One step forward, one step back

February 11, 2013
One step forward, one step back

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Started a warlock on my server. They are more fun than they used to be. Dammit.

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  1. Amijade says:


    After hearing you and The_T discuss warlocks on the last show, maybe you guys need a “Warlock Talk” spot like the “Hunter Talk” one? Ha! Welcome to the club! Your new toaster for signing up should arrive sometime next week…

  2. My Warlock was awesome! So much fun!
    Korack (my blueberry Voidwalker) I miss you… :'(

  3. Luxo says:

    Got mine to 90 a couple weeks ago and boy is destro fun for pvp. Something about shooting people in the face with a giant green bolt of chaos never gets old.

  4. Choasprime says:

    One of my main alts is my Warlock and despite it being relatively simply, I LOVE destruction. So much fun blowing things up with massive Chaos Bolts!

  5. Falos says:

    I still remember vanilla when fear broke on little damage but had no diminishing return. I felt a little broken spamming it.

    Okay, a lot broken.

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