Nobody likes candy corn

October 19, 2010
Nobody likes candy corn

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Actually, I don’t totally hate it, but it’s not my first choice.

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36 Responses to Nobody likes candy corn

  1. jackpfree says:

    hahaha the expression on the candy corns face. Nice work!

  2. Jason says:

    Ha ha! I used to love candy corn but it was the most common candy every year and worryingly it was never wrapped up.

  3. Darrell says:

    I always thought they were teeth.

  4. ThePeanutsDad says:


  5. NeuroMan42 says:

    LOVE candy corn… I guess that explains a lot.

  6. kasondra says:

    ahahahaha he is the friend no one likes

  7. krizhek says:

    candy corn brains…
    i eated them…

  8. Pathmarkexpress says:

    haha. I’m not a huge favorite of candy corn, but whenever Halloween rolls around, I get a strange compulsion to like and binge on them. I completely understand the other candies.

    • Kwr says:

      So adorable! I think Nemo is the setewest boy on earth.Topic change!I told my parents and I have a therapist now:D And a doctor there looked like an Oompa loompa so I allmost started to laugh but I had to be serious.They would see it anyway this week because we go to swim in a huge pool Friday!Now I’m actually quite happy but I’m a bit ill so yeah.. I hope those scars go away soon(otherwise I have to get a tattoo)God Jul! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Fijne Kerst!Haha the last is in dutch! xoxo

  9. Alexia says:

    No, no… those awful generic candies wrapped in witchy paper… THOSE are the worst.

  10. Dan Long says:

    I was shocked to learn on some fluffy news story that people actually *like* that stuff. I had no idea. I thought it was just a tradition that was mainly used for decoration. So weird.

  11. inkBot says:

    I love candy corn. The best way to enjoy them is mixed with salted peanuts, makes ’em taste like a payday.

  12. Dramble says:

    While I am not going to reach for a handful of candy corn, I am not opposed to those little candy pumpkins that are made from the same/similar stuff.

  13. Ciaran Rooney says:

    xD Brilliant, Love the Expressions

  14. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    Candy corn is disgusting. I share Mr. Black’s sentiments. I try it every year and want to barf =: 0 Maybe this is the year I will try it and like it?

  15. Daniora says:

    I love candy corn, but only Brachs.

  16. FlownOver says:

    A good friend of mine had a single candy corn tattood on the inside of her arm several years ago – actual sized (only about 3/4′ of an inch). Not because she loves or hates it – only because it’s just a weird thing to have on your arm.

  17. Jaramide says:

    For those who have missed it I give you Lewis Blacks take on it.

  18. Occularus says:

    I love candy corn. I would take it over anything else but only during Halloween. The different colors of candy corn for Easter and Christmas just are not good. I know, I know same flavor different color. It has to be this season.

  19. Barry says:

    ahahaha…wait a mintue…my name is Barry……

    Awesome comic though 😉

    Rockets/Smarties are the best Halloween candy IMO.

  20. Robdango says:

    Poor candy corn… Chocolates, saltwater taffy and caramels get attention year-round, and when his time to shine comes around, he gets… this.
    Nailed it again, Scott. 🙂

  21. I don’t think anyone actually makes candy corn anymore. I think they made way too much of it in the 1880s and have been trying to foist that same stock on children ever since!

    • Imogen says:

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  22. Rex Hondo says:

    I actually enjoy candy corn, but only on those very rare occasions that it’s actually fairly fresh and still relatively soft.

  23. Daz says:

    It’s almost as bad as getting a fruit cake as a Christmas gift. Everyone just re-gifts the same fruit cake to a new family every year. They never spoil!

  24. Ceiynt says:

    Candy Corn is like that generic black/orange holloween candy that’s unidentifiable, horrid.

  25. idogis1 says:

    I effing love candy corn!!

  26. atlantis1982 says:

    I honestly don’t like that stuff at all. Never understood the appeal of candy corn.

  27. SackOfOnions says:

    I’m glad for the title of the strip, else I’d have had no idea what you were talking about – we don’t get the corn thingumy in ye olde UK 🙂

  28. Mad-Bassist says:

    I am the Gummybear of Candycornia!
    * Schwarzenegger cranks up Austrian Death Machine

  29. Jill says:

    Barry? You’re here too?

  30. Don’t say that. I like Candy Corn. It’s awesome. 😛

  31. Joe says:

    Candy corn is indeed awesome! Am I the only one who is irresistibly compelled to eat them one layer at a time? White first, then orange, then yellow. I dunno. It just seems wrong to eat an entire piece.

  32. Mad-Bassist says:

    Four words: “Milk Maid Caramel Candy Corn” – just found it at the local Rite-Aid. Bad, bad habit waiting to happen. If I could get it in bulk, I’d use it as part of my plan to make my coworkers love and hate me at the same time: filling a clear vase and leaving it on the audit office desk at my hotel. *laughs evilly* Last year it was alternating layers of those one-inch chocolate and vanilla “button” chips.

    Hey Joe, you’re not alone. I think the act of eating one layer at a time is a sign of intelligence, or perhaps OCD. It is a fine line. 😉

  33. torticoli says:

    Look ! There’s a candy missing !
    Perhaps that was the most important one !

  34. FlownOver says:

    Apropos of nothing – I played the demo of Costume Quest on my 360 last night – if you play as the boy, your twin sister dresses up as CANDY CORN – and (*spoiler alert*) is abducted 5 minutes into the game because someone thinks she is candy. Made me think of this comic though…

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