Link Bait

June 23, 2014
Link Bait

About this comic

If you know anything about me, it’s that I like a good pun. Or even a bad pun. I welcome all puns. They make me smile. They make me take life a little less seriously. They take me to a place in my youth where I was doodling this kind of thing constantly. And I regret none of it.

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  1. Jack Fox says:

    They say a good pun is one that not everyone can understand.

    Sadly This is one I do not understand! (I get the picture, but not the pun)

    • Loch says:


      Link Bait

      Link bait is content on your site to which other sites link because they want to, not because you ask them to. Traditionally, links are hard to get, requiring you to sacrifice your first born child (and at least link back, which nullifies their value in some search engines.) But with link bait, you “bait” your content and sit back and wait. Of course, you can be a little proactive …

      Link Bait Examples

      Great content always serves as link bait. Breaking news often falls in that category, but so does an amazing ebook. A “How-to Guide” is another example.

      Manners may buy you links. If you remember to thank your partners and competitors (or cite them), they will probably do the same for you, when the time arises.

      Link bait could be a great gadget. All kinds of companies create calculators for specific purposes that become link bait. There are far too many mortgage calculators and “how much do you need to retire?” calculators, but how about a calculator that figures out what kind of reusable insulation you need in your steam room, based on pipe size? (Now that’s one of a kind, and is great bait.)

      Link bait could be a widget. Widgets create a link from the site that uses it back to the site that created it – and there’s the link bait again.

      Pictures are link bait, too. How about pictures on your blog of the latest industry event? You might even get links from your competitors, who want to show off their faces….

    • Magnion says:

      It’s link bait, as in trying to make an outlandish claim that has nothing to do with the story just to get some of the click on the link.

  2. Bardsolo says:

    If you really want to understand the pun that is on full display and would like to have any and all questions answered on this comic, it is a simple as clicking:

  3. Falos says:

    Check out this weird trick that will amaze your friends!
    (article is just a youtube)

    You won’t believe what this woman does with her old pens!
    (link to twitter)

    These optical illusions slash funny dog pics slash food arrangements slash movie gifs slash skateboard tricks will make your Monday better!
    (none included, all on original article/blog)

    The ten best deductions of what your wife/girlfriend/SO’s facebook post really means!
    (really just a collection of assorted status posts, most watermarked)

    [insert sex appeal title]
    (probably doesn’t even involve humans)

  4. Yeti says:

    Nice one, will we be getting a ‘paper jam’ picture next?

  5. thorigann says:

    When I saw the post on Twitter with the title of the comic I figured Scott would certainly go for the Zelda reference. Glad I wasn’t disappointed.

  6. Chronos says:

    There should be a rupee on the hook

  7. Ashgar says:

    What’s the difference between link bait and click bait?

  8. Acedian says:

    Would it have made slightly more sense if Link was on the left of the hook?

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