Only they get away with it

September 5, 2011
Only they get away with it

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Freaking gamestop. How come no other retailers get to live by those ridiculous policies? Anyway, enjoy.

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  1. Slummer says:

    Classic love it. As a former retail worker this made me laugh.

  2. Never liked Gamestop.

  3. NeuroMan42 says:

    Awesome… GS is a pit.

  4. Vake Xeacons says:

    That is…nasty! You know what? It really puts things into perspective!

  5. Ian says:

    Stopped shopping at Gamestop. Tired of the overpriced games and the AWFUL customer service. Our local Game Haven in knoxville takes much better care of gamers.

  6. BlueNight says:

    They get away with it because they are the primary brick-and-mortar marketplace for video games. If they had competition, they would change their policies. I mean, it’s not like you could get games at Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Hastings…

  7. Cynn says:

    Hey, I work at Gamestop, and I’ll be the first to say that just like every other corporately owned business, there are stores that are great and stores that suck monkies. Technically we’re allowed to check out new games to try them, but it’s HIGHLY frowned upon, to the point that any manager worth anything won’t let their employees do it. Also, any store worth anything re-seals a game that has been gutted for display purposes before selling it, that way there’s no confusion. My store is ranked fairly highly, and we do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy, I even bring in trailers from my house to show customers what’s coming up, but I’ll admit that I’m probably in the vast minority of my company. It also helps that the military division (those stores on military bases) are held to a higher standard than most run-of-the-mill stores.
    Hope this employee point of view gives some insight 😀
    Love the comics Scott, Love the TMS, the Instance-ery, and the Filmsack-age. I wish you lived near me so that you could shop at my store and change your mind about Gamestop!

    • Me too! Lets move! 😉

    • Wolfwartooth says:

      Yeah, the district I work for is pretty high up too. We can’t check out games that don’t have more then 4 copies and we take the “gut” not an unopened one. I don’t check out games that often, though. I usually just buy them :D. I tell everyone that I basically work for free lol.

    • James says:

      “Also, any store worth anything re-seals a game that has been gutted for display purposes before selling it, that way there’s no confusion.”

      If I reseal a game I bought, I can then just return it for full price, right?

      • Cynn says:

        We have a method of resealing it, so unfortunately most stores will catch that 😛

        • Jagwar says:

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      • Vake Xeacons says:

        The last game I bought at Gamestop, the clerk’s method of “resealing” was to slap a clear tape circle on the front of the box.

        What makes the store’s version of resealing an my version any different?

        • Livio says:

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      • Cynn says:

        lol. Believe me, we’re forced into contact with that particular type of sticky-tape-demon-circle enough to spot impostors, and once that thing has been removed, there’s no putting it back without it being noticeable. Trust me, I wish we didn’t have to do that, It makes me cringe every time I have to defile a case by putting one of those things on it. That residue is torture trying to get off. >_<

  8. IceWarm says:

    So tired of Gamestop. Over- priced used games, pushy salespeople and so on..

  9. Matthew says:

    There’s really no reason to go there in this day and age. If you can’t wait an extra day (the conceivable amount of more time it will take to get a new game elsewhere, if you aren’t the kind of person who waits at a store for their doors to open), then you may have a mental problem.

    Only people with aforementioned mental problems would put themselves through the anguish of dealing with a GameStop employee that barely made it through middle school, and still lives in that frame of mind.

    But hey, bring in your used games, and we’ll give you 1/100th of what they’re worth. That will make you feel better about paying full price for a previously played copy of a game, being told you need a strategy guide, an Edge card, a magazine subscription, a pre-ordered future release, and a kick in the face.

    Honestly, if they started selling kicks in the face, someone would buy it, because that’s what you metaphorically get each and every time you support such a disgustingly run mob.

    • MXC says:

      I can’t begin to fathom why anyone would want to sell a video game.

    • Wolfwartooth says:

      Wow, you’re a dick. I work at gamestop and saying that we barely made it though middle school? Go ef yourself. I work at gamestop while going to college to get a bachelors in computer science. Not exactly an easy degree. I know a lot of gamestop employees that are just working there for college. Just because the town you’re from is full of idiots, doesn’t mean all gamestops are like that.

      • Vake Xeacons says:

        That I will agree. Attacking the clerks is like shooting the messenger. It’s not their policies we’re attacking. I usually go into GS for updates and advice (without buying). The GS clerks are some of the smartest gamers I know (and least biased for that matter).

        But no, I have not returned nor sold a game in years. I swore off after trying to sell a 5-star (GS rating), recently opened, never-played game for store credit, only to get $5 for it. There was no way to get better return without the receipt.

        Print out this comic, and post it in your nearest GS today!

    • Siva says:

      I remember when Obsidian did sonmthieg like this for Fallout New Vegas, but they later released a DLC where you get all of the preorder bonuses. So I believe 343 will possibly make a downloadable pack where you get all of these for a little price, maybe XD

  10. Riach says:

    Wow, there’s a lot of hate towards gs out there. Personally, i live an hour from any major national chain store and so do most of my game purchases either as downloads or thru amazon. Makes it much easier on me.

  11. MXC says:

    The Gamestop in Weatherford has no problems at all. Good service, the games always work fine, and they aren’t at all pushy on the “You wanna pre order X while you’re at it?” Same employees for the past few years and he takes very good care of the store.

    The answer is most of the people who hate gamestop live in an urban environment. Urban environments are harder to maintain and as a result a store in a city is less reliable than a store in the country.

  12. MrBoots says:

    I’ve no problem at all with the gs on the other side of my town. I love it in fact. The store mgr there is awesome, he’s a great guy and I’ve never had a problem shopping there. It’s the most convenient way for me to get my video-game fix at a price that’s reasonable for me! Oh and I pre-ordered Skyrim! I get a map! A big map! Yay.

  13. Someone says:

    I’m sure that, besides that ones that work at gamestop, don’t know half of the policies. Scott, I think you’re a great person, but this is just weak. It’s just an open game. New cars have miles on them….because they’ve been driven before.

  14. Brian says:

    A common-ish experience at Gamestop.

    -Me: “Hey, here’s this game I got for my birthday. It came out a month ago, I opened the game once and didn’t like it. It still has all the original packaging and redemption codes and doesn’t have a scratch on it.”
    -GS: “Great, I can give you ten bucks for it!”
    -Me: “But it’s brand new, and you’re selling used copies of it for $54.95. That copy on the wall doesn’t even have a case and you’re still selling it for $50!”
    -GS: “Yeah, we’ve gotten a lot of trade-ins of this game. Trust me, $10 bucks is all you’re gonna get.”
    -Me: “I think I’ll hold onto it. Hey, do you have this such-and-such game for the Nintendo DS. It came out four years ago. My niece wants it for Christmas.”
    -GS: “Hmmm, let me check the shoebox. (He pulls out a small box full of loose DS cartridges) Yup, I’ve got one new one, and that’ll be $39.99
    -Me: “Isn’t that used?”
    -GS: “Oh no. We just take the cartridges out of the cases and put the cases on the wall. They’re still new. We can shrink-wrap the case; she’ll never know the difference.”

    Long story short, I sold the PS3 game through Craigslist for $45 and bought a new, unopened DS game on Amazon for $15.

    Gamestop is only good (and I use that term liberally) for console launches.

    • Someone says:

      If they put the games out there in the case….they’ll…’s where it gets tricky so try to follow me here….they’ll get stolen!!

      • Brian says:

        Well that breaks Gamestop’s own rule Mr Know-it-all. According to Gamestop any game with a broken seal is automatically USED and is valued less than a game with an unbroken seal or NEW game. Technically they shouldn’t be allowed to sell a game as new if it’s seal is broken.

        Maybe they ought to…. and please try to keep up… print a piece of paper with the game’s name on it and put it into a dummy DS case that can sit on the shelf where it will collect dust, adhesive, abuse and oily fingerprints for perpetuity (that’s a new word for you probably) instead of the actual game case that will be given as a gift.

        If you’re going to be snarky in the future, try and sound a little less like a anti-social thirteen year old.

      • Cynn says:

        The reason they can’t take YOUR opened new game, and why we can sell OUR opened new games is because we don’t know if yours has been played or not, once it’s been played it’s used. We know that our new games haven’t been put into a system, and therefore they are still new. It’s not a perfect system, but it keeps people from buying a game that just came out, beating it in 3 days, and returning it for the full price, basically turning gamestop into a free blockbuster. And trust me, I’ve had plenty of people try to do just that.
        As to the idea of putting a “fake” case out there with the games name on it, it would cause many more hours of work due to having to show everyone where every game is, a lot of people who come in can’t find a case without the art, which makes it annoying enough for us to be forced to do that with the used product. It also would cost corporate more money, which would make them cut costs elsewhere, like downsizing and causing people to lose their jobs, or up-scaling the prices of used games. Just a few thoughts, hope they shed some light 😀

  15. Ravingdork says:

    I heard that they take the redemption code cards out of their games as part of store policy due to it being a form of competition for their store. If a GameStop refused to give me the game and EVERYTHING that shipped with it, AND THEN had the audacity to cheat me on resale because THEY opened it to remove the redemption code card that should have gone to me in the first place, then I would never buy anything from GameStop ever again.

    • Wolfwartooth says:

      Well my good sir, this was with just one game. Gamestop did give those costumers a $50 gift card instead. I’d rather have that instead of a code for a digital copy of the game.

      • Bob says:

        There’s usually some discussion about glasses of water.

        This is a nice clean glass of water to drink. Sounds good.

        Now, we’ll put one TINY little drop, miniscule, really, of raw sewage into it.

        Still want to drink it? My good sir, this was “just one drop”, I’m sure it’s still just fine.

  16. Brian says:

    PS, the gamestop employee you drew has a mega-bulge. I can’t look away.

  17. Person says:

    Now I am a GameStop employee and a big thing that a lot of people don’t get is that GameStop is a business and when they buy games from you they aren’t looking to play the game they’re looking to make money off of it, most people don’t want to deal with finding someone to buy their game so they bring them to GS. And people are ok buying games at 5 or more dollars off while getting a 30 day defective guarantee and a 7 day satisfaction guarantee, saving another 10% if they have the PowerUp card and earning points to get free stuff. And reserving games are for people that want to pay games off before they come out, want collectors editions, or want to get other extra stuff. and as for anywhere you go you can get crappy employees but you cant blame the company for it.

  18. Mattzilla says:

    Here’s the thing, the policy sucks, and that’s a corporate policy. Like any retail chain the local management can make a difference for better or worse, the level of that difference depends upon how flexible corporate guidelines are. The only reason that Gamestop would even consider having a policy to allow employees to take home games for personal use is as a means to leverage lower wages or benefits. I don’t know what percentage of their inventory they allow to be loaned out, what they should do is set aside a fixed number of copies of games when they come out for employee use – and then sell those games as used when there’s no longer any demand. The only reason they don’t do this would seem to be that they are either unable or unwilling to float additional inventory for this purpose as it adds additional costs. They also shouldn’t open every game just to put boxes on display, they should open one game to use that box as a display, and keep the rest of the inventory unopened behoind the counter. That open game could be the employee loaner. Or they could just use any number of antitheft measures on the box. But bitching about it won’t change anything, if you really care stop buying there. If enough people do they’ll be forced to change their ways. As long as the consumer accepts buying opened merchandise that may or may not have been used as “new” for full price, as long as they accept a no return policy then they’ve got noone to blame but themselves. In most cases there are other options to buy games, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, to name the most obvious. Almost everyone can access any of these easily – the only exceptions would be a very rural or restricted area (like a military base) for the retail outlets, and no access to an online method of payment for amazon – which would only affect kids, who honestly should be able to go to their parents who should be approving the games anyway.

    • Cynn says:

      The official Gamestop Policy on checking out games is: No employee is allowed to check out new games that came out recently (usually 2 weeks). No employee may check out computer games. No employee may check out a copy of a game that is on the “hot titles” list unless there are at least 4 copies. Checking out any new games at all is frowned upon highly, and if the new game that was checked out comes back noticeably not-brand-new, the employee must buy the game WITHOUT their employee discount.
      This is just the official policy, and I’m sure many stores don’t abide by it fully, but hopefully that sheds a little light on that subject 😀
      As for the gutting games, we only gut 1 copy of all new games, no copies of new releases, and up to 2 copies of new games that have been out for a while, or at least that’s what corporate tells us to do. I can’t speak for every location. You also have to keep in mind that if there are only 1-2 copies of a game in stock, we have no choice but to gut them for display, otherwise we would have to display a blank box, which would cause many more man-hours worth of work as everyone would want to see the cover art and possibly look at the manual before buying, to know what they were getting.
      Now I know this post is long, forgive me for being long winded, lol, but the last thing I need to mention is a new tool some gamestops are getting called “The Guide” it’s a touch screen panel on the wall that lets you scan games and get a picture of the cover art, an overview of the game, screenshots, trailers, AND customer reviews if there are any. It’s an awesome piece of tech, makes our jobs easier, makes your choices at buying games easier, and just works wonders all around! I hope to see more of these in different gamestop stores, instead of just mine 😀

  19. LowlyOne says:

    I think the reason for the GSs policy with returning used games was because many people use to buy a game, pirate it to their computer or take activation codes, then return it for a full refund. If everyone did that they would make no money. I think your best bet for used games is to seel them on ebay/craigs.

  20. Cornstalk says:

    Here’s a couple things to remember about GameStop:

    – Not all stores are filled with ‘car salesmen’ mentalities
    – Games, like most cars, lose value over time. What was $60 three months ago may only be selling for 30 now.
    – Not sure how pawn shops work? Go watch Pawn Stars on netflix. GameStop is a giant pawn shop that specializes in games.
    – Trading your games? Take advantage of the specials. It’s still possible to get 30 bucks in credit for black ops, even though the company is starting to drown in used copies of it.
    – Employees should NEVER be playing new games. This was suppose to be a big deal company wide well over a year ago. Call their District Manager if this is a problem for you.
    – Opened new games can be discounted 10% for ‘shopworn’. Ask to see the disc and double check the case. It’s usually not hard to convince an employee that it’s not mint anymore.

    As far as selling stuff to gamestop… it’s a convenience, sort of like McDonalds. Yes, you could sell your games on craigs list and get more just like you can make your own burger. That requires finding a buyer and investing your own time into it. Alternately, go to Gamestop and unload what you dont want without having to put much thought into it, just like going for a McDonalds burger.

    For pushy salesmen… have a damn spine. Tell them upfront you don’t want to preorder and dont want a card. Most decent human beings will back off the sales pitch at that point. Don’t forget, GS employees are encouraged to push those… and by encouraged I mean they will lose they’re job if they don’t perform to a certain standard for card and preorder sales.

    But most importantly, Hating something gives it power. Ignoring it is better (don’t feed the trolls, same idea). Also, money talks. Spend your money somewhere else and a company you don’t like will adapt or die.

    • Cynn says:

      Try to be easy when telling us you don’t want the card or to preorder though, I’ve had some pretty mean yellings-at, lol
      The company average goal is to have 10% of all customers pre-order and 15% of all customers sign up for the power up card. This varies from store to store, but if you’re not meeting your goals, you CAN get fired if the DM or Store Manager are doing their jobs. Usually it’s not a problem, and I like to use logic to get people to preorder. A lot of customers are preset to want to NOT preorder or get the card, but when you actually explain what each of those things does for THEM instead of just saying “but you should reeeeeeeally do it” they usually see that it’s in their best interest if they’re buying a lot of used games, or if they’re going to pick up a game day-1 anyway. Gamestop employees: Use your brain more than your mouth! Do what is best for the customer and you’ll go far!

  21. orror says:

    that was the best perk about working there. That and all of the cd codes we took off the pc games and downloaded the torrent for it. Or maybe it was the games we took and re-shrinkwrapped the new package to make it look like a manufacturer fault. Good times. I left simply because I was sick of the pressure to get weekly numbers, a certain amount of gameinformer card subscriptions and reserves. Worst company ever. This comic is true.

  22. Patrick says:

    Hating Gamestop is the popular thing to do on the internet isn’t it? I’ve got a few things to say. 1.) You don’t HAVE to buy the “gutted” copy of a game. Exercise your free will and say “I don’t want that one, thanks” 2.) The discount card is actually a good deal if you buy a lot of used games. Just fifteen bucks for what could potentially save you much, much more. 3.) Pre-ordering games support the developer/publisher of the games you like. Also actually gets you a copy of that game that your local store might only get 3 or 4 copies of. Most recently Disgaea 4 sold out and people keep asking for it. Want a copy of Dark Souls CE, you better go pre-order. Doesn’t cost you anything extra!

  23. woot says:

    ^^ Bunch of Console Whiners – Try returning a PC game there. Oh wait they don’t do that.

    -PC GAMERS 4 LIFE- Consoles are for the masses. Wake up and smell reality you whiners. Don’t hate on Gamestop. Your the ones that pay on average $20 per game more than PC. Also those policies exist because years AGO people would play NES games, then return them to the store. Gee wonder why they don’t allow returns, or low ball you so bad you have to be a meth head to return em.

    Fuggin morons…. Well said by the gamestop employee.

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