Nice recovery

April 4, 2011
Nice recovery

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This one popped into my head the other night at my sister’s house. Couldn’t shake it. Boom.

40 Responses to Nice recovery

  1. Gedrges says:

    That’s … not … even … funny.

  2. Hahahaha, This is fantastic Scott xD. I wondering if anyone has actually done this for real intentionaly lol.

  3. Nerdylation says:

    I can’t remember, I think it might have been on Stop Podcasting Yourself, but someone put a sandwich bag filled with water in his pocket, tried to pop it with a pen so it would look like he’s peeing his pants, but it just looked like he was Pulling his Johnson.

  4. ZekeFreek says:

    What!?! More than 3 panels on Extralife!?! Revolutionary!

  5. Bryandavidwilliams says:

    This is the premise to The Hangover 2?

  6. Masterwabbit says:

    As a Theatre Major in college, I cringed in fury at the last panel. Seriously, that is not what ANY self-respecting actor does. Ever.

    Other than that, I chuckled.

    • Tamara says:

      Pretty much every board on this panel is a customer board in the . On the senocd panel I had some extra space, so I filled it up with some of my own designs (and some open source hardware designs I think would be fun to play with).I\’ve been working on different designs of the , including a version with three times the storage capacity, and one with a microcontroller on it.Also, some little educational demo boards, like a and an H-Bridge/Stepper motor demo board.

  7. Bugs663 says:

    Now that’s funny. Keep it up Scott

  8. Albarel says:

    Is that supposed to be Schramm at Nerdtacular?

  9. MikeC says:

    Isn’t it supposed to be “end scene”?

  10. Angeblich says:

    Reminds of when I was peeing my pants intentionally to get pressure of my daughter…

    And: Great idea! 😀

  11. AJF says:

    Dude reminds me of Bobby Hill.


  12. prion says:

    is that why they call it “getting pissed” in England?

  13. EricHVela says:

    I am going to assume that this is from some movie or TV show that I have not seen and, thus, proving how out of touch I am with popular culture. (That probably explains why I think that “InTouch” magazine at the checkout queue with stupid rumors on the cover about people that they apparently think should be interesting to us has an ironic title. Perhaps, that’s the real irony.)

  14. Shawn Coons says:

    I must be officially too old or too unhip. I don’t get it.

  15. Nudgester says:

    I don’t get it either. Lil’ help?

  16. ZekeFreek says:

    Still shocked by the use of more than 3 panels. My reality is shattered, web-comics will never be the same agaiN!

  17. tehRealScooterJohnson says:

    I’m still not sure if the guy wet himself or spilled his beer.

  18. Dinie says:

    Heheheh I think it is hilarious! I mean, Look How Flakey It Is!!!!

  19. Mad-Bassist says:

    I laughed, but… that’s nightmarish!

  20. Nudgester says:

    Still don’t get it 🙁

  21. I don’t get it either. 🙁

  22. digisam says:

    don’t get it either

  23. rgitoni says:

    don’t get it either

  24. Sasquatcho says:

    My worst fear… in cartoon form. SWEET!

  25. Nemo says:

    I also don’t get it. What does “And scene…” refer to, and why is it supposed to be a good idea/recovery? A short explanation… anyone?

  26. YahooAnswers says:

    He’s partying, and when partying, most people have to go to the bathroom often. He peed his pants in excitement, and tries to think of something to do to distract everyone from his wet crotch. So he says, “And Scene…” Like he’s in a movie and it’s the end of a skit. Silly computer nerds and your unhipness on the party life.

    • Nemo says:

      Oh, thanks, I guess that makes sense. I was confused by the use of ellipsis, thinking that there was an implied second part to the expression. Something like “And… scene!” would probably have worked better for me.

      • Peter says:

        he knew of a computer staowefr program to design them if he sees this would you please pm me now so i can get back to you or if .any one else has any infomation on them please reply as i have tried googling it but seem to get loads of rubbish, i could also do with some help with the structure parts i have been recomended to check these out as i didnt want to use timber as the frameregards n longhirst

  27. Rezlow says:

    Since this doesn’t seem like something Scott would dream… I can only guess it actually happened… Good recovery Scott! 😀

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