Hard R

February 18, 2016
Hard R

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I saw more than a few parents like this the other night. 🙂

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  1. Ajedi32 says:

    Well what were they expecting? It’s an R-rated movie.

  2. J Bryan says:

    That kid is going to have some major issues to work through when he gets older.

  3. Chris says:

    While I didn’t take my kid to the movie the last frame captures both of my emotions after watching the movie.

  4. Yue says:

    It’s not rated R for nothing. If anything, the movie theater clerk should be educating them on that the moment they buy the tickets in the presence of a child.

    • Jack Fox says:

      You overestimate how much clerks care!

      • Vake Xeacons says:

        I know right? I almost went in cosplay. And I was thinking, going in, “Why don’t clerks cosplay? It’d totally boost sales, and let people (like parents) know what they’re in for.

    • steelcobra says:

      A lot of theaters have automated kiosks instead of just clerks now, too.

      • DanSam says:

        Our theater has the automated kiosk, and a guy kicking out kids, at the door, who have already paid for their tickets. I think it’s a good idea, personally.

  5. Vake Xeacons says:

    Dude! The TRAILER was rated R!

  6. No one listens to a movie theater employee. I was a manager for 8 years and ive seen thousands of children brought to inappropriate movies. The only thing that sometimes makes people hesitate is graphic sex scenes. I dont think deadpools sex scenes were all that graphic so people dont care.

  7. DanSam says:

    In the theater I went to, there was a family with 2 kids under 12. I heard the mom let out a shocked gasp when the sex scenes started, but seemed to have no problem with the massive amounts of violence. I am not sure what is wrong with people.

  8. Yves Walker says:

    Its PG13 in my province …

  9. Parents on the ‘freak out’ is always a great watch. Two thumbs up!

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