If Twitter had always been with us…

April 11, 2011
If Twitter had always been with us…

About this comic

Fun to think about. Could do a hundred of these, but three will have to do for now. Maybe I make a big compilation? Dunno.

A print for this comic is just $9.99, and is 12x18inches large, and signed by Scott. Also, shipped anywhere in the world.

14 Responses to If Twitter had always been with us…

  1. tobytobey says:

    Love the strip. I could probably read a hundred of these!

  2. katdawg says:

    I agree with Toby! It made me not nervous for the audition I was walking to!

  3. Gretchen says:

    @marie_curie: Stupid professor gave me a drawer full of salt to analyze. Sigh, busy work. Not sure why it’s glowing, or why I feel so odd. LOL

    @Wilkesy: Lincoln’s totes going down tonight. Oops, my account is public, isn’t it? Omigod I hear knocking at the door. GTG

    @RFranklin: That bastard Watson GOT INTO MY DNA PHOTOS!!!111!! Wilkins is SO gonna pay. #younocanhasdoublehelix

    @FCrisk: RT @JWatson Hahahaha @RFranklin we’ll get the Nobel Prize and u won’t. #ownage

  4. Sasquatcho says:

    Dammit now I wanna follow @Gronk.

  5. Sean says:

    This would make a good little series of strips. I could even see a poster like the 56 geeks/zombies. “56 Tweets Through History”

  6. Mattzilla says:

    lol @ “food baby”

  7. This is great Scott, Really really clever!

  8. Porthius says:

    Boo! @Gronk is taken but currently unused.

  9. muzzi says:

    Wait I thought Gronk was a time traveler? What happened to his smartphone? 😉

  10. Fritz365 says:

    Sweet Zeus. A food baby ! I peed myself a little

    • Daniele says:

      Update: I spoke (tweeted) with someone with kgldoewne of the situation, she stated that a friend had introduced the girl to Gronkowski, to which Rob allegedly looked her up and down and then proceeded to dump his Jack and Coke on her.I’m shocked guys, this type of behavior is totally unbecoming of someone with such an extensive collection of Zubaz pants.

  11. Sanya says:

    , it was the Jets, but it proved to our pleyars on both sides of the ball just what happens when it all comes together. Hopefully it will all come together when they play the Texans.Did you see Wilfork at the end of the game attacking that tur-duc-hen leg like he did the Jets offense? Brady wasn’t sure if the thing wasn’t an alien or something. lolThe game against the Jets was difficult to grade. I’ve heard of giving the game away but the Jets played like they had their heads in their teammate’s ass for most of the game.

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