No Spoilers

December 1, 2014
No Spoilers

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Honestly, it’s the most non-story spoiling teaser trailer of all time as far as I’m concerned. And do they really need to do anything else? No. We get it. It’s Star Wars. Bring it. Our bodies are ready.

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  1. great job scott, so true

  2. Florian says:

    could not agree more.
    Next year will definitly be the year of Cinema.
    There will be Big Hero 6 (which is coming out here in Germany in January)
    Inside Out by Pixar.
    Avengers Age of Ultron
    and more.

  3. yeah, but is matt damon in it?

  4. Tank-Like says:

    I never got the whole Star Wars excitement. Maybe I’m just more of a Star Trek fan but even with that I don’t have to storm the cinema.
    But Avengers by Joss Whedon: Can’t. F***ing. Wait.

    Also greetings from Germany 🙂

  5. I remember seeing the original movie at age eight, first time visiting Portland, Oregon before moving here. The line went along the block and down the side street. It was quite an event!

    I’ll enjoy the new movies, and I’ll look forward to what the unpleasable fanbase will have to say about it. Mwahahahaaaa!

  6. Jack Fox says:

    We have gotten just way too…. twitchy about spoilers these days.

    Was talking about a movie recently and I mentioned an actor was in it. Someone jumped on me saying that was a spoiler.

    I thought really? The guys name is on the movie poster, trailer, and such… how is that a spoiler?

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