News Cycle

May 2, 2011
News Cycle

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Enjoy! Oh, and happy anti-terrorism day.

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  1. Justice has been down…

    • Donnerberg says:

      Yes, going to foreign soil with a strike team and killing a man and one of his wives in the bedroom of his own house, then dumping the body at sea and publically announcing your successful assassination is clearly justice and not a crime.

      They could have at least pretended they wanted to bring him in for a trial, even the nazis that didn’t kill themselves got a trial, but from what little we’ve been told, there’s nothing that indicates they’d brought equipment to stun or incapacitate him in any way.

      • Hmm so you’re saying murdering 2000 people on September 11th 2001 isn’t a crime…

      • Tordenflesk says:

        I’d say murdering 1,5 million Afghan and Iraqi people was a crime, but you’re the good guys right, so it’s okay…

      • tylerbigt says:

        I heard the women wasnt his wife

      • Ssgt Farrell says:

        First I have a feeling you were not in the Military and certainly not a ground troop, well I was and me and the group I was assigned to always had zip ties
        Second do you have any idea how much equip/body armor your moving with climbing over walls into windows
        How about a thanks for risking there lives to protect America and her interests and less nit picking and talking out your ass

      • Ehrgheiz says:

        Ha, I was more thinking “troll much?” Get a clue, man.

    • Donnerberg says:

      No, it is, and he should’ve had to face a court of law and execution for it. Letting him martyr himself in a firefight was really short sighted.

      • DoggySpew says:

        He didn’t surrender and these are the consequences.
        Whatever, this’ll do. No tears cried about it.

      • Dman00001 says:

        When you start a war, which bin laden did on Sept 11th, then its not murder. Justice was done. He got what he was long overdue for. Live by the sword, die by the sword (or in this case, by the gun).

        Be thankful you live in country that you are allowed to speak against your government. If you were in Pakistan, Iran , Iraq , Libya or another of the Muslim counties, you would be taken out and shot, without a court hearing. He didn’t deserve to be tried in court.

      • Rohin says:

        “Be thankful you live in country that you are allowed to speak against your government. If you were in Pakistan, Iran , Iraq , Libya or another of the Muslim counties, you would be taken out and shot, without a court hearing. He didn’t deserve to be tried in court.”
        Yeah, they totally do that everywhere in the world, but the Us, totally.

        And declaring that someone doesnt deserve to be tried is the most heinous thing I can think of, when you’re talking about them being killed.

        “When you start a war, which bin laden did on Sept 11th, then its not murder.”
        So anyone who starts a war of agression deserves death. Have you tried Bush for that, yet? Oh, that’s right, you don’t need to try people, I forgot.

  2. Huzbek says:


  3. Freaked News says:

    The Flying Gimp Has Been Destroyed. You may return to your homes.

  4. Donnerberg says:

    Btw, is down now too.

    From their facebook:

    “Dear valued SOE customers:

    We had to temporarily take down SOE services during the night. In the course of our investigation into the intrusion of our systems, we have discovered an issue that warrants enough concern. We will provide an update later today.”

    Deja vu, anyone?

  5. Ceiynt says:

    Meh, had a link up for it, and we all know Slashdot is news for nerds.

  6. ScytheNoire says:

    I really hope this turns out as Anti-Terrorism day and Canada gets rid of it’s dictator in Stephen Harper. It’s Canadian Elections Day, so vote all you Canadians!

    • Dman00001 says:

      Thankfully we got rid of our own traitor to our country in Duceppe (the BQ separatist) and we got a majority for the least of the 3 evils. It is so nice to see the Liberal red wiped almost off the map completely. But if you want to live in a communist country, move to Cuba. If the NDP ever get in power you will see what its like to live in Communist Country.

      We have the best party in Canada with a majority. You can thank me later

    • Dharman says:

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  7. I am officially waiting for the free SoCom US Navy SEALs Abbottabad download to make this better.

  8. Roland says:

    Goddammit, they STILL haven’t fixed PSN? Grrr….

    • Manash says:

      Two of the best games on the last console gen comnig to PS3. I’m just not gonna have enough time to play all these awesome PS3 games.Feel sorry for the xbots, first for buying such a $hitty system and then having no games for itVN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 7 votes)

  9. Raian the Fallen says:

    Maybe the SEALs were bored with no PSN, so they went after Osama. xD I kid. The upmost respect for the SEALs. Thank you very much for sending this bastard to hell. 😀

    • Fritz365 says:

      I know it’s super un PC, but that’s sort of a funny picture of that in my head now…… The Seal Team 6 guys, sitting at their Seal guy club, pissed because they couldn’t play an online war game with their friends. So off they go, the real thing will just have to do! And that’s wrong wrong wrong, it’s just kind of a funny picture to me.

  10. almostadam says:

    I was starting to get a little depressed from all the Osama/Obama noise, and you blessed me sir with this perspective.

    Thank you, Mr. Johnson, you are a saint.

  11. Wobble says:

    haha ^–^*

  12. Vake Xeacons says:

    Happy Anti-terrorism Day! Sad, sad Anti-PSN day…regular people get to rejoice, we still mourn for our PSN.

    And personal data!

    PS. You should have had a coffee cup for the news broadcaster to counter the gamer’s Mountain Dew!

  13. Fritz365 says:

    Thank you Mr. Johnson, for giving a refreshing take on all this. I’m so bored to tears with the alternating flag waving vengeance, and pacifism that is showing up on my facebook page. I much prefer the alternating straight news guy/nerd news dude. Cheers!

  14. KyleBeirneOrBurn says:

    Lol, great Scott can’t wait for it psn to come back

  15. MartyMcFly says:

    I want Live Footage how they kill and maim his ass or he isn’t dead to me.
    When Obamaboy and frightened Hillary sissigirl can sit and watch Osamas alleged execution why can’t we?
    And then the body is dumped in the sea 24 hours? Halalfood or what?
    Hail to the Navy SEALS baby! from Germany

    • Jill says:

      yes you go to pro ranked match and you cohose a side then you wait for two min to every body join then you pick a postion an play?

  16. Dave_Nab says:

    I had to get my self a new cred card due to all this PSN crap, boooo 🙁

  17. Chuck says:

    Oh wow, a Newscaster that didn’t mix up Osama and Obama!

  18. Josh says:

    A crime? As a veteran of the Iraq war I can say your view is short sited and really ignorant. It sounds like you have never left the town you live in. When you see what evil men are capable of, it tends to change your tune pretty quickly. The world is not flowers and butterflies.

  19. LostSoul says:

    You know what’s most amusing to me about this comic?

    A week later and it’s STILL true!!

  20. bluefire1181 says:

    Awesome comic!!!

  21. Donnerberg says:

    PSN won’t be back before they give a real date. All that other stuff is just Sony stalling for time.

    Like the SOE thing. The announcement that’d take less than a week to get PSN back up was made the day before the SOE announcement. Then, at the end of the next week, they said the SOE thing interrupted their plans. I mean.. really? They couldn’t have said that earlier? They had to wait the full week even though they already knew it would be delayed? Yeah, that’s because they’re stalling. They have no idea how long it’ll take and they’re trying to keep people waiting instead of looking elsewhere. Just the fact that they can’t eyeball an estimate for how long they’ll need says everything you need to know that this will take many weeks.

  22. sasquatcho says:

    What? The psn went down? And what’s an osama?

  23. Vake Xeacons says:

    Ah. That comic is now a week old, and you know what? It’s still relevant!

  24. Usman says:

    I think that the people at Sony are doing the best they can to get the nerwtok back up and running..would you rather the service be back up with more problems or let them take their time to get the service secured? I bet when sony comes back up all the shit talkers who stated they are lost customers are gonna get right back on the band wagon for Sony’s goodies just be patient and stop talking shit or you go and fix it!

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