Mass Effecting

March 26, 2012
Mass Effecting

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Seems like everyone got to make comics about this over the last week or so. Figured it only fair I get to throw my hat in the ring. See that ring? That’s my hair in there. I threw it.

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  1. AquaRooster says:

    I lol’d!

  2. Mantis says:

    Very Nice lol I still think it is dumb they are changing the ending. Everybody could die and the reapers could win and I’d accept it as the ending they wanted. It isn’t my story so I have no right to tell them how to write it.

  3. _themaxx_ says:

    “A few” hardly describes the shite storm that seems to circling this subject? How was your ending to ME3?

    • Hey, tell the rodent…not me. 🙂

      I am not yet complete. So I have no real opinion either way, but I know what way I MIGHT lean if it came down to it.

  4. conduit says:

    The problem with comparing ME and pretty much all other stories is that, right from the first game, ME was promoted as an experience where you, the player, helped to shape it.

    Most of the angry fans aren’t angry because they disliked the events, they’re angry because the ending sequence utterly disregards every choice you made up to that point., and makes Shep passive rather than active. In short, it stops being the player’s story at the time when most players needed it to represent their version of Shep the most.

    • JaFO says:

      The ending for ME 1 didn’t change that much either.
      All you got to do in the end is chose whether or not the council survived …

  5. NeuroMan42 says:

    Flipping AWESOME. Finished ME3 a couple of days ago. I loved all three endings of the game. 🙂

  6. dethmunky says:

    I loved the ending I chose. To some extent I understand why people can be upset, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I still can’t bring myself to play it through again. It just doesn’t feel right. I’ve come to terms with my Shepard, and now I think I can move on.

  7. Seb says:

    Thanks for not making this another comic just belittling the people who hated the ending. Those are very frustrating.

    I mean, Im not one of those people who are screaming, stomping mad. I dont think they should change it either. I can accept it the way it is, and I still love the Mass Effect series.

    But that ending was, after five years and three games, a blast of boiling semen right in the eye.

  8. zark169 says:

    On a related note, the penis flash in The Crying Game wasn’t even the end. It was only partway through the movie, and wasn’t even the main focus of the movie.

  9. Derleth says:

    Nice Movie reference.

  10. Thor79 says:

    I finished it up this morning…peeved a bit by the lame ending but not screaming mad about it. I’ll be replaying to see some of the different changes in the story…but not bothering to play through the ending again. If it weren’t for those changes in the journey to the end…I would call it another SWTOR…on rails…fortunately the journey had serious changes, even if it didn’t seriously affect the ending. That was disappointing…like they brought their kids for bring your kids to work day and let them play with the tint controls. Ooo look Billy, you just created another ending!

  11. Good use of the word ‘yo’. That needs to come back more often. Killer comic yo.

    • Abo says:

      I already have a book to read when i fsiinh school, Total XS by Rhett Hutchence i have been trying to read it for ages i want to get it read by the end of the year so i can say I have read 3 books this year.

  12. Rowlf says:

    First off, great comic. The last time I saw someone change the ending to something, it was horrible! (RotJ) People just need to live with what ME3’s storytellers were trying to say.

    • SerenityDan says:

      The problem people have is because Mass Effect was not the storytellers story it was yours. What you chose changed the events and endings in 1 and 2 where as 3 whatever you do in the end it doesn’t matter.

      • Cely says:

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  13. chuck says:

    All these comics and comments (here, there and every where) make me not want to play the game.

    • Thor79 says:

      Chuck…don’t let all the crapping on the ending dissuade you from playing the game itself. Loads of people love the game…but hate the ending. I count myself as one of those people. They did a fantastic job on the game itself…but the ending was like they gave it to someone else to do…because it is nothing like the rest of the series. The series has always been about choice…your choices determine your story…you sacrifice someone that person won’t be around to help you in the future. Your choices had serious meaning…and the ending just threw out that concept of “choices that matter” and went with generic endings that really didn’t factor in your choices much at all.

      • chuck says:

        That’s really depressing. I was honestly hoping for 5 separate endings – Paragon/Good guy ending, Paragon/Bad guy ending, Renegade/Good Guy ending, Renegade/Bad guy ending and Sheppard dies and the galaxy is screwed ending.

        I’ll buy the game but now I don’t want to purchase it at full price. I’ll wait for it to come down a bit.

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