Mr. White

August 13, 2012
Mr. White

About this comic

I do love me some Breaking Bad. All caught up too, which kinda sucks because now I find myself waiting entire weeks like the rest of the universe. Oh well.

Anyway, my tribute to the man himself. May this show ever be remembered for being crazy good.

Also available for a limited time on the store if you are hankering for a print.

15 Responses to Mr. White

  1. Tunaonrye says:

    I’m in the process of getting caught up! Great show! This would make an awesome print… just sayin’…

  2. Scavengre says:

    This just screams to be a T-Shirt

  3. J says:


    Awesome job.
    Next: Gustavo Fring vs Harvey Dent ‘Face-off’ – It needs to happen

  4. Karl says:

    He is made for his own graphic novel series. If any character would look badass, its Mr.White.

  5. wegetgeek says:

    I agree, this needs to be something we can get, cause its awesome. Or we need some Breaking Bad thing(like the dale face mouse mat) from you Scott.

  6. Nathanael says:

    Coming off of a Dexter/SoA high, I am finding it a little slow, actually… and safe.

    That being said, I enjoy this illustration quite a bit!

  7. Steve says:

    Very tasty, Scott. 🙂
    Nice work.

  8. RedditPotato says:

    Great work Scott, 5/5 !

  9. Ian says:

    But… Why have you drawn Gordon Freeman? 😉

  10. Rack Shatner says:

    Awesome job Scott! Love Breaking bad, but when are we getting a Justified comic?
    Love to see an illustration of Boyd Crowder.

  11. Thrashbear says:

    I just started watching this series12 hours ago! I can see why it’s caught on.

  12. Vake Xeacons says:

    Awesome show! He looks like Jaimie from Mythbusters turned evil!

  13. Killer line work. Love the ‘scribble’ quality.

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