It takes a village

May 17, 2012
It takes a village

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Loving D3. But holy crap, man…what is with the sheer VOLUME of dead villagers?! Seriously.

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  1. Carius says:

    so what class is everyone starting with in D3?

    Barbarian here then monk

    • Been playing with the Demon Hunter only. Really great damage output so far.
      Other than that – Blizzard needs to fix the “time out” issue with the game. Sick and tired of replaying the same dungeon over and over because of issues they haven’t fixed yet. Many of the folks who bought the collectors edition are also ticked off because they either can’t play due to server issues, or they can play but for a limited time due to stupid errors.

  2. Wizard here. Loving him. I usually go magic in my of my fantasy games.

  3. Ulmo says:

    Awesome one. Now back to looting errr playing Diablo xD

  4. bloodmac says:

    i got a legendary from a dead villager

  5. Extwo says:

    Uh, you stumpled upon those treasure pygmys yet? Like running pinatas 😛

  6. spazdoski says:

    Shadow hunter and wizard are my faves by far… and while ther eis something wrong about looting all the dead villagers.. why does it feel so right.

  7. Alludra says:

    LOL We were just talking about how bad we felt robbing the dead and trashing the dungeons (seriously, you tear apart bookshelves, rip up the floors! You name it!)

    My friends and myself decided that they can’t take it with them…

  8. Tim H says:

    Haven’t laughed this hard in months. Love the detail of the floating orb while he kicks the villager. Wizards FTW. Printing this out and putting on my cube wall.

  9. Jafrugh says:

    Playing a wizard. Always love the magic/ranged classes in all games

  10. Kyle says:

    It does seem like there’s too many of them around to have come from a legit village. They should be called dead townsfolk, or dead citizens. Or dead morons who wandered into demon infested wastelands.

  11. randy says:

    demon hunter, represent!

  12. Dave M. says:

    Awesome comic today! Absolutely perfect. I’m actually liking the Demon Hunter myself. Love the bolo weapon and rapid fire arrows. 🙂 (Still pretty low level, only 13).

  13. That villager was loaded! Score!

  14. Xega says:

    Love it Scott!

  15. spazdoski says:

    guess that villager should have use his health potion……..dibs!

    • Livia says:

      Erik reading Chauncey’s posts make me crigne. It is nearly impossible to make sense of the vast majority of his arguments. His incorrect usage of punctuation and the English language make it even more difficult to stumble through his unfounded rantings. I think his tone has a very counterproductive effect on any attempts to have honest, unbiased conversations about gun violence and race. I’m also pretty sure it is nearly impossible to fully comprehend the extent to which mental-illness played a role in the Newton shooting as well as those like it.

  16. Jason H. says:

    Laughed out LOUD when I saw the comic today. So true. Loving Diablo III, but the sheer volume of all those dead bodies just boggles me. My wizard’s at 27 and my barbarian is at 22.

  17. Mark says:

    i love dead villagers or as i like to call them “little pools of gold”. My templar follower never worries about it either….

    i did get a legendary from a dead villager… which is always nice to see… yet to get anything from “barrels” bar gold, oooh barrels you used to be so kind to me back in games such as Dark Alliance

  18. Darrell says:

    My concern was more with the giant hand that comes down to tickle them when I approach.

  19. Tarrker says:

    The general idea of this comic had come to my mind while playing the game but I can’t imagine our hero stopping to bury every dead villager or soldier her or she came across. The lords of hell would own all of Sanctuary by the time you would even get to the cathedral.

  20. The_Artificer says:

    I notice all the ‘Dead Villager’s are men. I hate to think of what that hints about the missing women. Or it could just be sexism on the part of the developers.

  21. jabbmann says:

    Awesome! I know I am seeing late (school and all) but it gave me a needed laugh. Thanks Scott.

  22. Lumathe says:

    Played the game for about a week then gave up. Wasn’t as great as I was expecting 🙁
    Plenty of random dead people to roll over to check whether their corpses held something you could shove down your throat to heal yourself with though.

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