Let me help you with that

July 11, 2013
Let me help you with that

About this comic

Hard to turn on the news without hearing about how the NSA is listening to everything you’re saying, everything you’re typing, and everything you’re receiving…all in the name of national security. In today’s comic, the idea of just jumping right in is explored. Take that, big brother!

In unrelated news, Nerdtacular went off without a hitch, and was amazing from all angles. Check out this huge photo drop to see what was what.

8 Responses to Let me help you with that

  1. Pagan says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  2. obie says:

    haha There definitely needs to be a grass roots campaign to show the nsa as many pictures of butts and junk as their servers can handle

  3. Bill Murphy says:

    You think if you do that again tomorrow, the N.S.A. will start data-basing the amount of pubes you have? 😛

    • applejuicefool says:

      Or perhaps the pattern of skid marks on those tighty-whiteys… It’s as unique as a fingerprint…


  4. Jack Fox says:

    *applauds* Part of me wishes the comic had an Xbox One Kinect in it though :p

  5. Will says:

    Never, ever, ever borrow Scott’s phone. 😛

  6. Mad-Bassist says:

    “Sir, it seems our database is being polluted by some AOL archive…”

  7. Montelongo says:

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