Never state the obvious

May 21, 2014
Never state the obvious

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I love Nintendo. I don’t want a world without Nintendo. But Nintendo needs to get back to what Nintendo does best. Make amazing games, and have SOME of those games be new and original! Thank you, and goodnight.

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  1. Dan says:

    And use controllers. With buttons. That I don’t have to shake around like an idiot.

  2. darksting says:

    i dont think “new” is in nintendo’s vocabulary, nice job Scooter. I would love mario on the ios ..someday…

    • thePenciler says:

      You know what is in their vocabulary? “Risk averse” I think they saw that in a text book at some point and thought it was a pretty good idea.

      • Mike Weiner says:

        But in that aversion to risk comes the risk of mediocrity. There’s no real way to be risk averse in business…especially that business.

  3. Coryopolis says:

    A new and innovative title from Nintendo that has traction certainly would go a long way towards selling more Wii U’s. I love my Wii U and I will always love Nintendo products . . . so why do I want an XBox One? Because it’s fresh and the Kinect is innovative. Nostalgia only sells for so long.

  4. joe says:

    WE, Nerds on the Internet, Want New. We want something Innovative. we want the next “Portal.”

    Most people who buy games want something they know they’ll enjoy. so they turn to Smash Bros., MarioKart, CoD, EA Sports.

    If we could get low information “voters” like Families and “Bro Gamers” to read reviews, they might buy Good Innovative games. but until then, we’re depending on PewDiePie and other Youtubers to do lets plays to get the kids to talk about it.

    More than any company that has a console and makes software for it, Nintendo is Innovating, but The WiiU is Under-Performing, but don’t worry, 3DS and an Already Fat Bank Account will keep them afloat for now.

  5. The_Julian says:

    Point of clarification: I guarantee you that any of the other major console manufacturers would kill for a franchise that has HALF of the longevity of any of the nintendo franchises.

    That’s why you see so many Call of Duty’s coming out and the announcement of Halo 5. It’s why everyone can’t wait to see what Uncharted looks like on PS4 and why Arkham Knight may be the most anticipated titles of the coming year. Sequels sell, it’s ALWAYS a gamble to put out something 100% new. Just sayin’ is all.

  6. Jack Fox says:

    Of the three current gen systems I would still pick the Wii U over the others because I too love Nintendo’s games. I enjoyed the new Pikmin, I loved both mario games that are currently on it and I look forward to the Zelda and other known Nintendo Franchises. But then there are also games that only seem to appear on nintendo systems that I look forward to as well, games like Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and the like. I even heard they were making a Star Fox game for the Wii U and that has me every level of excited! Nintendo does need to work on it’s online/digital presence though, it’s risky buying a game on the eShop where if the system crashes, you lose everything as it’s not tied to an account.

  7. Vake Xeacons says:

    We all love Nintendo classics, but even the Wii started out with games no one had seen before (anyone for a round at Wii Sports?) The Wii U just needs a ringer, a new game that entirely embraces the gamepad’s potential.

  8. Tyler says:

    Nintendo is actually in a really interesting position if you think about it. For me, Sony and Microsoft aren’t doing anything interesting enough to warrant a purchase from me. I have a nice gaming PC that I’ve been consistently upgrading, so another box that plays the same games at lower resolutions does nothing for me.

    Nintendo, if they could pull their heads out of their butts, has an opportunity to make me buy a console. I love Nintendo games, I grew up on them, but since the Gamecube, they haven’t given me a convincing reason to own one of their consoles. The games coming out are always a generation behind, and frankly haven’t been innovative enough to warrant the purchase. They keep clasping on to these gimmicks, instead of focusing on doing something really breath-taking.

    If they just chalked the Wii-U up to a stupid experiment, and devoted the next two years to making a box that actually outperforms Sony and Microsoft, and get’s to the PC’s level of horsepower, think about what they could do with that.

    Can you imagine a Nintendo-developed open world Zelda game on the scale of Skyrim or The Witcher? Or forget that, just a new IP that takes Nintendo into genres and places it hasn’t tried before. I’d love to see what they could do with an MMO, or a more simple narrative game like Gone Home. They could really jump the competition and build the console with Occulus Rift or their own VR in mind and use THAT as their differentiation; a technology most gamers are already excited about. In the end, their games are why you buy a console, and if you have to keep releasing last-gen looking versions with a stupid gimmick stapled on, that isn’t going to be enough to sway people like me.

  9. Falos says:

    So is this an ironic joke? Nintendo spent the GC/Wii era being heralded as the kiddy-but-innovated wing of the trinity. Motion control was completely unprecedented, Nintendo was “crazy for trying”, and the strange territory with tennis and bowling games was pure trailblazing. The microphone experiment from Hey You, Pikachu was reattempted with Nintendogs and such, when the DS was overhauling pocket consoles with an extra (touch screen).

    So really the “comic” was ‘Nintendo sure reuses their [exclusive] IPs a lot, what’s up with thaaaaat?“. A: They’re strong IPs and I’ll weep the day Link, Mario, Samus, Kirby, etc are dead.

    If anything, the lesson from the Wii-U is Nintendo might want to be less experimental. But a long-term corp like them is willing to lose on some of their gambles; they’ll probably do something crazy again re: the HMD field, with something weird and high-risk/yield.

  10. lurker says:

    Ahh all the console wars. And here I am playing my PC chuckling the entire time. Only thing I lament is the poor ports they make to PC. Cest la vie

  11. Roto13 says:

    You didn’t buy The Wonderful 101 which means you do not deserve new original Nintendo games.

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