October 4, 2010

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I run into these guys every time I step foot into my favorite comic store or video game store. Happened this weekend. So I say: COMIC!!!

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  1. spacelightrink says:

    …Are they making a green arrow film?…

  2. Was he at all inspired by that fat guy from the Simpsons?

  3. Danarchist says:

    That guy is an analogue for every angry internet man I have ever witnessed. My friend did a paper in his soc class on how many negative responses he could get on fairly standard message board after making posts about two meme-anathema, namely “Chuck Norris” and a blatant apparent “rick roll link”. 4 hours, over like 50 responses per thread.

  4. Jake says:

    I don’t get people that go out of their way to disagree with a person/institution/company, etc. On a similar note, I went to a fan-site this week to leave a condolence message for a comedian I enjoy who died (Greg Giraldo) and I was appalled to find about every tenth message left was something to the effect of… “You weren’t funny, I’m glad you’re dead.” I can’t believe people are either so rude or ridiculously addicted to being confrontational that they blast fans of a deceased person on that persons own website… where existing family is sure to peruse in this time of grieving… sometimes I can’t stand the internet.

    • Danarchist says:

      Man if you really want to be depressed, read the message board responses (via “newsvine” etc) for pretty much ANY news story. Even youtube doesn’t have the capacity for racism, ignorance, and just plain angry hate towards everyone that those pits of filth do.
      And for an extra dose of satire look for the signatures with religious quotes in them, I have found quite a few that are either completely chopped out of context or misquoted to sound hateful and threatening.
      Studied theology for the last 11 years and I have yet to read any passage that says “Be ye a douche on the interwebs, and God shall be happy”

  5. The Real HBD says:

    Why does he look like Brian Dunaway? =D

  6. Collin says:

    Blondie could have said “I don’t know, I kinda like Green Arrow,” and had an actual conversation. Wait, maybe that wouldn’t have been funny.

    What is funny is all the things Scott finds dumb (like the Silver Surfer).

    By the way, great comic Scott.

  7. Alex says:

    These freakin type of people piss me off lol. Makes me want to put powder on my hands and slap them across the face.

    • Ben says:

      ^ Set up a high speed camera for an epic powder slap in slow motion.

      Some teenagers get it in their head that hating things is cool and never grow out of it.

  8. Mad-Bassist says:

    Aye, I once fit in that category… when I was ten and saw the Superman movie. It bothered me how much they changed Krypton. A few years later I saw it again and changed my mind. I saw the artistic merit of their new take on Krypton and didn’t let things like the ending keep me from enjoying it.

    The Cracked website lists the Green Lantern movie in their list of comic book movies that shouldn’t be made and many people seem to agree. I don’t; I’ve been wishing for that exact thing quite a few years. Luckily we’re living in a golden age that started with the first X-Men movie so these things can happen.

    I’d like a Green Arrow movie. The dark take they did on him in Smallville needs to be extended, I think.

  9. this comic is so dumb and in no way resembles me or my attitude. lame.

  10. Geckomayhem says:

    Such a typical situation, hahaha. I read that in that fat comic book owner’s voice from the Simpsons. Anyone else? >.>

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