Just Like Yesterday

July 16, 2012
Just Like Yesterday

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People flipping out that D3 doesn’t seem to have much of an end game, baring increased difficultly level, have too quickly forgotten their Diablo of old. Not sure what people expected. Would I like more? Of course! And they now have the mechanism to do it, so let’s see how things go.

19 Responses to Just Like Yesterday

  1. Rugholm says:

    Probably gets better when PvP is coming.

  2. mistrblank says:

    Why would it get better. People are complaining because they wanted WoW like treadmilling end game and the ability to sell their loot. What they’re finding is that no one wants to buy stuff with real money to just make existing end game content even easier. The masses are beating content once and waiting for the next expansion or starting a new character or playing other games.

  3. NeuroMan42 says:

    The Diablo series has always been Gauntlet with better graphics. Expecting it to change is madness… MADNESS.

  4. Foxlore says:

    Give me any DLC where I can adventure with Covetous Shen and I am sold!…Sold I tell ya!!! James Hong for the win. (*eeeehhhhh?) 😉

  5. Whakapapa says:

    Problem with D3 is it makes no sense to continue playing the game after you reach lvl 60 and beat Diablo on Hell/Inferno. You get so little each time you play. In D2 you could continue to progress for almost forever even if you didnt get a single good item. That, to me, is the lack of endgame in D3 compared to D2.

    • Kaemon says:

      Agree. Also making new chars (even from the same class) was fun with all the low level sets and items and the possibilities (different stats & skils builds).

      In D3? Even making an new char seems like playing the same char you just did again. You are looking for the same gear: Main Stat + Vit, add Resis All later on; high DPS on your weapon… and even the skills look the same. All clases have the “AoE Skill”, “The Save My Ass for 5 secs skill”…

      It doesn’t have the same endgame because it doesn’t have the same items…
      And don’t start with the “D2 had 50 patches” bullcrap; D3 should have started where D2 (+LoD) left it; not 50 patches ago like if they didn’t learn shit…
      To be honest I’m so disspleased with D3 that instead of waiting for an expansion to “fix it” I’m waiting for the expansion to not sell at all to “teach them”… >_<

      • dotchile says:

        I agree!
        I remember in d2lod i have 3 amazon, 3 druid, 3 of every class because i can change the skill and stat. And that keep me playing but d3 is like no stat/skill change… only clothes… i left my char in 40 and i stop playing. Even the story is lazy, starting making a resume of diablo1 ufff. That kill d3 for me.
        Sorry for my bad english

    • Bertha says:

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  6. Good ‘ol nerd talk. I’m in a conversation like this at least twice a day.

  7. Cheapdad says:

    I can totally understand this reaction. Blizz made this game with some key aspects of an MMO, namely an auction house and a persistent online connection where all your characters are saved on their servers. The comparison was bound to be made at some point.

  8. LostSoul says:

    What I take offense to is building the game around the stupid effing Auction House.

    You know what kept diablo 2 ticking for the many years between releases? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t item trading. In a very real sense, the developers for Diablo 3 forgot and set aside all the things that made Diablo 2 great in the name of the almighty dollar. It’s an empty shell of what it used to be, what it could have been…what the vast majority of the fan-base have been waiting over a decade for.

    And why? To reach a bigger, more profitable market, to justify the ten years of development costs.

  9. Jim R. says:

    I guess I just expected much more from a game which took a great many years to develop than just Diablo 2 with slightly nicer graphics. My girlfriend and I play it together, currently on Act 3 Normal, and I think once we beat it on Normal neither of us is going to care about playing it again. I guess I just expected more innovation for the game type than just throwing in an auction house. This ain’t the 90s anymore, first person shooters have evolved, but Diablo really didn’t.

    It’s nothing more than Blizzard filler until Mists of Pandaria for the summer months, because WoW hasn’t had anything major since late November (8 friggin’ months!)

  10. Perdurabo says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would play through the normal storyline more that once…. just like any other game! I’ve played Diablo III. It’s over. That was how it was supposed to work. $60 = 40-60 hours gameplay if you are lucky. Don’t be confused just because you’re used to MMOs. This is an RPG: you play the game once and move on.

    • Jim R. says:

      No, it doesn’t even feel like an RPG either. It’s an action-adventure game where you collect power-ups, a.k.a. gear. Aside from bigger numbers = POSSIBLY better stuff, it has very, very little RPG elements.

      The spells you are given hardly make much difference in combat, or rather they feel like they don’t so it seems less rewarding. I’ve kept basically the same 4 spells as a Monk, only switching out 1 occasionally during a boss fight. I can’t even adjust my stats the way I want to like Diablos 1 and 2. I would go so far as to say Diablo III is akin to the pathetic and rushed excuse for a sequel that was Dragon Age 2.

      What’s worse is I don’t even care for many of characters, aside from Deckard Cain and his connection two the previous two games, everyone else is rather vague and two-dimensional. Sure they’ll tell you about their past and what they think lies ahead, but there’s no emotional attachment in the slightest, it’s just on to the next click-click-click.

      I suppose what I was expecting from Blizzard was a darker, modern RPG-esque Diablo that was on par with Bioware’s original Dragon Age 1, only with some intensive hack and slash mechanics (like past Diablos) along with rewarding upgrades given at a steady pace. But it’s even more cookie-cutter than WoW is because for the amount of loot you acquire, there should be at least a little more variety. Diablo III has none of that. It’s just Diablo 2, trimmed down, pasted with lipstick, and sent out to roam the streets like a prostitute (via the RMAH).

      With the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco, gamers took Bioware head on, and demanded some action. Bioware acknowledged and reconciled. It wasn’t perfect, but it was at least sufficient. I think gamers are becoming more adept these days about what we feel our $60 is worth. I honestly can understand why so many are feeling upset. I haven’t even beaten the game on Normal (currently mid Act III), but I can tell you now I doubt I’ll feel anything different when I beat it than I have thus far.

      Like I said before, I guess for a modern game that took so long, I just expected a bit more innovation to reinvent the genre or rather for likes of Blizzard to pioneer a new one.

  11. CDRaff says:

    I like it, never really got into the old ones so maybe that is why I like it so much.

    • CDRaff says:

      A lot of the players in chat really make me angry:

      *click click click* Man Diablo 3 Sucks. *click click click* It is just so uninteresting *click click click* and Blizzard is just in this to make money *click click click* yea, I hate this game *click click click* worst game ever *click click click*

      If you really don’t like it vote with your time and buck. If you keep playing the game, and keep using the auction house then your voting that you like it.

  12. lurker says:

    D III Expansion – say your not going to get it now, then shamefully drop $30 when it comes out.

  13. Jared says:

    It doesn’t have the same endgame, Scott. That’s the issue. If only it did!

    When you hit the level cap, Diablo 3 transitions into nothing less than free-to-play game that is decidedly pay-to-win.

    Diablo 2 was not designed that way. It didn’t have an auction house at its core, and that’s why farming for items was rewarding and fun. It isn’t fun in Diablo 3.

    Don’t think that just because people are very disappointed in the game and being harshly critical of the game’s flaws that there’s no merit to their complaints.

  14. VDM says:

    This comic is retarded. ALL your comics are retarded. You also cannot draw. Your characters are a rotating parade of mongoloids. Please stop making comics forever. Seriously.

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