One step forward, one step back

February 11, 2013
One step forward, one step back

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Started a warlock on my server. They are more fun than they used to be. Dammit.

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  1. Amijade says:


    After hearing you and The_T discuss warlocks on the last show, maybe you guys need a “Warlock Talk” spot like the “Hunter Talk” one? Ha! Welcome to the club! Your new toaster for signing up should arrive sometime next week…

  2. Bill Murphy says:

    My Warlock was awesome! So much fun!
    Korack (my blueberry Voidwalker) I miss you… :'(

  3. Luxo says:

    Got mine to 90 a couple weeks ago and boy is destro fun for pvp. Something about shooting people in the face with a giant green bolt of chaos never gets old.

  4. Choasprime says:

    One of my main alts is my Warlock and despite it being relatively simply, I LOVE destruction. So much fun blowing things up with massive Chaos Bolts!

  5. Falos says:

    I still remember vanilla when fear broke on little damage but had no diminishing return. I felt a little broken spamming it.

    Okay, a lot broken.

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