Comic: “It’s not you, it’s me!”

September 14, 2009
Comic: “It’s not you, it’s me!”

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This comic pretty much expresses exactly how I feel lately with portable gaming. My iPhone has single handedly destroyed my DS and PSP. How about you? And it’s not just me saying it. Read this.

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  1. Tuba says:

    iPhone doesn’t have Scribblenauts. Have nothing more to say.

  2. Ben Rankel says:

    Ah! Apple’s secret and quiet infiltration of the handheld gaming market marches on. 🙂

  3. Raul says:

    Oooohhh… That hurts.
    I will not abandon you, my love…

  4. JT says:

    Wow, this one sums up my last 7 months for sure. Straight up switched cold turkey from DS playing every night to reading/browsing/gaming/pron’ing on my iPod Touch instead.

  5. There’s a slew of games that keep my DS alive that the iPhone can’t replace. My DS I use in bed though, the wind down before sleep. I never take my DS outside the home really. Awesome games like Professor Layton, Chrono Trigger, New Super Mario, every Final Fantasy 1-6, Zelda, Castlevania, Pokemon, FF Tactics A/A2… It’s hard to find an iPhone game for me that isn’t just a putz around for 10 minutes and never come back to. Doodle Jump included. For arcade style games though I could see the iPhone easily outplaying the DS/PSP

  6. Nacho says:

    Totally agree, since getting my iPhone I haven’t touched my DS or PSP.

  7. The_Julian says:

    I have my iPhone with me constantly, but me gaming on that hasn’t come close to making me stop playing my DS. And I kinda forgot the PSP existed

  8. Jack says:

    I love iPhone games, but I still prefer the games on my PSP and DS> I can’t wait for Scribblenauts and Gran Turismo!

  9. Mark says:

    The thing that has kept me from truly switching my iPhone into a dedicated game system is the battery. I drain nearly 3/4 of the battery with just normal daily usage. I just don’t think I can add gaming to my iPhone habits without having to charge it halfway through the day which I hate to do.

  10. Joel says:

    I don’t own a DSi or an iPhone (yet) and I still think this great.

  11. Jeff S. says:

    Such a fanboy.. 😉

  12. Geoff says:

    I did not know that there were any good games on the iPhone. Mine just has a bunch of 5 min time kill style games. Sadly these were all listed on top ten lists. Show me an actual game on the iPhone and I will show you poor controls… just saying.

    As for me, I am hooked on Chrono Trigger DS, and I have a slew of other greats waiting for me to defeat Lavos.. but I am sure that the 5 min time kill games on the iPhone can match the amazing experience that is Chrono Trigger…..

  13. Ink Asylum says:

    I do a lot of gaming on my iPhone, but it’s only very casual games. I can’t get into long story-based games on the iPhone. Games like Professor Layton, Scribblenauts, and Mario & Luigi 3 will keep bringing me back to the DS.

  14. randysmolly says:

    Oh Scott Johnson…how could you? OK, I can see it, but there is no Professor Layton! 😀

  15. John S. says:

    My DS was relegated to paperweight status back when the PSP came out. The Iphone wrecked ’em both!

  16. Mary Varn says:

    I have the Layton games and am really looking forward to Scribblenauts. BUT I’ve also let the DS go by the wayside since getting iPhone. If there are more Layton or Zelda games I admit I’ll probably get them, but I’ll be torn about investing in more $30 games on a system that is far surpassed by the iPhone in cost, ease of use, and processing power. I’m curious how Nintendo will answer this challenge, if at all.
    Thanks for the great comic Scott.

  17. TJ says:

    You should do a comic about how the PSP is a joke and the DS and iPhone are blowing it out of the water 😛

    • Zhirow says:

      When’s the last time you played a PSP? Resistance, Wolverine, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Splinter Cell, Syphon Filter, God of War, and Rockband Unplugged are a joke? Obviously you don’t game, what dows Iphone have to compare to that? I mean it’s a nice little device, but let’sbe realistic.

    • Techni says:

      ds is the joke

      i own 41 psp games and 11 ds games

  18. Wobbel says:

    Well I have been playing Final Fantasy XII till about a vew weeks ago on my DS but now I am playing Zenonia (after listening to AppSlappy (not to kiss #%$ just a fact)) on my iPod. Its a cool rpg maybe not as great as zelda but still loads of funn.

  19. Zhirow says:

    The Ipohones ok, but it’s just ok, the hype is kinda… unwarranted. Sure you can game on it, but I can play for 4 or 5 hours on my PSP playing games like Resistance or God of War, browse the Web, and pop in UMD or download a movie and still listen to episodes of the Instance. My wife has an ipod touch (iphone minus the phone… oh wait, thats called being on AT&T LoL), so even without the crippling scanning for service she gets about a good hour or so of playing her little games (thats not an insult she plays these little time management games, don’t flame me bro…or sis) … and thats if she turns the backlight to … off. And she still basically has to keep it plugged in if she wants it useable after she games. She has abandoned her pink DS though, I might just throw a skin on it and claim it for myself.. SCORE! But yeah, I like my psp3000, I like dedicated controls so I have a trigger or directional pad. Just saying.

  20. VeritasNoir says:

    That is so true. Ever since I found Tower Madness (or whatever that sheep abducting game is called), I have been playing games on the iTouch more than anything else. Your AppSlappy show helps keep me up on the ones I hadn’t heard of, too.

    Have you seen the new Penn and Teller app? Let us know what you think!

  21. The iPhone has become a serious contender in the gaming market. The app store is a huge success and there’s nothing like getting a great game for 99c without even having to put pants on! And if there isn’t an official version of a popular game, there’s no doubt a hundred knock-offs, and normally there’s at least one good one.

    “But the DSi has a store on it too!” you say. Have you ever looked at that store? The prices are not on par with the quality of the games, not to mention there’s maybe 10 games you can download vs. the thousands of games on the iPhone app store.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo and the DS, but I find myself playing games on my iPod Touch a lot more.

    • AS I said in another comment, until the battery life vastly improves for the iphone/ipod Touch it will never be a serious contender. Play a game like “Dexter” for any length of time and your battery dies within 90 minutes.

      And that’s only one reason it’ll never be a serious contender.

  22. ShinobiPhoenix says:

    Sorry but this whole notion is crap for one solid reason.

    I don’t own an iPhone. A lot of people don’t. A lot more people still don’t care.

    I know it’s the media’s job to sway the market and make everyone pretend something is popular and everyone should own it, but not everyone does. I don’t own an iPhone. I can’t even use it because I’m on Verizon, since I prefer my phone calls actually CONNECT and not drop every few minutes. I do have an DSi and a PSP-1000 and I really don’t need or care about downloading right now. Would I like it if Nintendo allowed GBA and other games to be available, sure, but I’m not holding my breather ready to backstab them at a moment’s notice. That’s the problems with Americans now, either you get what you want now or you act like you’re ready to stab your own mother out of spite. Obama is a big example of that.

    Apple can put what it wants on their machines and I myself do need to get a iPod Touch, but I can promise, when certain full games come around, I won’t even be pretending to entertain the notion of small pass-the-time downloaded stuff over Zelda: Spirit Tracks or Dissidia.

    Here’s to loyalty.

  23. kayshi says: i forgot how cool these two were and screw you 16 yearolds wwho have no idea who these two are

  24. All the DSi needs to do is wait 90 minutes until the iphone’s battery dies. I say this as an owner of an ipod Touch and DSi. The battery life on a touch sucks.

  25. Brzooza says:

    still love psp. iphone is still a phone… a very crappy one that could play cool games

  26. Sly says:

    I don’t owe an iPhone – might never do so. I’m not brainwashed yet 😉
    The DS is still a very nice gadget for mobile gaming. And I guess once the price of next PSP drops we will have 2 nice tools for playing on the road. For the phoning I still use a ……well…

  27. virgowall says:

    i so need a print of this.

  28. noodles says:

    I’m sorry, but an iPhone is not a legitimate gaming platform. It’s got some fun stuff on it, but the battery life and lack of precise controls will keep it from ever being a legitimate contender.

    The reason people are spending any time with it at all is because most people don’t spend time away from their computers/television enough to warrant carrying around the sizeable handhelds when they can just carry the iPhone.

  29. Hzurr says:

    It entirely depends on what kind of gaming you want to do. Quick 5-15 minutes here and there throughout your day, go with a ipod/iphone/andoird or whatever. If you want more “serious” gaming (and by serious, I mean traditional), you’ll need a DS or PSP.

    When I play games on my Android phone, I play some tower defense games, maybe some old-school arcade style games, sometimes an rpg-type game. For my DSi, I’ve got ChronoTrigger, Scribblenauts (well, I’ll have it in about an hour), New Super Mario Bros, etc. Different types of games for different systems and different types of gamers.

    In the end, I’m actually going to bet on the DSi. There are some games where a touch screen is fantastic, which work equally well on both the iphone and DSi. There are somegames, where quite honestly all you want is a d-pad and a nice button or two to press, and the iphone just can’t cut it. I’ve seen emulation of d-pads and buttons tried, but it’s never quite up to snuff.

  30. Charles says:

    When I got my iPhone I swore I would never play games on it and I was terribly wrong. There are two major things going for the iPhone in the gaming market that make it a viable platform IMO. One, any touch game I can think of plays better on a bigger screen (please spare me the dual screen of a DS or a DSi, they are weak compared to the iPhone display). Second, alot of the games I am hooked on for the iPhone play flawlessly AND are 99 cents! Let me say that again, 99 cents!! When was the last time you bought a game for a DS or a PSP that was 99 cents?

    Anyone who loves tower defense games needs to really look at Sentinel and geoDefense. Two tower defense games done well on the iPhone that have filled many an hour out of a day for me. I don’t care that I have to plug it in.

  31. Shikozu says:

    OMG, I’m so with you on this one. If I were any more in love with my iPhone, I’d have to get it tattooed on my arse. You absolutely must play Crayon Physics. It combines the fun of playing a game with the smugness of remembering the laws of physics. It’s like crack for geeks. I can entertain myself and anyone of any age for eons with Smack Talk.

    My kidlets age 8 and 16, who have every console and hand held gaming rig on the market thanks to a Gamer Mom, kept swiping my phone so much I got them an iTouch to share so they’d leave MINE alone. (runonsentencesftw!)

  32. Laserwulf says:

    Until I can play Soul Calibur on an iPhone, I have no desire to game on one.

    For that matter, I much prefer a dedicated gaming handheld for one reason: I don’t want to be chased by an axe-murderer with no way of calling 911, because of a battery-draining Tower Defense iPhone binge.

  33. Techni says:

    My ipod touch is the worst gaming system ever. I don’t even classify it as a gaming system, no more than any other cellphone/pda before it. It’s just that bad at it. A gaming system requires buttons. Oh, and actual games. Not the crap on the app store that wouldnt cut it as a microgame in those Wario dealies.

    And DS sucked compared to PSP for years.

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