Internet Immovable…

August 23, 2013
Internet Immovable…

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The internet exploded yesterday with (mostly) hate and distane for the revealed choice of Ben Affleck as the new Batman. I don’t get it. I thought Daredevil had issues too, but it’s not like the guy directed, produced, paid for, or otherwise did anything for that movie other than act in it. Why are we so sure he’s such a terrible pick?

Everybody freaked out at Heath Ledger being picked for the Joker. Don’t remember? Check this bit of business out.

We have no idea how he’ll work out as Batman. Unless someone has a time machine. Sometimes we’re like that tech reporter in 2001 that said the iPod would go nowhere and represented the destruction of Apple. Let’s just relax and see how it goes! Could be great, could be poo. Can’t say till we have it, now can we?

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  1. Brian says:

    As long as there aren’t nipples on the batsuit I’m okay with Affleck.

  2. Joseph L says:

    actually, I think I would prefer nipple suit and fat Val Kilmer over Affleck.

    • How do you prefer that if there’s no Affleck movie yet to compare that stuff to?

      • Grimbane says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Affleck has a lot of talent and has released Award Winning movies. Basing everything on one movie he did 10 years ago and on top of that he didn’t write is just ridiculous. It’s like the idiot who blames the waitress when their food is wrong. She didn’t cook it so don’t be a dick about it.

        • Filp says:

          Love that this guy is attempting to make a case for Affleck. If a thousand people agree that they know why the sky is blue and one guy just assumes and hopes that its not the 1000 people are still going to be right. Affleck has a bad track record for killing movies. I’ll just criticize with my wallet anyway but its funny that people defend this guy now just cause it’s batman.

  3. CDRaff says:

    What I don’t like is that because Ben is playing him, no one else will. It is cool and all that we have films with so many stars in it, but often when the movie is filled with stars the writers and directors will not take as much risk.

    I want to see a risky batman movie. One that doesn’t have a dumb fight every three seconds for no reason, one that doesn’t have a dumb big super villain doing unrealistic things. I want to see the risky ‘Dark Knight Detective’ Batman. That will never happen with big actors like Affleck at the helm.

    • CDRaff says:

      Actually just found out that Affleck doing this means he can not do The Stand which I was far more upset about. Carry on with Batman Ben, carry on.

  4. Joe Mama says:

    I really want to see Michael Keaton again. Of course I’ve only seen the first two Batman movies (non 60s era)

  5. charleskirkham says:

    Yes, Heath Ledger as the Joker had that knee-jerk reaction, but it was something that COULD be written off in a way that this can’t. I trust Nolan more than Snyder, essentially. I think I have reason to.

    Yes, Affleck has made some spectacular movies in the last few years, but he wrote those screenplays and he directed those movies. Neither of which is he doing here, and from what I’ve heard, there’s nothing that a director hates more than having their actor think that they can be their own director.

    Ultimately, I’m cautious, because every point I’ve seen made has some kind of gaping hole in it. I think it’s as silly to be blindingly optimistic as it is to completely write it off, and I’m trying to do neither, but I understand this overwhelming reaction. People have invested time in Batman. Even those that don’t follow the comicverse have seen, what, six movies or so? Some cartoons? I think that it’s actually kind of hard to ask people to not develop some kind of opinion about this, as inconclusive as it may be.

    Wait and see is the best response, but telling people to wait and see just isn’t gonna work, Scott. I like the comic, though.

  6. Bernie W says:

    The hell is IMGUR!! Was that one of the “Other” Social Networks?!
    Yeah, and Ben will be just fine. Won’t that movie just be Batman and Superman beating up each other anyway?

  7. Frankie D. says:

    So you’re saying as long as Affleck dies just before the film comes out everything will be fine?

  8. Ok, Senior Johnson, I repent. I was one of those haters that posted disdain. I suppose Affleck could actually turn out to be a great Batman; I just think it’s a long shot. One good thing I can see going forward is perhaps he’ll drop that stupid Batman voice that Bale uses.

  9. Actually, I also remember when Michael Keaton was cast as the 80s Batman. He ended up turning out to be a fantastic choice for the franchise. I think Affleck can be great in the role and am really looking forward to seeing his take on the character.

    I covered a similar topic in my own webcomic today:

  10. Mad-Bassist says:

    Aye, the unpleasable fanbase can be quite amusing.

    Ben probably will do a good job as the character, but like the Scooby Doo movie, it needed Kevin Smith to direct it. :-Þ

  11. Rezlow says:

    Daredevil. Although I agree you shouldn’t judge until you experience, he does have a bit to make up for…

    • Melanie says:

      Yep – this. I loathed his portrayal of Daredevil. Maybe that was the writing for that movie – but to me he didn’t ‘get’ the character. That’s what worried me about it as soon as I heard the announcement. Perhaps he will be awesome.

      • Vake Xeacons says:

        Well, there’s been a lot of portrayals that didn’t “get the character.” After X-men Origins, I stood outside and did a fan a favor and listened to him rant about the movie, cause I know how it feels. I don’t blame the actors if they put on a good show. I blame the writers for missing the point.

  12. Bill Murphy says:

    I’m still trying to recover from Samuel Jackson being casted as Mace Windu…

  13. Vake Xeacons says:

    I can already hear the duck. “Aff-leck. AFF-LECK!”

  14. John Ransom says:

    I’m putting my bet in now that both Affleck and Bale play Batman in the next movie. They could pull it off with Bale directing, and there is Batman story line that could make it happen, and the last Batman movie could easily lead into it.

    • Weli says:

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  15. Brandon Carlson says:

    I think Ben Affleck is a poor choice, just because of the stigma attaching him to poor superhero movies like DareDevil. He may not be a bad actor, however his role as Batman will certainly prevent many fans from watching this movie, and if your goal is to make money, then it would be best to pick an actor who doesn’t have such a history.

  16. LostSoul says:

    To put it bluntly, it’s *not* that Ben is a bad choice. He’s got enough acting skill that he could pull of a reasonably good Batman. He didn’t do a terrible job with Daredevil. There’s only so much anyone can do with a mediocre director and a terrible script.

    The issue is that Snyder is really only good for extremely mindless violence movies…and that half the *scripts* used for both Batman and Superman movies have, by tradition, blown chunks. Nolan and Bale (sanz Dark Knight Rises, which had the unfortunate problem of trying to wrap up a trilogy), actually managed to create decent enough Batman movies. But that’s 2 movies (and a third okay) to make up for multiple terrible ones previously. Snyder though? Maybe if you want more mostly mindless Man of Steel. When was the last time we actually had a reasonably *good* Superman movie…anyone? Hello?

  17. Jack Fox says:

    This is so the summary of the internet!

  18. Matt says:

    I can’t wait for the scene where Batman sticks an animal cracker in Catwoman’s belly button.

  19. Brandon says:

    Just worried about so much baggage coming with the batman again, ala George Clooney, Val Kilmer…

  20. JK Brawling says:

    You are making it on Mashable consistently now. Great job!

    • Carmencita says:

      The only thing the disturbed me about Bat-Vision was that it sudeond like a video game. Like if (when?) they come out with a gaming version of this… that will be in it. Two-Face was always great. I was a little disturbed by the real life two face. I must be spoiled by the cartoon Two-Face. It’s a good transition that this moral man who should know better in the end relies on just flipping a coin and making decisions based on that and not a moral compass that isn’t as absolute.

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