a port of an iOS app that ends up just be raped of most of the features it had on iOS but STILL ask us to pay the same price.

    Example: Plants vs Zombies. Great popular well-made game… UNLESS you played it on Android and you were missing 2/3 of the features on phones with 2x the power (because you can’t tell me phones with SnapDragons and Tegra Chips can’t run all of Plants vs Zombies, you just can’t) FOR THE SAME PRICE?

    I listen to a Android news podcast and one of the writers had a perfect analogy. Developing for iOS is like building a boat, and you only have to build it once and just do stuff with it (low maintenance, enables you to be lazy), but with Android, the boat often call for you to make adjustments or repair holes because something new comes along that causes natural wear the weather and conditions can often change (that includes not only changes to Android, but new phones with new chipsets and power that have to be accounted for).

    Again, it’s like Console vs PC. Some games you make can’t run on every PC (Android), which makes some people not wish to make a PC and have to do extra work versus making it for a console (iOS) and the console cannot be changed and you don’t worry about the console not being able to run that game (unless you really screwed up… which happens too). You just make a sequel that is designed for the next console.

  47. Null says:

    Drones will pay $7.99 for an ihydrate or istylus instead of saying “Water? Plastic? I’ll give you the nickel it’s worth.” like a sane human.

  48. Animockery says:

    I know I complain about the lack of Android love in some areas but each player (Apple & Android) has its role. Personally I like both but I currently use Android stuff. FYI I have been known to pay as much as $1.99 for an app!

  49. Cody Shiranai says:

    The most I spent (so far) on an app was $14 USD for Chaos Rings 1 on Android through the Play Store (that’s more than I’ve ever spent on an app for EITHER platform).

    I am currently a full member of the Android Army to the point that I might even learn Linux to write for it, though I look forward to seeing how Blackberry 10 does. I had a iPod Touch before Android was mainstream or even known and was ok with it but had to jailbreak it to do anything I really wanted to do with it and then it was stolen anyway. With Android, I haven’t looked back at all. I can do many things just from the “Non-Market Applications” option and many other near-root level things that one doesn’t need to root their device for (and I only go with High-End Devices).

    Another thing about Android is that it really benefits people who RESEARCH before committing to purchases (to decide if a device or an app is WORTH their money), while people with iOS don’t get a choice and most will charge you.

    While on that topic, Apple’s current marketing calling Android phone “cheap” and “inferior ” is as disingenuous as it gets because Apple CANNOT even make a cheaper budget version of iPhone (for broader accessibility) ever. Android phones have a range and you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Don’t expect low-entry level to do something special (and Apple talks about those like they represent Android), The High-End stuff is actually just as expensive as iPhones (both unsubsidized and under contract) and they perform better and have more power (and Android phones come out more often with different features, so no waiting for a new iPhone to MAYBE upgrade to).

    Look up the HTC One that is just coming out (or the Galaxy SIII, S4, or Galaxy Note II) if you want to see how laughable the iPhone 5 stands up given how little it upgrades the actual devices.

  50. Cody Shiranai says:

    BTW — If (and when) cellular companies get rid of subsidization of phones (which THEY WANT TO, and T-Mobile already did it and is the whole reason iPhones are even as accessible as they are), you can say goodbye to everything you know about iPhones. You’ll have to pay their real prices or pay extra on your bills to pay for it (which is what T-Mobile’s new plans are).

    There will never be a budget version of iPhone that maintains everything you came to know of it, EVER, they will have to sacrifice a lot. Android not only has that, Google has THE NEXUS PROGRAM, so you STILL only pay $200-300 bucks for PURE stock Android phones and tablets (from Google directly) with or without contract that you can take to the carrier of your choice and you will get each and every update for Android immediately from Google directly (instead of having to go through approval from carriers, yes, just like iOS).

    Outside of features and things like expandable memory, most ADVANCED Android users would rather get a Nexus line device or wait for the new Google-Motorola X phone to come out (since Google owns Motorola now).

    • Nila says:

      Hi Sherrie.MultiCamera uses features only avallabie since Android 2.1. If I recall correctly, the HTC Droid Eris is an Android 2.1 device, but the Xperia X10 is just Android 1.6. As the Market filters the apps by android version, MultiCamera won’t appear in Android 1.6 devices (and hence in your Xperia X10).

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