Halo Reach

September 22, 2010
Halo Reach

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Yeah, yeah…I know. Terrible joke. I felt compelled.

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  1. MDK says:

    Your comic implies that a child was killed and now in heaven. Are you a fan of child killing? D: I will never read this comic again if you support child murder. >:(

  2. Matt says:

    Your comic implies that there are clouds in heaven. Are you a fan of clouds? D: I will never read this comic again if you support clouds. >:(

    • Mistrblank says:

      Personally I’m opposed to shoelaces in Heaven, . This comic implies that there are shoelaces in heaven. Are you a fan of ouds? D: I will never read this comic again if you support shoelaces in Heaven. >:(

      I really don’t think Heaven should be saddled with laces and shoes, I’ve always thought of Heaven as a flip flop place.


      damn, this sarcasm button seems stuck on.

      • Nate says:

        Haha but they of course Need shoelaces in heaven. You don’t want to constantly lose foot apparel through the clouds. Gotta strap those things on somehow. 😉

        But in all seriousness, awesome as usual Scott!

  3. Twinksmasher says:

    Wait, he shows a child angel and you automatically accuse him of being pro-child murder? MDK, that line of logic is like saying Blizzard is pro devil worshiping because they put warlocks in WoW- an accusation that require large, uncalled for and ridiculous leaps in logic.

  4. Ahltar says:

    Loved this one !
    Thanks !

  5. Clayton Scarcella says:

    OMG MDK – WTF is wrong with some of your readership Scott?

    I personally liked this one FYI Scott so keep ’em coming

  6. Iyagovos says:

    Nice one, Scott. Made my little brother laugh. 😀

  7. ThePeanutsDad says:

    Cool Comic.
    It reminded me that my favorite writer(Greg Bear) is writing the forerunner novels to the Halo Universe. Can’t wait to see it!

  8. It works because its cute. IZ STEELIN UR HAYLOW!

  9. Darrell says:

    Heh. Someone jokes about a joke & everyone gets mad. That’s the best part!

    But seriously (not really), I love pun illustrations & could feed off of them my entire life, using their energy to live instead of food. 🙂

  10. Steve says:

    Haha, nice. Love a good pun! Keep up the good work, Scott.

    • Chiche says:

      We hope the pups..and you enjoy the quiet beauty of your snfwoall as well as the chance to play joyously! We send White Dog Army woos of positive energy.

  11. wunderwood says:

    The dad looks like you a bit.

  12. Cory says:

    Easy joke, almost so easy that it’s lame.

    I love it.

  13. Rezlow says:

    OH NOEZZZZ!!!!1111one teh haloz are being took… >:|

  14. Duncan says:


    Quick whilst it is current.

    PS I like it, though would be even better without the ‘Halo Reach’ text box – I mean, come on, what are your fans/followers into?

  15. Collin says:

    So which one is Master Chief?

  16. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    My thoughts exactly.. 😀 Made me laugh.

  17. Foxlore says:

    Wait?….There are bald people in heaven? Whhhhhyyyyyyy? 😉

    • Manraj says:

      ச த ரண ப ட ப க க ட த ர டன க இர ந த ம ர த த ய இண டர ந சனல க ர ம னல க ஆக க யத உங கள ன வ ற ற த ன .ப ர ங க உங க நண பர கள த டர ச ய க ம ர த த ய ல ஆப ப வ க கபட ட க ண ட இர ந த ப த ந ர ய த தம ய க த என ற ச ல ல க ண ட இர ந த ர ப ல ஸ ல ப க ர க ட க ட க கவ ல ல .ம ர த த ய ம ம ல ம வளர ந த க ண ட இர ந த ன உங கள ன எத ர நடவட க க கள ல maturity இல ல மல த ன இர ந தத . இப ப த க ட எல ல ர க க ம த ர ந த லக க ல க க க வ ட ட ம த த க மரன த க க க ற ர கள . இந த பத வ ல என ன ப த வ சயம இர க க றத . பழ ய ல ங க கள எட த த ப ட ட ப த பத வ வந த இர க க றத .

  18. Chris says:

    Scott… the only terrible joke is one you don’t draw and share with us 🙂

  19. sergio says:

    Your comic implies that there is a heaven. Are you a fan of heaven? D: I will never read this comic again if you support heaven. >:(

  20. plutonius says:

    What Chris ^^ said. Awesome comic!

  21. platfatcat says:

    Personally I can’t stand Scott Johnson. This whole AIE shit has got to stop.

    You guys would probably take this more seriously if I wasn’t such a troll.

  22. Andjety says:

    wow people it is just a comic its soposed to be funny not religious or mean it is just funny go scott

  23. Jason says:

    Not a terrible joke in any way, a great idea behind a simple concept! 😀

  24. Brent says:

    According to modern Christianity, the child (Lucifer) in this illustration steals the Halo, and is then in turn outcast from Heaven.

    After many decades of torment and temptation, Lucifer decides to vicariously tell the story of how he was banned from heaven through the cryptically titled “Halo Reach.”

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