Heroic Routine

July 22, 2012
Heroic Routine

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Saw this tweet from Paul and Storm’s own Paul Sabourin. It cracked me up. And as a result, COMIC! Enjoy! (Also, I loved the movie…some really great stuff in there. I think the second film is stil the best, but there are lots of things to like here.)

8 Responses to Heroic Routine

  1. Mad-Bassist says:

    Poor Batman. From inappropriate gifts for Robin to hat hair to this…

    *laughs* Entirely quite too silly!

  2. LostSoul says:

    And yet I find myself wondering what the rest of his routine is. Like…what does he do *before* he rises…

    • Mad-Bassist says:

      Batman Begins …Again?

      Under the Red Eyes?

      The Dark Flush?


      • Anies says:

        I\\\’m really lkinoog forward to buying a jackson 5 string bass when the new ones come out, ive saved up some money already, and that thunderbird/kelly looks amazing, it would be so cool to have one of those!

    • Issaka says:

      The JS basses look asomewe! The only thing is I wish you guys would put the silverburst from the JS3V on the JS3 because it\’s so sweet! T-bird is pretty cool, but you should really just make a Kelly bass, that would be asomewe!

  3. He shouldn’t do that in his suit, he’ll get toothpaste on it. Or mouthwash.

  4. Mad-Bassist says:

    Now I can’t go by the theater and not think “Rinses” when I see the marquee. Curse you Scott Johnson! ~~:-}

    • Sase says:

      As mentioned in the video. The tecohnlogy is built for the iPhone 4S. No where on the features page does it show Siri nor did they mention it with the iPod Touch at the event. Siri will probably be exclusive to the iPhone 4S because, it convinces people to go out and buy it.

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