Global Positioning

September 27, 2010
Global Positioning

About this comic

I really have nothing to say here. If you ever wondered what sort of ideas make me smile, today’s comic is pretty representative of that. Hope you enjoy it.

26 Responses to Global Positioning

  1. Darrell says:

    Consider it enjoyed!

    I was just thinking about this yesterday as my iPhone kept telling me to make figure 8 patterns. But that’s a whole ‘nother comic. 😉

  2. Chris Penwell says:

    Heh! How’d you build a satellite in Minecraft?

  3. QuinlansMamaMia says:

    Great comic for a Monday!!

  4. Tabaxion says:

    That one gave me a chuckle

  5. tnfreak says:

    yeah the gps blows on the iphone4

  6. Timber28 says:

    Bring back the Bigfoot Diaries. Please…!

  7. mercator says:


  8. bill says:

    This makes no sense.

  9. jabbmann says:

    Thank you Scott – great comic, and you have clearly been enjoying ghostcrawlers recent work too 🙂

  10. CurtisB says:

    Enjoyed the comic, Scott… but now, I am trying to figure out something: Did the GPS satellite itself crash, or did a different P.O.S. (Plain ‘ol Satellite…) fall enough to block the actual GPS satellite (you know, like trying to get a signal underground). 🙂

  11. Alexia says:

    I really gotta say, Scott, you’ve got a knack for pinpointing the “wait for it…” expression. 🙂

  12. MadJo says:

    I loved the comic, but just as a heads-up the website looks horrid on my end.

    This is how it looks like in Firefox 3.6.10:

  13. Anecades says:

    (sorry to go off topic, but gc doesn’t have comments enabled.) I would like to take this opportunity to point out something about the most recent Experience Points. The joke is good, but the guy is walking down the street with a duck self-consciously reflecting on the inevitability of life. That, THAT, is awesome.

  14. Anam Nantom says:

    Hey Scott,

    I met you many years ago in Anarchy Online. You were from the Omnitek side, I think, at least you were one of those Atronoch’s. I was a Meta-Physicist.. one of the weird Nano guys..

    I went by Anam Nantom. Pretty sure you won’t remember me, but you told me about your comics and I remembered your name and comic style. Good site, nice to see you keeping faithful to your art!

  15. Alex says:

    Sort of the way I think and people don’t understand why we think this way. This is the type of stuff that make me laugh to myself and people think i’m weird :P. It’s Hilarious!!!!

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