In this economy…

June 29, 2012
In this economy…

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It really is crazy. Ever since that D3 real money thing hit, the gold market is ALL jacked up, and inflated all to hell. A think you might have spent 8k on the week before, now runs 250,000 to 500,000 gold. Seems…broken to me, but hey, I am no economist.

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  1. jt_ says:

    It has more to do with botting than the real money auction house. Gold is going to $2 per million gold now.

  2. PJ says:

    That’s right kids, the reason you can’t play D3 offline is because bots need to play as well

  3. Brian D. says:

    Well, actually the D3 gold market is crazy on Rare item prices before lvl 55-ish. it’s when you get to 60 that the prices are either dirt cheap or at the 250k+ mark. Usually due to people looking up farming vids and how to get gold fast too.

  4. Sam says:

    Blizz PR: “We need Diablo 3 to be always online so we can get rid of cheating, botting, and exploiting. Also, RMAH will make illicit gold sellers go out of business.”

    Reality: General chat filled with spam from gold sellers who’ve botted and exploited and stolen accounts.

    Something something paved something good intentions.

  5. Masterwabbit says:

    And I thought Team Fortress 2’s Hat Economy was bad. Yeesh.

  6. Jaybonaut says:

    Actually they’ve banned thousands of accounts due to botting.

    • Gath says:

      Actually, that means crap, since each account paid itself, and the farmer lost nothing, and got some profit, and will be getting 10 new accounts next day.

      Buying gold/accounts in MMOs was hard to understand, now, in a “single player” game, people buy the game, buy the highest gear…. ok, then what?
      Might aswell just blow all that cash in booze and strippers -.o

      • Kaemon says:

        In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if thats exactly what Blizzard wants.
        Wait until the 100.000 Bots have farmed enough to buy a new copy + giving some profits to the owner; ban all those 100.000 Bots, sell 100.000 new D3 copies.

      • Kaemon says:

        Repeat until getting bored of winning money…

    • Basit says:

      Clearly the solution is to delopy elements of the Faction Champs encounter out in the larger world. Make dailies truly dailies by having quest givers only be able to award one quest a day, to one person. Put tier and emblem vendors in PVP areas. Give greater honor points for killing opposing faction members in their own cities and zones. And whenever possible, add the rogue “uncloaking” sound file to as many places as possible, just to keep players on edge and expecting the insta-gib.

  7. crybaby says:

    You aren’t looking very hard. I’ve geared up to 31k dps 29k hp(wizard) without buying an item costing more then 180kgp. All it takes is a little time and patients.

  8. Owilde says:

    Its clearly how Blizz wants it. Focus on profit not playability. You want to control it? just cap items and there value. Seeing items listed at 60mil is ridiculous. As for the RMAH, hey if you wanna spend $250 of you hard earned money for a piece of game equipment…..

  9. Busybody says:

    Let’s see if I got this right: Originally only game-money market (i.e. people wanting to sell stuff could only go there). Then you add real-money market (i.e. people wanting to sell can choose between one or the other). Sellers may decide to prefer one market to the other, driving supply up in one (i.e. market price goes down) and driving supply down in the other (i.e. market price goes up). Might be what has occurred.

  10. LostSoul says:

    There is no Diablo 3. This is not the game you seek.

    • Susan says:

      Mike, we do have tradeplans potesd on the SST Owner’s Club website. The best thing to do is to trade the pairs with the best movement, range and lowest spread costs. It’s pretty easy to see if you look at some daily charts and then intraday charts. But when you make low spread costs a necessary criteria, the list gets pretty small. EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY.. Maybe a few others but those are the three best over a long period of time. In fact, if you’re day trading, why not keep it simple and focus on just the EURUSD? The SST FX just nailed down +1000 pips during the US session this past month but the Euro Session had some nice movement too.

  11. GDFKTT says:

    So glad I didn’t waste my money on this game. Blizzard is a joke and no longer worth supporting. Looking forward to Torchlight 2.

  12. Lumathe says:

    Am I alone in thinking the auction house kinda killed a big part of the Diablo games..i.e. finding that awesome piece of gear so you could look totally badass and destroy things? Now you just go buy it off someone else..

    • Jablaii says:

      /agreed.I’ve always been an advatoce of having everything open: if I don’t have something to hide, why should I?You want to look at my armory profile? Be my guest! You have constructive suggestions to make about my build or gear? Go ahead PLEASE! I can take constructive criticism to improve my playing experience!Blizzard wants to scan my PC for illegal botting software? By all means! Please come right in! The sooner those get out of the system, so much the better!Of all recent Blizzard changes, only one has me baffled a bit: you can now send no more than 10 /s in a period of 10 seconds. Why?It’s not to stop those gold spammers that throw up half-a-dozen lines at once: they still do it. Were players that much annoying spamming /s? Other than the very occasional /s train or car or whatever someone playing around with macros was trying to draw using ASCII characters, those gold seller spams are much more annoying I tend to let go when they throw up a single line, but each and everyone that repeats the same thing half a dozen times gets reported EVERY time.

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