Much ado…

July 16, 2013
Much ado…

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This happens. This happens a lot. I do it. Chances are, you do it. We all do it. It’s hard to remember sometimes that we tend to create a perimeter around us online that consists of the things and people we find most safe, at least publicly speaking.

I just think it’s important to remember this. In other words, if 20 of your closest friends think Pacific Rim is any good, doesn’t actually mean it’s any good. (I kid…some of you will get that reference.)

20 Responses to Much ado…

  1. This is the most true comic I think you have ever done. FACT!

  2. Mitch says:

    Sharknado was better than Cats.

  3. Vake Xeacons says:

    Maybe you’re right. Some times I get so worried. Damn media! Thanks, Scott. That really helps ease my mind.

  4. René Rugholm says:

    Hehe it’s so true, i don’t know how many times i take myself saying: people think it’s really good. (Then thinking oh it’s just those 12 people i follow on Twitter WHO Said it)

  5. Nightwish says:

    And yet, you’ll all go back to Twitter and Facebook after reading this.
    I really hate ‘social’ media.

  6. Jack Fox says:

    So so so so soooo true.

    Though I’m usually the one in the chamber that interupts the echo… and get yelled at.

  7. Bill Murphy says:

    *Raises hand…
    Guilty! 😛

  8. Brian Person says:

    aka Circle-Jerk.

    Great one Scott. Your social commentary ones are my favorite. And I agreed about Pacific Rim, it’s nice robots are fighting monsters, but why should I care? I’m starting to get tired of “popcorn flick” and “turn your mind off” but we like the Fast and the Furious movies, so who are we to say? haha

  9. DraftingDave says:

    Very True. I went without social Media and Podcasts for two weeks… It’s odd seeing how the “rest” of society lives…

    • So how do you feel about all that now?

      • Mallika says:

        Your methods in spiifcec are complete; interaction with experts, observation of people that are impacted, examination of material and data and analysis, and direct conversation should all make the goals of one’s research arrive to fruition.

  10. truth says:

    Yes and this is why I don’t so facebook, twitter, linkedin, or even steam friends. Welcome back to reality. It’s a vastly different place.

  11. Falos says:

    A pile of news sites will suffice for a sense of the communal heartbeat. Try multiple RSS feeds. Skim comments for a narrow supplement.

    Specific blogs and facetweets (lol are you serious) give you an individual’s view and are less useful, but not worth zero.

    Incidentally, the same applies to webcomics. I follow perhaps 20 so I’m guilty of factoring them into my cumulative aggregate.

    • Falos says:

      Ah, found it.

      “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” — Elanor Roosevelt (alleged)

  12. *massive face palm*

  13. LinuxBrandon says:

    I really loved this comic, and it’s very true- when the people I follow on Google + are all posting about something, I get super hyped and think it’s the next big thing. Even if it ends up being nothing, and no one else was talking about it.

  14. Brian Person says:

    Confirmation Bias, Echo Chamber, Circle Jerk.

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