Miss you already

September 3, 2013
Miss you already

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Breaking Bad is really great. I’ve loved every episode, and I’m not looking forward to this all ending. But even I have to admit, that show is pretty rough. You feel a kind of stress when you finish episodes that I’ve not see other shows inspire in their viewers.

Something else will come along and blow everyone’s mind, but for the time being, will be sad to say goodbye to this powerhouse of a show.

19 Responses to Miss you already

  1. Yoloing says:

    The little fish’s eyeball makes the strip.

  2. Yeti says:

    I had been spoilt before this half of the series catching up by being able to gorge myself on marathon sessions watching the other series one after the other. But this waiting each week and the anticipation built up in each episode is just killing me.

  3. Bill Murphy says:

    I have to see this show. Once and for all, I have to see this show!

  4. Falos says:

    What, you don’t have a library full of depressing content and media? Sounds like a disadvantage of being surface level. Wait, did I say dis-?


  5. foxlore says:

    You’ll still have GAME OF THRONES. 😉

  6. Randy says:

    I got Netflix Saturday and started watching Breaking Bad, from Season 1 and just tonight finished Season 4. I have to agree this show is just AWESOME. every night I watch an episode, sometimes 3 it’s hard to just stop for the night. everything has to come to an end at some point, but BB is my addiction.. I NEED more!!!

  7. bexwhitt says:

    I hate to say, I gave up on breaking bad on season 2, I am not a big fan of misery TV

    • Jack Fox says:

      Yeah me either. Life is depressing enough I don’t need it to leak into my TV!

      Though You got farther than I did. I have seen 0 episodes. And probably will never see any.

  8. Gary says:

    The show is a comedy, albeit a dark and slightly a-moral one.

    • Dale says:

      I know. A comedy. I thought so right from the beginning. I laugh so hard each night. And my daughters reaction to the end of each episode…Priceless.

  9. lurker says:

    *Sigh* no total war rome comic. Comments from the Plebs are ignored just like the good ole Roman times.

  10. Sixcolors says:

    Just watch the news, that’ll depress anyone.

  11. truth says:

    Help! Help! I’m being depressed!

    Some gladatorial games in the Colleseum would cheer things up!

  12. empigomet says:


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  13. applejuicefool says:

    Hurrah for waterproof television sets.

  14. Rezlow says:

    I so wanted to love this show, but part way through season 2, my wife and I renamed it Breaking Bored and stopped watching. 🙁 Maybe we’ll try again when it’s done.

  15. CaptSully says:

    You could always start watching The Wire Scott, otherwise known as the greatest television show ever!! (yeah i know, not the first person to say this)

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