From on high

November 12, 2013
From on high

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My PS4 will be here shortly, and at some point, it’s likely the Xbox One will join it under my TV. Hell, maybe even a Wii U once that Mario game hits. Either way, I LOVE new console season! It’s easy to get tribal and attach other people’s preferences, but for me and mine, I’d rather enjoy this time and remember why I love video games so much.

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  1. darksting says:

    Love it!! great job Scoot!

  2. TheZark says:

    Man, Populous (1 or 2) was awesome. I know it was released as late as the SNES, though it could even be on the PS1 for all I know. That said, it was always easier to play with a mouse in my opinion.

    • Prince says:

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  3. UltimateW says:

    I just played it recently on my Amiga 🙂

  4. Kojak1970 says:

    I have to admit, I didn’t like the mouse playing the PC version of Populous. I got pretty good at manipulating the land with the keypad! And Scruff says “Seconded!” Scott… 🙂

  5. Taffer says:

    Atari ST represent! I used my Atari ST for 10 freakin’ years, through high school and university… I still miss the squishy keyboard.

  6. Vake Xeacons says:

    You are a true connoisseur of the arts, sir!

  7. Bill Murphy says:

    I felt the same way for Nintendo because it had Zelda and Mario games. 😉

  8. foxlore says:

    Guh…spam-bots pretending not to be spam-bots.

    If only a divine hand could come down and smite them. 😉

    I miss games like Populous. They were simpler but still engaging. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a port to iOS or Android.

  9. Sean Noell says:

    Hey Scott,

    I am so curious as to when you find time for all the stuff you do. Podcasts out the wazoo, games, clients, family, exercise….dang, you really seem to have it together.

    I get home from work, I have a couple of hours with my girls, and virtually 0 for gaming anymore. PS4 is a pipe dream for me at this point.

    I guess I’ll just live vicariously through you…

  10. Tabaxion says:

    YES, I wish a Populous remake would be Wonderful! I do miss that game.

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