Goals and Dreams

October 7, 2013
Goals and Dreams

About this comic

I feel like these fish are a lot like a bunch of 12 to 18 year olds I know these days. Hehe…man I sounded like an old man just now. Anyway, FISH!

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  1. Randy says:

    My goal was to run a company that wasn’t based on greed and corruption. but it’s quite hard to make a honest living in a dishonest world.

    what we really need is a tribute to breaking bad.

  2. Indigored says:

    True! Where’s the fish that wants to start a meth lab?

  3. foxlore says:

    How about a fish for starting a podcasting network? 😉

  4. Jack Fox says:

    I once thought I wanted to get every Achievement in WoW… but then I realized that I needed to Fish to get them.

    I gave up that dream.

  5. Hammond says:

    I love this. I find myself focusing on silly things and need these kinds of reminders that there more important “real” things to put my energy into.

  6. Rezlow says:

    I’m a 360 chevo addict… so much easier than focusing on _real_ things. 🙁

    Funny reminder.

  7. Vake Xeacons says:

    I want to start a TV sitcom about game developers. Kinda a tribute to those wacky newsroom sitcoms of the 90s. And us of course.

    • Kamilla says:

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  8. Lavaskajunkie says:

    Im guilty of achievement hunting on games..one day i looked up and thought ….what happened to playing a game just for the fun of it… then i cracked open my N64…. 3 hours later back on the 360 lol!

  9. Dan says:

    I am a Chemistry graduate student, who has actually lost a lot of friends because I didn’t have the time to role play 6 nights a week, or watch my little ponies. Thanks for the comic!

  10. Someday maybe that will all be possible with the Khan Academy. For now, we have Math Fish…

  11. Bill Murphy says:

    I wanted to study medicine also. But then I was told that I had to read stuff…

  12. You can still be young and enjoy things like gaming, clubbing and at the same time level up your brain with new skills and wisdom. I’m recently hit level 41 and and I’m in the process of respeccing my life with lots of new insights och knowledge.

    I dance like there is now tomorrow and I kick ass in boardgames and League Of Legends 🙂

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