Nobody likes candy corn

October 19, 2010
Nobody likes candy corn

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Actually, I don’t totally hate it, but it’s not my first choice.

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36 Responses to Nobody likes candy corn

  1. jackpfree says:

    hahaha the expression on the candy corns face. Nice work!

  2. Jason says:

    Ha ha! I used to love candy corn but it was the most common candy every year and worryingly it was never wrapped up.

  3. Darrell says:

    I always thought they were teeth.

  4. ThePeanutsDad says:


  5. NeuroMan42 says:

    LOVE candy corn… I guess that explains a lot.

  6. kasondra says:

    ahahahaha he is the friend no one likes

  7. krizhek says:

    candy corn brains…
    i eated them…

  8. Pathmarkexpress says:

    haha. I’m not a huge favorite of candy corn, but whenever Halloween rolls around, I get a strange compulsion to like and binge on them. I completely understand the other candies.

    • Kwr says:

      So adorable! I think Nemo is the setewest boy on earth.Topic change!I told my parents and I have a therapist now:D And a doctor there looked like an Oompa loompa so I allmost started to laugh but I had to be serious.They would see it anyway this week because we go to swim in a huge pool Friday!Now I’m actually quite happy but I’m a bit ill so yeah.. I hope those scars go away soon(otherwise I have to get a tattoo)God Jul! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Fijne Kerst!Haha the last is in dutch! xoxo

  9. Alexia says:

    No, no… those awful generic candies wrapped in witchy paper… THOSE are the worst.

  10. Dan Long says:

    I was shocked to learn on some fluffy news story that people actually *like* that stuff. I had no idea. I thought it was just a tradition that was mainly used for decoration. So weird.

  11. inkBot says:

    I love candy corn. The best way to enjoy them is mixed with salted peanuts, makes ‘em taste like a payday.

  12. Dramble says:

    While I am not going to reach for a handful of candy corn, I am not opposed to those little candy pumpkins that are made from the same/similar stuff.

  13. Ciaran Rooney says:

    xD Brilliant, Love the Expressions

  14. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    Candy corn is disgusting. I share Mr. Black’s sentiments. I try it every year and want to barf =: 0 Maybe this is the year I will try it and like it?

  15. Daniora says:

    I love candy corn, but only Brachs.

  16. FlownOver says:

    A good friend of mine had a single candy corn tattood on the inside of her arm several years ago – actual sized (only about 3/4′ of an inch). Not because she loves or hates it – only because it’s just a weird thing to have on your arm.

  17. Jaramide says:

    For those who have missed it I give you Lewis Blacks take on it.

  18. Occularus says:

    I love candy corn. I would take it over anything else but only during Halloween. The different colors of candy corn for Easter and Christmas just are not good. I know, I know same flavor different color. It has to be this season.

  19. Barry says:

    ahahaha…wait a mintue…my name is Barry……

    Awesome comic though ;-)

    Rockets/Smarties are the best Halloween candy IMO.

  20. Robdango says:

    Poor candy corn… Chocolates, saltwater taffy and caramels get attention year-round, and when his time to shine comes around, he gets… this.
    Nailed it again, Scott. :)

  21. I don’t think anyone actually makes candy corn anymore. I think they made way too much of it in the 1880s and have been trying to foist that same stock on children ever since!

    • Imogen says:

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  22. Rex Hondo says:

    I actually enjoy candy corn, but only on those very rare occasions that it’s actually fairly fresh and still relatively soft.

  23. Daz says:

    It’s almost as bad as getting a fruit cake as a Christmas gift. Everyone just re-gifts the same fruit cake to a new family every year. They never spoil!

  24. Ceiynt says:

    Candy Corn is like that generic black/orange holloween candy that’s unidentifiable, horrid.

  25. idogis1 says:

    I effing love candy corn!!

  26. atlantis1982 says:

    I honestly don’t like that stuff at all. Never understood the appeal of candy corn.

  27. I’m glad for the title of the strip, else I’d have had no idea what you were talking about – we don’t get the corn thingumy in ye olde UK :)

  28. I am the Gummybear of Candycornia!
    * Schwarzenegger cranks up Austrian Death Machine

  29. Jill says:

    Barry? You’re here too?

  30. Don’t say that. I like Candy Corn. It’s awesome. :P

  31. Joe says:

    Candy corn is indeed awesome! Am I the only one who is irresistibly compelled to eat them one layer at a time? White first, then orange, then yellow. I dunno. It just seems wrong to eat an entire piece.

  32. Four words: “Milk Maid Caramel Candy Corn” – just found it at the local Rite-Aid. Bad, bad habit waiting to happen. If I could get it in bulk, I’d use it as part of my plan to make my coworkers love and hate me at the same time: filling a clear vase and leaving it on the audit office desk at my hotel. *laughs evilly* Last year it was alternating layers of those one-inch chocolate and vanilla “button” chips.

    Hey Joe, you’re not alone. I think the act of eating one layer at a time is a sign of intelligence, or perhaps OCD. It is a fine line. ;-)

  33. torticoli says:

    Look ! There’s a candy missing !
    Perhaps that was the most important one !

  34. FlownOver says:

    Apropos of nothing – I played the demo of Costume Quest on my 360 last night – if you play as the boy, your twin sister dresses up as CANDY CORN – and (*spoiler alert*) is abducted 5 minutes into the game because someone thinks she is candy. Made me think of this comic though…

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